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ABC Soaps In Depth December 2, 2019

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obrecht considers busting brad!

The In Depth Story: Brad and Julian’s relationship took a nosedive when Brad asked his father-in-law to take out Obrecht… and Julian realized that Wiley was actually a Corinthos. But instead of then working together to prevent Liesl from telling Lucas what she knows, the men have plotted and schemed against each other — with poor Lucas caught in the middle. Meanwhile, Brad and Julian’s game of one-upmanship hasn’t done a thing to stop Obrecht from putting the screws to the latter! “She has fun playing cat and mouse,” grins portrayer Kathleen Gati. “It’s her favorite game.” Yet despite Dr. O continuing to blackmail Brad into doing her bidding, we have seen her struggle a bit with the cruelty of what he and Nelle have done to Michael — and Lucas! —…

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who’s impacted?

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meet gh’s new co-headwriter!

If you pay close attention to GH’s opening credits, you probably noticed that Chris Van Etten has a new co-headwriter in the wake of Shelly Altman’s recent retirement. “I’ve been part of the writing team for a while,” says Dan O’Connor, who has held various positions on that staff since 2014. He’d previously worked on ONE LIFE TO LIVE, although this is his first time sharing the top slot. “I was a fan of GH long before I was a writer on the show,” he says, “and I hope my enthusiasm for the show and its history shows!”…

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nikolas is after “payback”!

The In Depth Story: During his final days in Port Charles back in 2016, Nikolas had certainly embraced his darker Cassadine roots as he faked his death and tried to frame wife Hayden for his murder. But just a few weeks later, on that Greek island, Laura’s son proved that there was still good inside him when he signed over his inheritance to wicked Uncle Valentin in order to spare the lives of his loved ones. “There’s such a Shakespearean feel to GH, which I love,” raves Nikolas’ new portrayer, Marcus Coloma. “Hamlet’s fatal flaw was he didn’t act, and I think Nikolas’ fatal flaw was similar. He struggled with his conscience, and as a result, here was this very evil, corrupt man [in Valentin] who was basically threatening his entire…

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will hope defy brooke?

In Depth Story: In getting Thomas to sign adoption papers giving her joint custody of his son, Hope and Brooke have increasingly alienated their men. But the troubles they face could extend well beyond their romantic lives if they don’t watch their step! Annika Noelle (Hope) says that while Brooke and her daughter used to frequently butt heads, “Hope now feels that her mother has her back. As Hope has gotten older, they’ve become much closer.” It was initially Hope’s decision to “play nice” with Thomas in order to cajole him into signing the custody papers, and Brooke worried that the strategy could prove dangerous. Yet now that Hope finally has found a way to keep Douglas safe under her protection, Brooke’s No. 1 goal is making sure nothing upsets the apple…

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major emmy changes!

The National Academy Of Television Arts & Sciences has announced that the 47th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards will be divided into three ceremonies, taking place on Friday, June 12; Saturday, June 13; and Sunday, June 14, 2020. As in the past few years, all three events will take place in Pasadena, CA. The number of ceremonies isn’t the only change being made to next year’s awards. Among the others: Keeping in line with the Primetime Emmys, NATAS has adopted new, inclusive language for gendered acting categories, and performers will be able to enter the one that best fits their gender identity. Also, the Younger Actor and Actress groups have been combined into a singular Younger Performer category.…