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Adobe Photoshop Guidebook

Adobe Photoshop Guidebook
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NEW! Premium Special Edition. Over 140 pages of high quality content. The only digital Adobe Photoshop user guide you will ever need. Adobe’s Photoshop package has many powerful tools to help you set your creative vision free. It can do as little or as much as you need, with enough features to satisfy professionals and beginners alike. If you want to adjust the brightness of photo or produce new works of original art, the power to create is yours. The features and tools available are completely scalable and you can tap into more of its vast potential as you develop your skills. 100% Independent.

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13 min.
multiple image blending

This tutorial content is available for download It is often the case that as a digital graphic artist, you sometimes have to work with a number of image components and bring them together to make one final image. This means working with your multiple images over many layers with adjustments and masks, and it is a good exercise in being able to manage a larger than usual document. Our example uses a collection of foreground and background images, as well as some assets to be used to create certain effects. This tutorial will help you understand a little more about working with many layers and how the order of the various components work as well as masking and adjusting colour, exposure, saturation and layer styles. At the end, you will have…

5 min.
multiple image blending

This tutorial content is available for download You’ve completed part one of this multiple image blending tutorial. It’s all looking good but now it’s time to take all those carefully assembled, masked and layered images and add a little extra drama in the form of some colour adjustments. The will give it a more cinematic quality and help our subject achieve a more surreal and robotic appearance. You can also add some lighting effects to really make the image stand out along with a couple of Photoshop brushes to add the finishing touches to the scene. Let’s continue with the tutorial. 01 With the ‘base image’ group active, press Shift + Alt + Cmd + E to make a new layer that is a merged version of everything in the ‘base image’…

6 min.
pencil sketch effect

This tutorial content is available for download There may have been occasions when you have looked at one of your favourite photographs and wondered, ‘what would it look like if it were drawn in pencil instead of being a photo?’ Photoshop and all its photo editing counterparts offer various artistic filters that can turn your image into a watercolour or an oil painting. Some of them can be quite effective. However, the pencil sketch filter offered by Photoshop does not really capture the essence of a hand-drawn image. However, there is an approach in Photoshop that may take you a step closer to being able to create a more realistic pencil sketch effect. It requires your favourite image, a few Photoshop layers and a little patience. You don’t need to be…

6 min.
fire effects

This tutorial content is available for download There are a few ways that you can add or create fire to enhance your images. If you have an image or perhaps a photograph that couldn’t deliver convincing flame at the time of shooting, be it because of safety reasons or the effect was impossible to apply at the time, then adding fire post process is the logical way forward. Whether you are augmenting a real life photo or a CG image, here is a safe, realistic way to do it. You can create flames in Photoshop by using more traditional painting skills or using Photoshop CC, which has a flame generator. One approach is to use actual references to real flames. You won’t get more realistic than that. 01 Start off with a…

8 min.
sky swapping technique

This tutorial content is available for download Blue skies are wonderful. They mean we are having a lovely sunny day. This is particularly meaningful if you live in the UK, which is often the butt of jokes about it’s horrible weather. No better time then to get out and take some photographs. The only problem you may find if you’re anything like us, is that landscapes shot on days like this can look a little dull. The light is great, but the sky is lacking in any drama. It’s just a big, blue, empty canvas. More damningly, sometimes the sky is lovely but it’s in the wrong part of the sky in relation to the landscape you were trying to shoot. Well, once again, Photoshop has the answer to your woes…

5 min.
the dragan effect

This tutorial content is available for download The Dragan effect is named after Andrzej Dragan. He is actually a Polish physics teacher in Warsaw, but he does also have a widely praised reputation for producing surreal and compelling portraits. He employs high contrast and saturation in his images, along with rich detail that gives his subjects a highly emphasised look; some would say, an almost pseudo HDR appearance. It is a technique that is used to great effect on male portraits in particular, where the extra detail is not considered detrimental to the subject. Our tutorial will take you through some easy steps that can give your images a dramatic twist. 01 We have an image of a model called Jamie. For your reference, the image size we are working at is…