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ABC Soaps In Depth December 17, 2018

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2 min.
ava is out for blood!

The In Depth Story: Ava literally goes from the heights of ecstasy to the depths of despair when her sexy session with Ryan is interrupted by Griffin, who has the heartbreaking task of telling her that Kiki is dead. Despite any issues the mother and daughter might have had, this is a crushing blow. After all, as long as Kiki was alive, Ava knew that they might one day reconcile their differences. Now, however, that will never have a chance to happen. Immediately, Ava’s mind turns toward vengeance. As news of the tragedy spreads, so do questions about who could have committed so horrific an act. Despite there being several suspects, Ava is convinced — with the help of some mighty incriminating evidence — that Griffin is the guilty party. What…

2 min.
diane’s wicked new role!

The In Depth Story: In the holiday-themed version of the fairy tale, Snow White is a sweet candy heiress named Blanca who intends to honor her late father over Christmas… but her stepmother, Victoria, has other ideas. “Now, I don’t want to say she’s evil — she’s just terribly misunderstood,” Hennesy cracks of her character. “Victoria likes to think she’s queen of all she surveys.” In other words, this evil stepmother is out to steal Blanca’s inheritance, and she’ll stop at nothing in her quest. “This retelling is very modern and sleek but of course with the usual cast of characters,” Hennesy previews. “There’s just a little tweak to everything and everyone. And, unlike the reworkings of the past, this one has a tremendous amount of humor.” No surprise, the actress was…

1 min.
a travel guide to port charles!

Whether you’re looking to vacation in — or perhaps even relocate to — the community of Port Charles, have we got the one book you absolutely must own! Travel Guide To Port Charles promises to give you the scoop on the hottest restaurants, swankiest hotels, best neighborhoods… and even the places you’d be well-advised to avoid at all costs. “Written” by Nurses Ball hostess Lucy Coe — with a healthy assist from all her neighbors, whose hilarious “editor’s notes” are definitely worth reading — the tome offers everything from a glimpse into the late Alan Quartermaine’s diary to details about the 14th largest Oktoberfest in New York State. You’ll also learn about such past local luminaries as Edgar Alan Quartermaine (the father of Civil War battleground medicine) and “Moonshine Maude” Spencer…

2 min.
stars hit by california fires

The In Depth Story: Bregman, a resident of Malibu, saw her house burned down to the ground as a result of the Woolsey Fire. “It’s been surreal,” Bregman shared on THE TALK. “It’s kind of hard to wrap your mind around. I look at the video [of the house in ruins], and it’s hard to believe all the family celebrations and everything that I had in there is gone.” Meanwhile, Eileen Davidson (ex-Ashley) initially believed that her family’s home burned down as well but later received some very good news. “We only lost the yard around our house,” she tweeted. “Praying for everybody involved in this devastating and horrific fire.” Eric Braeden (Victor) tweeted a series of graphic photos showing the charred remains of the home of his eldest granddaughter, 15-year-old Tatiana,…

1 min.
abigail gets out!

The In Depth Story: Desperate to get back to her son and newborn daughter, Abigail tries to trick Stefan into having her released. But he wasn’t born yesterday! (That would be “his” daughter, Charlotte!) Leaving a distraught Abigail behind at the sanitarium, Stefan grapples with whether or not he should have his wife released. Needing a sounding board to work through his decision, Stefan turns to his new security chief, Ben, for advice. After all, Ben knows a thing or two about mental illness and reformation! Whatever Ben has to say must help Stefan come to a conclusion, because by the end of the week, he has Abigail released from Bayview… for a very specific and shocking reason! Meanwhile, as Abigail sets in motion her plan to reclaim her life and her…

2 min.
hayley erin says good-bye to kiki!

The In Depth Story: There was much speculation about how Erin would balance her new role on THE PERFECTIONISTS with her duties at GH… and Kiki’s untimely demise answered that question while setting off some big story! (For more, turn to News, page 2.) When Erin first landed the primetime role, the soap hoped to find a way to share her with Disney/ABC Television Group sister network Freeform. While that didn’t work out, there are clearly no hard feelings. “We love Hayley,” shares executive producer Frank Valentini. “She was a big part of the GH family, and she will be missed. We wish her all the best on her next adventure.” Erin, who also played THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS’ Abby from 2008-’10, replaced Kristen Alderson as Kiki in 2015. “The time…