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ABC Soaps In Depth November 19, 2018

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the real goal of margaux’s case!

The In Depth Story: Given that, where bringing Sonny down is concerned, many have tried and all have failed, what makes Margaux different? Asked that very question, Altman quips, “She’s adorable!” While Drew would probably agree with that assessment — at least if he wasn’t so ticked at the district attorney for using his memories as a bargaining chip — there’s obviously more to Margaux than meets the eye. “She is strong-willed,” says Altman, “and her motivation is personal. That makes for a much tougher opponent!” While that may be true, the fact is that Sonny’s status as “untouchable” isn’t likely to change unless and until portrayer Maurice Benard decides he wants to leave… and that’s not on the table at the moment. So what’s the point of another story in which…

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take a number

Paul: This slimy district attorney didn’t want to destroy Sonny’s empire so much as take it over. Ironically, rather than put Sonny behind bars, Paul landed there himself following his killing spree! Claire: How powerful are Sonny’s dimples? This federal prosecutor got the “coffee importer” to confess his sins on tape but destroyed the evidence ’cause she’d fallen under his (or their) spell! Dante: Only after his attempt to get the goods on Sonny resulted in him taking a bullet to the chest did undercover cop “Dominick” find out he’d been trying to bust his own dad! Hannah: The FBI agent took her undercover assignment literally by bedding the crime boss. Upon finding out his lover’s secret, Sonny fed her bad info that cost the beauty her job!…

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the most wonderful time of the year!!

Turn on the Hallmark Channel any day of the week this time of year, and you’re bound to find a soap alum starring in one of the network’s feel-good holiday films! Like Jen Lilley (ex-Maxie, GH; ex-Theresa, DAYS OF OUR LIVES), who shares the screen with fellow DAYS vet Brant Daugherty (ex-Brian) in Mingle All The Way! She’s the creator of a social-media app that pairs busy singles with platonic partners for the holiday season, and he’s the advertising exec looking for the right woman to impress his boss. Everything goes according to plan… until they find themselves falling for one another! Mingle All The Way premieres on Sunday, November 18, at 8 p.m. EST. LLISTER FOSTER/CROWN MEDIA UNITED STATES, LLC…

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will maxie fall for peter?

The In Depth Story: Back when no one knew who Peter was, he was the only person Maxie let get close to her and thus, the one who supported her through the loss of her husband — his brother, Nathan. “As casual as it may have seemed on the surface, the tragedy that brought them together and the intensity of the emotion in the aftermath was such a strong bonding experience,” suggests Peter’s portrayer, Wes Ramsey. “I don’t think Peter had any idea that was going to happen, at all — nor Maxie. It came out of nowhere. “That’s one of the interesting things about life,” he adds. “Some of the most incredible connections we make happen in a way that makes us think we never could have seen it coming.…

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zamprogna heads to the moon!

Dominic Zamprogna (ex-Dante) has teamed up with a former GH colleague to star in To The Moon & Back. Nate Hapke, who works as a production associate on the soap, will direct Zamprogna in the short film, which explores the universal themes of grief and family, and how to push forward into an unknown future. “Nate sent me the script, and I felt deeply connected to it,” explains the actor, whose character, Robert, finds solace in his wife and daughter while grieving his mother’s death. “I lost my mother, I have three kids, and this is a very well-written, real, moving piece about love and loss and next steps. I’m happy to be a part of telling this story.” Production is set to commence in January, with the film debuting on the…

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will rick & maya be back?

The In Depth Story: Though the actress, who gave birth to daughter Aurora Imani on August 17, appreciated having time off to enjoy her first weeks of motherhood, she tells Soaps In Depth that she’s ready to return to work. “I will be very happy to go back.” However, Mosley’s expected return doesn’t mean that viewers will be seeing Maya’s better half anytime soon. Having gone off contract earlier this year, Jacob Young recently revealed on his new YouTube talk show, DAYTIME AFTER DARK, that he doesn’t anticipate any future appearances, despite his willingness. “Honestly, they have not contacted me. They did not need me at Hope’s wedding, which was really odd to me.” Nor was the actor brought in for Thorne and Katie’s recent nuptials. “You’d think I’d be at my…