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ABC Soaps In Depth December 16, 2019

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nikolas or valentin: which one is the real cassadine heir?

The In Depth Story: By tracking down the codicil to his grandfather’s will (which would disinherit any of Mikkos’ children born out of wedlock), Nikolas is hoping to reclaim the Cassadine family fortune from Uncle Valentin. But if the codicil was written in Greece — like the updated will which designated Valentin as Mikkos’ rightful heir to begin with — would it even be valid in New York? “It doesn’t matter that it’s a Greek will,” explains attorney Keren G. Birnbaum, who practices in trust and estate planning and administration. “A will is valid in New York state as long as it follows the basic requirements for will execution in New York.” Valentin could have grounds to contest the codicil! So just as the will Valentin brought over with him from Greece…

2 min.
too young to marry?

The In Depth Story: Aside from a brief blip early on in their relationship, Molly and T.J. have only had eyes for each other since they started dating in secret as high schoolers almost eight years ago. Now, the aspiring doctor wants to pop the question… but should these young adults sew some wild oats before settling down? “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with marrying your first love and spending the rest of your life with the person that you have already spent a lot of your life with,” insists Molly’s portrayer, Haley Pullos. “It just takes a lot of commitment — which they clearly seem to have to each other.” “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with marrying your first love.” When T.J. initially asked for his mother’s engagement ring, Jordan…

1 min.
young love, lasting love?

Laura And Scotty’s happily ever after only lasted as long as it took for the bride to fall in love with antihero Luke, her boss at the Campus Disco. Georgie And Dillon wed when he was dying of encephalitis (spoiler: he lived). But his affair with stepsis Lulu led to the teens’ split a few months later. Kristina And Trey married for a MOB PRINCESS ratings boost. The bride (then Lindsey Morgan) later demanded an annulment upon learning that she was actually Trey’s mark — their fathers were longtime rivals!…

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abc news briefs!…

Billy Miller’s Back On Screen! Catch Billy Miller (ex-Drew, GH) in the Apple TV+ limited series TRUTH BE TOLD, debuting Friday, December 6. The crime drama stars Octavia Spencer as a podcaster who, years after she’d helped put away a killer, reopens the case when doubts arise. Miller recurs as the son-in-law of the alleged murder victim. Primetime Updates Rick Hearst (ex-Ric, GH) plays a lawyer in this week’s episode of the juicy OWN primetime drama AMBITIONS, airing Tuesday, December 4, at 10 p.m. EST. Meanwhile, Anthony Montgomery (Andre) flew to Hawaii to tape his Friday, December 13, guest spot on MAGNUM, P.I. He’ll play a CIA agent who helps Magnum out on an undercover mission. “I’m so grateful for the memories,” he Instagrammed. Tune in at 9 p.m. EST on CBS.…

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daniel goddard’s heartfelt good-bye!

The In Depth Story: Taking to Instagram, the actor again expressed his gratitude to viewers for their support. “I still can’t believe it,” he wrote, including a broken-heart emoji. “I loved that show with every ounce of my being. Thank you to each and every fan who has reached out to me and shared their love, support and disbelief. I love you all like family.” The actor’s moving post also included a shout-out to his colleagues on the soap: “And to all the cast and crew from Y&R who have called and texted their support,” he concluded, “you are so very loved.” As Goddard revealed in October, he was “shocked and gutted” that he’d been let go from Y&R after 13 years of playing Cane. At press time, the actor’s final air…

1 min.
eric’s wish finally comes true!

DAYS OF OUR LIVES’ Eric is overjoyed that he is the father of Sarah’s baby, but he can’t help feeling betrayed that Nicole knew — and helped his ex keep the secret! This week, Nicole tries to make Eric understand that after all they’d been through, she feared losing him to the new family he’d created with Sarah. Rather, she only wanted him to have what they’d yearned for: a family of their own! While Eric is more than willing to be Holly’s dad, it’s not the same as having a biological child in Mickey. “There’s a lot of anticipation and excitement,” says portrayer Greg Vaughan. “It’s everything he’s waited and hoped for.” But what will co-parenting with his ex mean? Eric is willing to pursue an amicable custody agreement, but as…