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AFAR January/February 2018

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in praise of the tried and true

MAGAZINES DEVOTE A LOT OF ink to the new, and at AFAR, a large part of our job is to inform you about the new experiences we think should be on your radar. This issue—our annual “Where to Go” issue—is full of deeply researched travel inspiration for the year ahead, and much of it is tied to a novel reason to visit a destination: a new national park in Finland, a new hotel near Argentina’s Iguazú Falls, a new route across Bhutan. But recently, as I neared the end of maternity leave, I found myself planning a trip built around a different set of requirements: an easy destination a direct flight away, and a hotel with a beach, a pool, and room service delicious enough to distract me from the restaurants…

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where to celebrate darkness

1 In Praise of Wintertime Stargazing An expert shares the best places to look up (while bundled up) this winter. You know that feeling you get when you’re far from a city, looking up at the night sky, and you think, wow, I almost forgot how many stars there are? Getting more travelers to have that experience is part of the mission of the Tucsonbased International Dark-Sky Association (IDA), a nearly 30-year-old nonprofit committed to preserving one of the world’s most overlooked and endangered resources: dark skies. “People want to get out of the city environments they’re in all the time and into more natural spaces,” says John Barentine, program director for the IDA. “And it’s only when people get out of those brightly lit cities that they have a sense of what…

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where to play in the snow

THROUGHOUT MOST of our history, humans hunkered down during the cold, dark months of winter. Skis first appeared about 8,000 years ago, as indigenous peoples in China and Siberia sought better ways to travel over snow. But it would take another several thousand years before people perceived winter as a vacation opportunity. It wasn’t until 1864, when Johannes Badrutt, a hotelier in St. Moritz, Switzerland, placed a bet with some of his British guests that they would enjoy winter in the Alps just as much as they did summer. He told them that if they couldn’t spend time outdoors in short-sleeve shirts during their stay in the Engadin Valley, he would pay their expenses. Badrutt won the bet, and winter travel was born, with St. Moritz becoming the world’s first bona…

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where to find inspiration

WHAT MAKES A CITY INSPIRING? FOR PHOTOGRAPHER Che’ Ahmad Azhar bin Che’ Fadzil, it’s the richness of life on the streets. He has spent years documenting everyday people in the neighborhoods of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. As you can see in the photographs that accompany this story, Fadzil has an eye for moments of unadorned humanity. We asked him, along with several other members of the city’s creative class, to share the places that stimulate their senses, spark their imaginations, and offer them room to think. “My place of inspiration in Kuala Lumpur is Kampung Baru, an old Malay settlement in the center of the city. Kampung means ‘village’ or ‘rural.’ I was a kampung boy myself; I grew up in a small town north of Penang. We did all the things…

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5 kl neighborhoods where creativity shines

Farah Azizan and Adela Askandar Cofounders of Studio Bikin, a multidisciplinary design studio Askandar: “We draw a lot of inspiration from the pockets of greenery within our city. Lake Gardens was a park built by the British—it’s kind of like Kuala Lumpur’s Central Park.” Azizan: “The park is surrounded by historical buildings. The hills that overlook it are quite green, almost jungle-like, which is rare for an area so close to the central business district.” Askandar: “My favorite way to enter is to take the route that passes by our National Mosque, which is a modernist icon for the city, and past the new Islamic Arts Museum, which was built in the Ottoman style. When you get down to the park itself, there are lake trails, and much of the land is…

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where to travel in winter

Hotels Hôtel de Crillon Paris Sip champagne in the salon where Marie Antoinette took piano lessons or stroll directly onto the picturesque Place de la Concorde at this 18th-century hotel, newly restored by Rosewood Hotels & Resorts. Open now, from $1,150. Ace Hotel Chicago Eat at the lobbylevel restaurant City Mouse, or sip a Sherry Colada at the rooftop bar, Waydown, named for a song by Illinois native John Prine. Open now, from $160. Roho Ya Selous Tanzania Look beyond the Serengeti’s grassy plains and venture south to Asilia’s new eight-tent encampment in the Selous Game Reserve. Nearby lakes and rivers attract a vast diversity of wildlife. Open now, from $700. The Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland Grindavík, Iceland The promise of puffins, towering waterfalls, and a glimpse of the ethereal northern lights beckon you to Iceland. Now, so will this 62-suite…