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let there be light

A BRIGHT IDEA The Mpowerd company introduced the Luci lantern in 2012. A HEALTHY GLOW The lantern’s 10 light-emitting diodes can illuminate a small room. I’VE ALWAYS BEEN CAUTIOUS about bringing gifts with me when I travel. I remember the discomfort I felt when I went to East Africa in 1995 and saw other travelers tossing candy to local children. The tourists felt they were doing something good, without thinking about the impact. Instead of trying to engage with the kids in a genuine way, the visitors were encouraging them to covet or even beg for these meaningless and unhealthy “gifts.” I recently returned to East Africa and had a much better gift-giving experience. Before my trip, Mark Lakin, the cofounder of Epic Road, a New York–based travel company that specializes in Africa, introduced…

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from the editor

MOTHER RUSSIA IT HAD BEEN 14 YEARS since my mom and I last traveled together when we boarded a Viking River Cruises ship in St. Petersburg, Russia, last summer. My godmother, who made California newspaper headlines 20 years ago as the first woman to copilot her own small plane into post-Soviet Russia, also joined us. And to add another layer to the multigenerational nature of this trip, I was 20 weeks pregnant. This would be my last big trip before becoming a mom myself. In Russia, we explored the Hermitage, Catherine’s Palace, Peterhof Palace, and Red Square, accompanied by knowledgeable guides who helped put the sights in historical, social, and cultural context. While we floated along the River Volga and other waterways between St. Petersburg and Moscow, we passed shores lined with…

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LUCI GUTIÉRREZ “So there’s good wine in India?” That was artist Luci Gutiérrez’s first response to illustrating “India’s Secret Wine Country” (page 48). Her second: “I knew I would draw someone meditating, but then I thought, what about someone meditating while eating papadums?” The Barcelona-based artist constantly challenges herself to illustrate in new ways. “You can’t get bored with drawing,” she says. “If you get bored, the drawing will be boring.” Gutiérrez’s work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal and the New Yorker. ALGIRDAS BAKAS For photographer Algirdas Bakas, the best part of shooting the bartender Tree Mao for Resident (page 67) was making a new friend. “He’s the top barman in Shanghai,” Bakas says, “but also a really good guy.” The two share a favorite spot: Xiangyang Park, which delights Bakas…

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GET THEE TO INSTAGRAM Creating our Where to Go in 2015 list (page 51) wasn’t easy. So we asked for your ideas on Instagram, then sifted through more than 260 photos. The most regram-worthy, clockwise from bottom left: Barcelona’s El Born district (@cariannalynne), India’s Hawa Mahal palace (@1worldtravel), Patagonia’s Perito Moreno glacier (@airplanedream), and a houseboat in Yellowknife, Canada (@the3rdbobert). “Sometimes you just need to stay in a houseboat frozen into a lake,” he says. Brr, but agreed. See more with #GoAFAR2015. WE ASKED. YOU DREAMED. Our Twitter followers shared their 2015 travel dreams (or, for the hyperorganized, their plans). “I would go back to Japan with my husband—drop everything, bring a backpack, and fully immerse myself in adventure.” —@PaigeWilhog “Explore Zion National Park and the Narrows River hike. Canyons and Navajo sandstone—no passports needed.” —@jaymsramirez “Q: Top of…

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GRACIAS, MEXICO CITY Key stats from our recent AFAR Experiences trip to Mexico City One Number of lucha libre wrestlers slapped (not by us) Classified Number of dishes of Spanish flan consumed Two Number of AFAR Experiences you can join in 2015 The New AFAR.com Is Waiting for You More destination guides, enhanced trip-planning tools, and reviews for the best hotels— all packaged in a juicier, more photo-driven way. YOUR 3 P.M. ESCAPE HATCH The postlunch lull has hit and you’re primed for a little distraction. Don’t let that Buzzfeed quiz suck you in—visit afar.com/escapehatch for some travel photo fortification. In January, you can click through outtakes from photographers Kyle Johnson (“Pacific Harvest,” page 88) and Muhammad Fadli (“My Old Man and the Sea”, page 102), who shot this image of a woman traveling to the island of Alor, Indonesia, with…

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the real mendoza

stay & sip HOW SHOULD I EXPLORE THE VINEYARDS? Harvest takes place from February through April, so book a room at one of the winery hotels south of the city to experience the festivities. At Cavas Wine Lodge (pictured, cavaswinelodge.com), you’ll find malbec grapes ripe for picking and wines served only to guests. Dream of owning a vineyard? O. Fournier (ofournier.com), a modern winery located at the foot of the Andes, and Algodon Wine Estates (algodonwineestates.com) are selling acres to oenophiles who can build villas and bottle their own wine blends. Even if you don’t buy property at Algodon, you can get the ultimate souvenir shipped home: a barrel’s worth of malbec (in bottles). Relax WHAT’S THE BEST WAY TO UNWIND? After several days of wine tasting, detox in the Turkishinspired hammam at Entre Cielos…