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ABC Soaps In Depth November 18, 2019

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could nina’s real daughter be… willow?

The In Depth Story: When Sasha first agreed to pretend to be Nina’s child, “she didn’t really understand how big this was going to be and just got in so deep,” portrayer Sofia Mattsson sighs. “Sasha fell for Nina and everyone in town.” “There are a lot of secrets that have not come out yet!” Ultimately, Sasha was so tortured by the lie she was perpetuating for Valentin that she planned to confess. Unfortunately, she was beaten to the punch when Lulu dropped the maternity bombshell at Nina and Valentin’s wedding. And though Nina has since reunited with Valentin, she can’t seem to stop spewing hate at the young woman she once believed to be her flesh and blood. “It’s heartbreaking,” Mattsson says. But Sasha remains so committed to Nina’s happiness that…

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ava’s biggest challenge!

The In Depth Story: Ava’s been knocked down so many times of late, she no longer believes herself capable of getting up. “I think Ava is one of the most resilient characters on the canvas,” says co-headwriter Dan O’Connor, “but everybody has a breaking point, and Ava has been slowly pushed to hers this year.” Despite the best efforts of people like her brother, Julian, and her newfound confidante, Laura, Ava continues to struggle. In fact, things have gotten so bad that some folks are beginning to wonder if perhaps she has had — or is about to have — a nervous breakdown! “She’s in a pretty dark place right now,” agrees co-headwriter Chris Van Etten, pointing out that Ryan’s continued — if unwanted — presence in her life is not…

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must-see tv!

GH alum John Stamos (who got his big break when he was cast as wannabe pop star Blackie in 1982) is set to star as Chef Louis in The Wonderful World Of Disney Presents The Little Mermaid Live! ABC’s 30th-anniversary special, airing Tuesday, November 5, at 8 p.m. EST, will bring viewers the classic movie but enhanced by live musical performances. “You’ll see the characters pop out and come to life,” Stamos previews. In a separate Instagram post, the actor added, “This is so cool! Part animated film, part live spectacle, 100 percent Disney magic.” Lisa LoCicero (Olivia, GH) is on the case in this week’s NCIS… or is she the case of the week? “It’s an NCIS mystery,” she teased via Twitter. After posting a photo of herself with the CBS crime…

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daniel goddard out: “i am gutted”

The In Depth Story: The actor announced that he’d be leaving the soap in an emotional Instagram post. “It is with a heavy heart,” he wrote, “that I share the news that I will no longer be part of the cast of Y&R. “I am as shocked and gutted as you are,” he continued. “I almost didn’t post, but I felt that the most loyal and loving fans an actor could wish for deserved to know and watch the last story arc knowing the rich meaning behind it.” The Australian actor originated his role back in 2007. And despite the character’s origins as a con artist (and faux Phillip Chancellor), Goddard quickly became a fan favorite. In fact, he became so popular that, when he was let go in 2011 and Cane…

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liz hendrickson expecting!

GENERAL HOSPITAL’s former Margaux, Elizabeth Hendrickson (now Y&R’s Chloe), and husband Rob Meder are expecting their first child! “We can’t wait to meet our baby girl, March 2020,” the actress Instagrammed. “Our journey to getting pregnant has not been easy… I’m finally going to be a mother, and I can’t wait for what’s to come!” In an emotional follow-up post, the actress revealed that she’d suffered two miscarriages in the past two years. “We were meant to be parents when the timing was right,” she wrote. Congratulations!…

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will gina kill jen?

The In Depth Story: When Eli and Lani’s marriage plans get derailed, Justin and Adrienne, and Jack and Jennifer have an impromptu double wedding in the town square! However, Jen won’t be offered congratulations by her cousin, Hope. After the bride uncovers something shocking about Rolf, Gina pushes Jen over a balcony to keep her quiet! In the aftermath of Jen’s tumble, Kayla and Haley will try to save her life, while Jack and JJ scramble to figure out exactly how it happened. Only Jennifer knows the answer for sure, so look for Gina to find a horrifying way to keep her from talking — ever!…