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puerto rico’s comeback stories

I JUST GOT BACK from Puerto Rico, where I got a firsthand look at the island’s inspiring recovery from Hurricane Maria last September. Power has been almost completely restored, most of the roads are drivable, more than 12,000 hotel rooms are ready for guests, and most people are back at work and in their homes. I experienced much of what makes Puerto Rico one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean: beautiful beaches, bioluminescent bays, great music, delicious food. But what made my trip so enriching was talking with people about how the storm had affected them. I stayed at the San Juan Marriott Resort and Stellaris Casino, which never closed during the storm or its aftermath, where I met Jose Gonzalez-Espinosa, the general manager. “One of the first things…

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go with the experts

Best Hiking and Walking Cross Vancouver Island on Foot Stroll wide beaches and old-growth forests, pictured above, during Country Walkers’ six-day “British Columbia: Vancouver Island” adventure. Then rest your feet on a Zodiac boat trip to get a look at black bears. 2018 dates: Sept. 16–21, 23–28. Best Over-the-Top Experience Circle the Globe by Jet Touch down in 10 countries in 24 days on TCS World Travel’s “Around the World: A Private Jet Expedition.” Explore sacred sites in Peru, Jordan, and Cambodia; hike through rain forests and scuba dive in Australia; and witness the wonder of Tanzania’s wildlife. Luxury hotels are your home away from home every night. 2018 dates: Sept. 27–Oct. 20. 2019 dates: Jan. 24–Feb. 16, Sept. 29–Oct. 22. Best Wildlife Encounter Frolic with Fauna in the Galápagos On Classic Journeys’ seven-day “Galápagos Island Adventure Tour,”…

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my exceptional golden state

MY LOVE AFFAIR with California started in the winter of 1985. My parents and I lived in New York City, with whiteout blizzards outside and clanging, hissing radiators inside. My maternal grandparents lived in Southern California. There was a small orchard behind the home they had built in 1954, and shortly before Christmas my grandmother used the comics from the local newspaper to wrap up avocados and oranges from their trees and packed them into a box bound for us in frigid New York. I remember tearing open the box with delight and wondering about this magical place called California, where the sweetest oranges and perfectly ripe avocados grew on backyard trees. Three years later, my parents and I moved to California. I still remember the day we arrived at my…

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Jami Attenberg Writer Found in Guatemala p.73 Choose your own adventure: “I write novels, so usually I travel wherever I’m sent for book tours. When I visited Guatemala, I realized I want to travel more for myself. For example, I’d love to see Óbidos, a little town in Portugal with a ton of bookstores.” Mix it up: “When I’m writing, I work with my own characters. But travel gets me out in the world, talking to people from different backgrounds. If I meet someone on the road who I never would have met otherwise, I’ll be a little different after.” Meet her: on Twitter @jamiattenberg Brian Flaherty Photographer Where the Wilderness Is p.88 Flight of fancy: “The staff at the fly-in lodge Ultima Thule is pretty exceptional. One night I asked to go out at sunset to capture the…

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the 7 epic trips to take now

1 GO ON SAFARI IN CHILE In the mountains and grasslands of Patagonia, track the largest puma in the world. For six days with Quasar Expeditions, wildlife and photography fans focus on the largest land carnivore in Chile: the Patagonian puma. In Torres del Paine National Park, these mountain lions roam upwards of 100 miles across terrain that ranges from forests to mountain caves. A pair of experienced guides helps guests observe these magnificent predators. You won’t waste any time waiting around, either—a dedicated tracker will radio in when a puma is spotted. Daily game drives lead to many other animal sightings. You might see guanacos—mammals related to the Andean llama and the African camel that are food sources for the pumas. Other notable species include gray foxes, red foxes, hairy armadillos, hog-nosed…

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blanket statement

THE BEST WOOL fabric in the country is made four hours outside of New York, just off Interstate 80, in a town that’s not really a town. There are no hipster cafés or sushi joints in the unincorporated community of Woolrich, Pennsylvania. No Dunkin’ Donuts or McDonald’s either. In fact, there isn’t a single coffee shop or diner to be found in this rust belt enclave. When you’ve got a population of 123, commercial real estate is a dead-end proposition. There is, however, a factory: Woolrich Woolen Mills, a squat red-brick building that locals refer to as “the oldest continuously operating wool mill in the United States,” reciting the line as if quoting scripture. Many of those locals—45, to be precise—work inside the factory, handcrafting the rugged blankets that have been…