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ABC Soaps In Depth December 3, 2018

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three families are rocked by one secret!

The In Depth Story: On the surface, one would think that Lulu, Nina and Elizabeth don’t have much in common. But the three women will find themselves struggling to deal with the aftermath of the stunning reveal that Charlotte has been the one bullying Aiden! “This could have a negative impact on Liz and Franco’s wedding plans!” “It’s every parent’s nightmare to have their child be victimized,” says the soap’s co-headwriter, Shelly Altman, “or to find out their child is the one doing the bullying!” If there’s one person who isn’t completely caught by surprise, it’s Lulu. “She has seen indications that Charlotte can be ‘bossy,’” admits co-headwriter Chris Van Etten. “But the difference between being bossy and potentially being a bully are big. So while Lulu is a little less shocked, she’s…

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kim s desperate move!

The In Depth Story: With Oscar suing his parents for emancipation, his lawyer, Alexis, seems to have the kid’s best interests at heart… but that doesn’t matter to Kim. With the December 1 start date fast approaching for the experimental treatment that could save Oscar’s life, time is running out for her teenage son. “Kim’s biggest fear is that he will die if he doesn’t get treatment — and her biggest motivation is to save her son’s life,” Tamara Braun says of her character, who suddenly finds herself battling the person she loves most in the world. “She hates that there is distance between them, since they have always been so close. She’s been on her own with Oscar. He’s been the man in her life. It’s breaking her heart!” It’s also…

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relive sonny & carly’s love story!

Following the popularity of ABC.com’s collection of episodes featuring The Best Of Jason & Sam, the network is taking GH fans back in time again with select shows highlighting supercouple Sonny and Carly. The Corinthoses’ epic romance has survived two decades of break-ups, makeups, deaths, scares and weddings. Oh so many weddings! In conjunction with Maurice Benard’s 25th anniversary as the dimpled don, ABC.com is now streaming 20 episodes featuring GH’s most memorable moments with Sonny and Carly — as played by powerhouses Sarah Joy Brown (who later came back as Claudia), Tamara Braun (now playing Kim) and current portrayer Laura Wright. It’s been one tumultuous love story since the two shared a fateful one-night stand in November 1999, and Benard notes that the actresses who’ve played Carly along the way have…

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daytime emmys shake-up!

“We can work together to strengthen this competition.” The In Depth Story: After Patrika Darbo (Shirley, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL) had the Emmy that she was given for her guest performance on THE BAY revoked due to a category violation, questions were raised not only regarding the digital categories but the competition as a whole. So NATAS gave investigators carte blanche to review its procedures. “The Emmy as that symbol of excellency in television depends on the credibility of the process,” says Sharp, “and the faith that the community has in the process.” Among the actions being implemented as a result of the report, digital performers will now be given a running time for their reels (as opposed to being told they can only submit material from a certain number of…

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paul leaves salem!

Faced with an uncertain future, DAYS OF OUR LIVES’ Paul has some decisions to make this week! The In Depth Story: It’s been a rough few months for Paul. First, he learned that he’d become paralyzed as a result of his and Kristen’s fall from a window. Then, though he’d been relieved to know that beau Will planned to both stand by and move in with him, Paul found out that people had been tiptoeing around him in an effort to protect his feelings. That just added insult to injury! Having confronted Will about where his heart really lies, Paul now knows the truth and he’s got too much self-respect to settle for being anyone’s charity case. So this week, he’ll say good-bye to Salem before leaving to figure out his new…

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will dante return again?

The In Depth Story: When Zamprogna exited GH this past summer, he told Soaps In Depth that he had “no plans to come back” fulltime, but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t consider popping in for special events or even working a couple of episodes a month if he’s available. “I’d do recurring!” he enthused. So the actor was touched when GH called him back for Sonny’s “What If?” fantasy episode, which saw Zamprogna reunite with on-screen parents Maurice Benard (Sonny) and Lisa LoCicero (Olivia). With the character off on a WSB mission, however, Lulu certainly wouldn’t mind a real visit from her husband. When asked if the soap might bring Zamprogna back again in the future, a GH rep teased, “You never know!” “I have a couple of projects turning around in…