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ABC Soaps In Depth November 4, 2019

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can lucas & brad’s marriage survive the lies about their son?

The In Depth Story: The secret that Wiley is really Michael’s son, Jonah, has weighed heavily on Brad. But with Julian in his corner, he was almost able to relax into fatherhood. “Brad started to lower his guard a little bit,” Parry Shen says. “After a while, no matter how bad things get, it just becomes your new normal. So Brad still felt horrible and guilty… but things were good and Michael’s the godfather, so he still had some sort of connection with Wiley. To Brad, it was the best of a bad situation.” So far, Brad has done whatever it takes to protect his family. Because beyond the threat of losing Wiley, he’s petrified that his husband will never forgive him once he learns the boy they love as their…

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will ava ever be truly free of ryan?

The In Depth Story: These are dark days for Ava, and it’s becoming increasingly obvious to those around her. Although she’d hoped that her recent visit to Ryan would convince the jailed madman that they will never be together, he continues to think himself the only man who will ever really love and understand her. For some reason, this isn’t particularly appealing to Ava! Despite Laura and Ava being two very different women, the former has been an oddly comforting presence for the latter in recent days. But could the mayor’s efforts to help the grieving mother actually put her in danger? That seems a definite possibility, especially if Ava’s latest suspicion proves true. And that’s before she receives the kind of shocking news that could easily push a person over the…

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port charles villain moves to genoa city!

The In Depth Story: While Y&R’s policy is to keep its upcoming storylines under wraps, Parise’s character is described as a “charming and dangerous stranger who visits town to settle unfinished business with someone in Genoa City.” Playing villains is familiar territory for Parise: The actor portrayed GH mobster Carlos from 2013-’16, as well as the Prince Of Hell on The CW’s SUPERNATURAL. (It’s worth noting that he also played Carlos’ nice-guy twin for a few weeks after his evil alter ego was killed off.) While there’s no word yet on whom Simon’s “unfinished business” is with, Parise’s former GH colleague, Michelle Stafford (ex-Nina; now Y&R’s Phyllis), took to social media to welcome him to Y&R. “Could not be happier about this dude,” she tweeted, adding in an Instagram post that viewers…

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it’s a girl!

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL’s Darin Brooks (Wyatt) and his wife, Kelly Kruger Brooks (ex-Mac, Y&R), welcomed their first child, daughter Everleigh Jolie, on September 22. The proud dad took to Instagram to express his excitement over their bundle of joy, who weighed 9 lbs., 1 oz., and measured 21.5 inches long — and whom his missus labored to deliver for more than three days! “I’m so excited for this next chapter in our lives,” Dad posted. “She’s beautiful!” Congratulations to the new parents!…

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the daddy is…

The In Depth Story: Before they can even get their hands on the piece of paper that will no doubt change their lives, Brady and Kristen will first have to navigate the mom-to-be’s medical crisis. Is the pregnancy even viable? Given the complications that Kristen’s experienced in the past, losing the baby is certainly a concern. Ever the gentleman, Brady will stand by Kristen’s side as she awaits news on the baby, despite not yet even knowing if the child is actually his! After all, as portrayer Eric Martsolf suggests, “If the father isn’t Brady, who the heck could it be? I actually think Kristen’s pretty monogamous.” Later, when the paternity-test results come in confirming that Brady is indeed the father, the question becomes, will he have Uncle Victor’s support… or need…

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why wally kurth is soaps’ “luckiest actor”!

STATUS The In Depth Story: Since 2012, Kurth has been successfully juggling his soap gigs, but now, one of them has taken priority. “I’m working on DAYS mostly, because I’m under contract over there,” he revealed during a DAY-TIME AFTER DARK podcast. “I start a major story in the middle of November. There’s a big twist on the show [coming]. You’re going to be seeing a lot of me.” But that doesn’t mean that Kurth has had to step away from his Port Charles duties. “The wonderful thing was that DAYS and GH coordinated and worked together, and said I could still go do GH,” he explains. “DAYS gets first choice if I have to work, but I can still do GH. “And Frank [Valentini, GH’s exec producer] is allowing me to go…