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ABC Soaps In Depth December 30, 2019

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2 min.
ryan’s secret agenda!

The In Depth Story: Since being sent to prison, Ryan has not exactly been a model inmate. Not only did he freak Ava out with his plethora of love letters and kill cellmate Bryce for drooling over her, now he’s also stabbed Nelle! “My favorite guy,” laughs Lindstrom of Kevin’s evil twin. “He’s kinda like a radioactive beetle. You just can’t kill this guy… or stop him! Last time he used a pen to kill. All you’ve got to do is give him something. I think if you gave him a fingernail, he’d figure out a way to kill you with it.” Of course, Ryan didn’t kill Nelle — he only wounded her, because this particular attack was part of a plan they’d hatched to get her out of Pentonville ASAP. If…

2 min.
is kristina ready for love?

The In Depth Story: After months of therapy, the former Dawn Of Day member seems to be doing well and, as a bartender at Charlie’s, has access to countless eligible men and women! Is she ready to dip her toe back into the dating pool? “I hope so!” enthuses portrayer Lexi Ainsworth. “But Kristina doesn’t need a man or a woman to make her feel complete. And that’s where she’s at right now. She has two strong women [Alexis and Sam] in her life that have shown her that she can be that independent woman, not have someone in her life and have no problem with it.” Still, Kristina’s carrying around a lot of emotional baggage. “She grew up with a father who was in the Mob and a mom who’s very…

1 min.
bad romance

This domestic-abuse survivor and young widow hasn’t had much luck in the relationship department. Remember these failed couplings? Kiefer: Not only did Kristina’s abusive highschool relationship leave her battered, it led to the deaths of Kiefer, his father and sister… and almost got her own mother killed! Aaron: This hunky rebound was a total catch. Unfortunately for Aaron, Kristina was questioning her sexuality when they dated, so he never managed to win her heart. Ethan: Kristina’s unreciprocated crush on Luke’s son led to him nearly being taken out by her father — because she let everyone believe he, not Kiefer, was the one who was beating her. Parker: After being suspended from college for propositioning her professor, Kristina moved to Oregon with her older girlfriend… but returned home when they split. Trey: He married Kristina…

2 min.
steffy’s secret weapon!

The In Depth Story: Desperate to convince Hope he’s more soul-mate material than stalker, Thomas aims to ingratiate himself to his ex-wife by helping her relaunch her Hope For The Future line. After convincing Ridge to reboot the hip brand, Thomas recently proposed a showdown pitting Hope For The Future against Steffy’s own line. Despite Liam’s concerns that Hope would be crazy to collaborate with a sociopath like Thomas, the lure of making a splash with her newly-relaunched line has proven irresistible to Hope. “She wants the line to be successful,” explains her portrayer, Annika Noelle. “She has this opportunity, and she doesn’t want it to go to waste.” Steffy and Liam are keeping their eyes on Thomas. Well, Zoe’s eyes, technically! The people who know and love Hope best, however, aren’t exactly…

1 min.
stefano’s spotted!

The In Depth Story: Chad’s confession to former stepmom Kate that he’d been in touch with Stefano didn’t quite have the bombshell effect that he’d expected. So this week, he confronts her to find out why! Meanwhile, the amount of time that John’s been spending with Hope has been working Marlena’s last nerve, so Doc finally lays down the law! You can guess how that goes, because Gina’s not pleased by John’s subsequent decision. Later, a guilty Kate has to think fast when Marlena confides in her about recent events! The princess’ problems continue to multiply when a suspicious Rafe finds his way to her secret lair. How will “Hope” explain it? Kate, too, has someone wondering about her behavior of late: Roman! Realizing that Kate is hiding someone in her room, Roman…

1 min.
tracy’s back: elq the bickering!

IN The In Depth Story: Wally Kurth (Ned) is thrilled to see his character’s mother back on the canvas so soon after daughter Brook Lynn returned. “Got a couple surprise family members who showed up,” he tells Soaps In Depth. “I love the Quartermaines. It’s an important legacy, and I’m always cheering that on. They’ve been on this canvas for many, many years, and ABC has invested a lot of time in the Quartermaines, so let’s keep it going!” The snarky matriarch’s return to the family fold comes just as the clan is facing yet another ELQ crisis — and on-screen sparring partner Leslie Charleson (Monica) says that working with her friend again “was wonderful. We’ve known each other for a hundred years.” Can viewers expect the bickering and banter that they have…