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ANDY RICHTER Photographer Breaking Freep.110 Making new friends: “I have a friend in Taipei who goes by the name Inch, and I went out with her and her friends a lot while I was there. We rode scooters around the massive city and sampled the local food and music.” Too shy: “People in Taipei are really into karaoke. I didn’t join in because I don’t trust my voice, but my friends would often rent a room, drink, and sing together.” See through his lens: on Instagram @andyrichterphoto CHARISSA FAY Photographer Where to Go in 2017Cover Her soul city: “Paris is my favorite place to photograph. I first visited when I was 15, and I fell in love with the food, architecture, and effortlessly chic Parisians.” On café culture: “When I visit, it’s usually for work, and I’m…

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WE’RE IN THE MOVIE BUSINESS! Want to get a local's guide to Honolulu, discover how Le Creuset pots are made, or (attempt to) master Portuguese phrases? Introducing AFAR in Motion, our in-house video studio, which rolls out new, information-packed travel videos each month—a guide to Cuban hexes, for example, or a behind-thescenes peek at an upcoming magazine feature. Our production crew is busy creating even more for 2017. Until then, check out our work using #afarinmotion on Instagram or at vimeo.com/afarmedia. It’s 2017— Where Will You Go? Choosing your travels each year is a big decision. That’s where we come in: We’ve narrowed the world down to the 100 places that are begging to be experienced right now, from Okinawa to Jordan. Flip through the next 100 pages for ideas about how to…

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from the editor

1 SKALA SIKAMINIAS, GREECE WHERE SHOULD AFAR readers go in 2017? That was the question I asked our team six months ago, when we started planning and developing this issue. Led by Associate Editor Aislyn Greene, we opted for a wildly ambitious approach: AFAR’s first full issue devoted to where to go in the year ahead. These 100 destinations have been pitched, analyzed, debated, and, finally, edited into a wanderlust-inducing jigsaw puzzle that fills 120 pages. These places are notable for one or more reasons: new hotels (page 73); new cultural institutions (page 36); more accessibility for American travelers (page 38). On page 120, we decided to go big and go home with a list of 16 destinations in the United States that our staff has visited recently and recommends from personal…

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the world is not a checklist

I’VE ALWAYS BEEN amused by people who count the number of countries they’ve visited. It’s as if a destination is something to be “done” so that you can move on to the next one, when in fact every trip is distinctive. We can never truly be done with a place. A case in point for me: Bermuda. I first went to Bermuda years ago on a business trip. I remember looking out the airplane window and being amazed by the blue waters and pink beaches that ringed the island and the colorful homes that dotted the countryside. I remember being greeted by a gentleman in Bermuda shorts and a blazer at the Hamilton Princess hotel. And I remember going to some local bars and seeing how much fun everyone was having.…

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swede dreams

START IN GOTHENBURG Check in to a decadent room at Hotel Pigalle, around the corner from the city’s best shops, most notably Designtorget. The store showcases chic, functional housewares (watering cans, vases) from Nordic makers. Of the city’s seven Michelin-starred restaurants, nearby Koka is the best value with a $100 tasting menu of seven delicate dishes such as scallops with lemon verbena. After dinner, hit Andra Långgatan, a block-long strip of laid-back bars including Café Publik. EXPLORE THE WILD WEST Drive up to Strömstad, near Norway’s border, to catch the ferry to Sydkoster, Sweden’s car-free, westernmost town. The recently renovated Hotel Koster has 42 wood-walled rooms adorned with nautical kitsch. Rent a bike by the dock and take the only road to the Kosters Trädgårdar, a delicious hippie café run by…

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4 on island time

Fact Sheet Location Japan’s southernmost tip Getting there The island’s capital city, Naha, is a 3-hour flight from Tokyo. Population 1.4 million THE JAPANESE ISLAND OF Okinawa, rich in seafood and beaches, is part Hawaii, but it’s also part maverick: It was an independent kingdom, Ryukyu, until 1879 and still retains distinct customs. The best way to explore its differences from mainland Japan? By car. (Ask for an English-speaking GPS.) Forty minutes southeast of the airport in Naha is Hyakuna Garan, a 17-room boutique hotel that appears to sprout right out of the Philippine Sea. Built in the rustic Ryukyu style, the hotel has hand-worked masonry, ridged clay roof tiles, and—swoon—rooftop ofuros (Japanese soaking tubs). Okinawa is small enough that you can easily beach-hop. There’s Emerald Beach in the north, with its clear waters and proximity to…