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AFAR July/August 2016

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living boldly

I’M IN TEHRAN, on the back of a motorcycle being driven by a random guy off the street who speaks no English. We are in a dedicated bus lane passing one bus as another heads straight for us. I yell to my friend behind me (did I mention there are three of us on the bike?), “I hope he knows what he’s doing!” I think back to a recent talk I heard by Arnold Donald, CEO of Carnival Cruise Lines. He said, “We are all afraid to die. It’s in our DNA. But we should not be afraid to live.” As the bus closes in on us, I think, maybe I’m pushing this living boldly thing too far. Obviously, we survived. It was one of those uncomfortable moments that becomes a good…

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the time to travel is now

I’VE NEVER BEEN partial to the 1,000 Places to See Before You Die books. I hope they’ve inspired people to travel, but the whole concept strikes me as grim, not to mention overwhelming. A thousand places? Even if I quit my job today (impossible) and started traveling nonstop (also impossible), I wouldn’t want to spend the rest of my days racing to cross destinations off a list. But hear enough reports about how places are changing—aspen trees dying in Aspen, Colorado; critically endangered black rhinos murdered by poachers in southern Africa—and travel feels more urgent than ever. Throw political and cultural shifts into the mix— the opening of Cuba and Burma to American travelers—and suddenly it seems like the name should be 1,000 Places to See Before They Change (see, it’s…

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MARK BYRNE Writer Eyes Wide Open in Kenyap.76 The expat life: “My mother is an anthropologist, and when I was a kid we moved to Kenya for her work. There are many ways to cloister yourself in Africa, but it was important to my family that we not hide. I spent a lot of time crawling around villages.”Fast forward 26 years: “When I returned to Nairobi to report this story, as we were rounding a bend en route to the hotel, I remembered the turn. I vividly felt, I know where I am.”Roam with him: on Instagram @markwby ALANNA HALE Photographer Some Fun in the Sunp.28 Local spot: “We shot the picnic spread for ‘Our Picks’ at Precita Park in San Francisco, where neighborhood families hang out.”The uh-oh moment: “At one point, the sprinklers came on. We…

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san diego’s endless summer

1 MANGIA, MANGIA The people behind the city’s best pizza (Buona Forchetta) and pasta (Bice) have joined forces at Officine Buona Forchetta. The magic happens in two gold-tiled wood-fire ovens—one dedicated to gluten-free pizzas—that produce blistered Neapolitan pies. 2865 Sims Rd. 2 SHOP to IT Slip into the SoCal way of life at Moniker General, where you can buy canvasand-leather backpacks and electric-blue surfboards, all made in San Diego. Stop at the bar for a local beer or a nitro cold-brew coffee made with Moniker’s own blend, or scope out the boutique’s salvaged-wood furniture. 2860 Sims Rd. 3 HOT STUFF Spending an afternoon at Fireside by the Patio is like hanging out in a friend’s backyard—if your friend had an enormous deck and an obsession with cooking by fire. Most tables are outside, and every…

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dublin, beyond the pub

6 P.M. Rooftop Toast The Dean Hotel’s style is so dialedin that even your room’s vintageinspired minifridge is a talking point. Equally stylish: The hotel’s rooftop bar and restaurant, where you can nurse a coconut water–laced Whiskey Swizzle while the sun sets. deandublin.ie 7 P.M. Dinner and a Show Zip across town to Forest Avenue, where chef John Wyer prepares smart, affordable five-course tasting menus in an open kitchen. Reserve a table near the action to watch him assemble your rabbit agnolotti with peas, salsa verde, and whey. forestave nuerestaurant.ie 9:30 P.M. Modern Tinctures It’s a short ride to South Great George’s Street, a nightlife hub that’s home to the new Chelsea Drugstore, a watering hole set in a former pharmacy. Nod to the bar’s history with Henry’s Elixir, made with gin, chartreuse, and minty Strega. thechelseadrug store.ie 11…

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for the flight

From JFK, you have seven uninterrupted hours before landing in Dublin to devote to The Little Red Chairs, a hypnotic new novel from 85-year-old Irish writer Edna O’Brien. The story starts with a stranger settling in a small Irish town and slowly intruding into the lives of several locals, including Fidelma, an unhappily married woman. Fidelma takes the stranger as her lover only to discover too late that he is a Balkan War criminal. In clear, unstinting prose, O’Brien traces Fidelma’s grim fall and slow redemption.…