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p.120 TAFFY BRODESSERAKNER Writer Don’t Spend It All in One Placep.71 On re-learning travel: “It took me two whole days in Switzerland to understand that my assignment was just to be there. For the first time in a while, I had to let go of the todo list.” Peak experience: “I found a statue of a dying lion carved out of sandstone in Lucerne that I couldn’t stop thinking about for days. It goes to show how unexpectedly you can happen upon something that changes your life.”Change your perspective with her: On Twitter @taffyakner. BENJAMIN RASMUSSEN Photographer For the Love of the Gamep.120 Cricket rules: “I hate sports, but in Antigua and Trinidad I learned about the cultural importance of cricket. It became a symbol of anticolonialism when the teams started getting better—and beating British teams—in the ’70s.”His love…

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soul search

I JUST GOT BACK FROM my first visit to Dubai in three years, and I couldn’t believe how much it has grown. They do things big in Dubai, and they do them quickly: They already have the world’s busiest mall, and they are building another more than twice as large. They want a Ferris wheel, so they are building one 50 percent taller than the London Eye. Some 70 million passengers passed through the Dubai airport in 2015, but a new airport that will handle twice that number of passengers is under construction. I lived for many years in Phoenix when it was one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. I can relate to the phenomenon of a city rising out of the desert over the course of a…

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tear up your bucket list

HERE’S MY NEW Year’s resolution for 2016: To once and for all put an end to the popularity of the travel bucket list. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, consider yourself lucky and turn the page to a more satisfying topic (I recommend Taffy Brodesser-Akner’s elegant story about Switzerland on page 71 ). If you’re familiar with the notion of the bucket list, hear me out. The best kind of travel isn’t about checking a place off a list of 101 “top” destinations you have to “see before you die” and moving on to the next. It’s about the rich, spontaneous, and serendipitous moments that make up any great trip: the connection you make with a local in a Lisbon café or with a fellow traveler in a safari…

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sending good vibes

1 GIVE THE OCEAN SOME TLC During Royal Caribbean’s Caring Discoveries day trip on Juneau-bound cruises, guests play marine biologist, gathering plankton samples and monitoring invasive species. You’ll see humpback whales, too. $160 for adults. royalcaribbean.com 2 CHIP IN TO MAKE CHOCOLATE The new Fathom cruise line has partnered with a women’s collective that makes chocolate in the mountains of the Dominican Republic. Visitors can roast beans and mold bars. All purchases support the collective. Free with fare. fathom.org 3 HANG WITH THE TORTOISES On Seychelles itineraries, the 62-passenger Crystal Esprit offers trips to Curieuse Island, where travelers visit a haven for Aldabra giant tortoises, assist in reforestation efforts, and sunbathe on Anse Saint José beach. Free with fare. crystalcruises.com 4 HELP OUT THE RAIN FOREST Australia’s Daintree National Park is home to some of the oldest rain forests on…

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all things bubbly

1 ITALIAN REVIVAL Before big-batch prosecco took over in the 1990s, wines made col fondo style ruled Italy. Cloudy, funky sediment is bottled instead of being disgorged. NV Ca’ dei Zago Prosecco Col Fondo, $20 2 A FRUITY, ALL NATURAL ROSÉ Austrian producer Franz Strohmeier is a trailblazer of natural winemaking. His rosé is full of fresh strawberry and underscored by a faint hint of bittersweet cranberries. NV Franz Strohmeier Rosé Sekt, $30 3 BIG TASTE, LOW ALCOHOL Pétillant naturels, fermented to yield mellow bubbles, are what many offduty sommeliers drink. Onward’s, from California, offers notes of lime. 2014 Onward Pétillant Naturel Malvasia Bianca, $23 WHAT TO DO IN CHAMPAGNE LAND (BESIDES DRINK) Moët & Chandon’s Elise Losfelt, a sixth-generation winemaker from Champagne, France, shares her tips. “I live in the town of Reims, which is full of…

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beyond havana

1 SIOP WHITE SAND, SAPPHIRE SEA Fly to Varadero and head straight to Varadero Beach for swimming, snorkeling, and fresh lobster. Cubans call this 12-mile stretch of white sand the most beautiful beach in the world, and they might be right. Skip the all-inclusives for the seaside B&B Hostal Villa Mar (from $30) in nearby Matanzas, a city known for its 17 bridges. In the evening, take in a traditional danzó dance performance at the historic Sauto Theater. 2 SIOP THE PAST IS PRESENT If you thought the multitude of old Chevys took you back in time, wait until you arrive in Santa Clara, where locals still get around by horse and buggy. Stay at the Hostal d’ Cordero (from $35), which you can easily book on Airbnb. It’s straight out of the 1930s, with…