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ABC Soaps In Depth October 7, 2019

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2 min.
has peter gone too far?

The In Depth Story: Peter has come a long way since he arrived in Port Charles almost two years ago under a false identity, harboring plans to take out both his father, Faison, and his mother, Anna. Not only has he bonded with Anna and found a sense of community, but he’s fallen into his first love with Maxie. “What a perfect opportunity to just completely turn everything on its head,” cracks his portrayer, Wes Ramsey. “Peter’s being tied to the bed and tortured last summer was the beginning of the long road to redemption — and it has been a long road! But whenever someone gets too comfortable in daytime, that’s the time to shake things up. So it was time to remind everyone about Peter’s past.” Unfortunately, Henrik’s past isn’t…

2 min.
is dev in trouble?

The In Depth Story: With Sonny looking to make Dev a permanent part of the Corinthos family, Carly and Jax are concerned about the newcomer’s influence on their daughter. Joss has had a bumpy return to school; however, Dev isn’t exactly the issue. “Right now, Joss is just getting over Oscar [dying],” maintains portrayer Eden McCoy, adding that Dev’s unique perspective is actually just what the teen scene needs. “Dev adds a good contrast to the mix, because he’s seen bad things that Joss, Cam and Trina haven’t. They go through really hard things… but they’re all pretty privileged and sheltered, because they come from wealth and such nice families.” Though Dev spoke highly of his late mother, fate left him alone in the world and forced him to fend for himself…

1 min.
new video collection spotlights sonny as a dad!

ABC.com has launched another series of video retrospectives: THE GH COLLECTION: ALL SONNY’S CHILDREN, featuring classic, life-changing moments between the mobster and offspring Dante, Michael, Morgan, Kristina and Avery. The episodes include the fateful day Sonny shot Dante (only to learn the undercover cop was his son), Michael’s confession that he killed Claudia, Morgan’s struggles with mental health, Michael giving Avery back to his dad, and Sonny’s unconditional love and support of Kristina when she came out as sexually fluid. GH fans have until Sunday, December 1, to watch all 16 episodes via www.abc.com/sonnyschildren and the ABC app.…

1 min.
is a classic soap returning?

It looks like DARK SHADOWS may see the light of a new day! According to ,Deadline.com, a sequel series to the 1960s vampire soap is in the works at The CW. As a continuation of the cult hit, DARK SHADOWS: RESURRECTIONS will center on the supernatural Collins family living in modern-day Collinsport, Maine. DARK SHADOWS originally ran on ABC from 1966-’71, and briefly as a primetime series on NBC in 1991. Barnabus and family also got the Hollywood treatment in 2012 with a big-screen movie directed by Tim Burton starring Johnny Depp as the 18th century vampire.…

1 min.
cbs exec out!

The In Depth Story: According to ,Deadline.com, the move was part of a network-wide restructuring, which eliminated the position; the daytime division will now be folded into CBS’ overall umbrella. Amy Reisenbach, executive vice-president of current programs, will oversee the daytime lineup, which includes THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL, THE PRICE IS RIGHT, LET’S MAKE A DEAL and THE TALK. In a statement to Deadline, CBS Entertainment president Kelly Kahl said, “Angelica championed our daytime series line-up with creativity, passion and energy, and broke new ground by helping launch the network’s first daytime talk show in years while respecting the long history and tradition of the dramas and game shows.” “It’s time for me to make even bigger successes.” Taking to Instagram to express her gratitude, McDaniel wrote,…

1 min.
will kate die?

The In Depth Story: Salem University Hospital is supposed to be a place of healing, but for a weakened and vulnerable Kate, it’s become downright deadly! As she clings to life this week, those who care about her — like grandson Will — begin looking for answers. Will Gabi tell him the truth about how Kate wound up in such a perilous condition? Meanwhile, it’ll fall on a newly-returned Lucas to consider the options for his mother. Might she make a good organ donor? Knowing that his cousin, Julie, is in desperate need of a heart and, due to her age, doesn’t qualify for the official transplant list, he’ll ask Kayla to see if Kate’s heart would be a match. But how might a dying Julie feel about that? As Doug’s beloved…