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ABC Soaps In Depth September 23, 2019

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3 min.
is trouble brewing at pentonville?

The In Depth Story: When Nelle landed in Pentonville a year ago, she was all on her own in the clink. But that’s not the case anymore. Back in June, the bored blonde was thrilled to run into villainous Ryan in the infirmary — and he was quite intrigued by her! These two are formidable all on their own, and while Ryan wants to get back to Ava, they both have revenge on the brain. And in spite of the serial killer’s massive ego, Jon Lindstrom believes his character would easily team up with Nelle to exact payback on those who wronged them — and not just because they’ve bonded over both having had their kidneys stolen! “Nelle and Ryan are very powerful and convincing people!” “If it served his purposes, you…

2 min.
how far will julian go to protect his future with kim?

The In Depth Story: After decades of running to and from the Mob, settling down at Charlie’s Pub was exactly what Julian needed. “Life in the fast lane tends to spin so much that it’s hard to know what’s real,” explains the reformed mobster’s portrayer, William deVry. “Now, Julian’s life isn’t spinning so fast. And because of that, he has slowly been able to figure out what’s real, what’s important.” Along with becoming more grounded after leaving the world of organized crime, Julian stumbled into a surprising romance with Kim. And in the months leading up to and since the doctor’s son, Oscar, passed, Charlie has been an incredibly supportive boyfriend, even volunteering to leave Port Charles to build a new future with Kim in New York. “Things are good for…

1 min.
beloved gh crew member has died

GH closed its August 14 episode with a dedication to “beloved scenic artist” Fernando Pardo, who has passed away. “I was shocked and heartbroken when I saw this ‘In Loving Memory’ for Fernando Pardo,” tweeted Kathleen Gati (Obrecht) after the tribute aired. “He was always so kind and supportive and sweet to me at GH, which I truly appreciated. A cheerful and wonderful human being. My heart goes out to his family, friends and GH colleagues.”…

1 min.
heather tom is headed for trouble!

The In Depth Story: The gig doesn’t start until late September, and while it’s still unknown how it might affect her presence on the soap during that time period, Tom’s confident she can make it work. “B&B has been amazing about working out the schedule for me,” she tells Soaps In Depth. “It’s been great, and it’s all been really informative. I’m learning so much!” Tom, once ONE LIFE TO LIVE’s Kelly, isn’t the first Daytime Emmy winner to take a foray into directing. GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Kimberly McCullough (ex-Robin) completed the Walt Disney Television Directing Program several years ago after exiting her soap, and has gone on to helm shows like THE CONNERS, THE BOLD TYPE, ONE DAY AT A TIME and PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. As for Tom, the soap star has…

1 min.
nicole fights back!

The In Depth Story: Nicole’s reunion with true love Eric goes south as he catches her up on recent events in his life. How could he have moved on with Sarah so darn quickly? While Nicole grapples with that revelation, Sarah will have some big news of her own to cope with: She’s pregnant! Meanwhile, needing someone to blame for the chaos that’s happened in both her life and that of her daughter, Holly, Nicole makes a beeline for Kristen! The confrontation between the women is one not to be missed! In the aftermath, look for Kristen’s former love, John, to share his strong thoughts about her nefarious plot. Is he the one person who can actually get through to her? That’s what Brady’s dad is hoping when he leaves his ex…

5 min.

IN Michael E. Knight’s Return A Tad Intriguing! GENERAL HOSPITAL has tapped ALL MY CHILDREN’s beloved Michael E. Knight (Tad) for a mysterious new role… and he should start taping any day now! The In Depth Story: Though details about whom Knight will be playing are being closely guarded, GH-ers’ excitement over his hiring hasn’t been able to be contained. Maurice Benard (Sonny) — who shared adventures with Knight as AMC’s Nico Kelly in the late 1980s — responded to the news by tweeting that his old friend was the “funniest guy I ever met,” while Laura Wright (Carly) posted a simple cheer of, “Yes!” However, no one at GH seems to be more thrilled about Knight’s imminent arrival in Port Charles than another of his former AMC co-stars, James Patrick Stuart (Valentin), who…