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AFAR March/April 2016

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in praise of solo travel

WHILE ON MATERNITY leave last year, I started thinking about solo travel. (I recognize the irony that I chose the moment I surrendered my solitude to reflect fondly on the trips that had afforded me freedom and autonomy—my favorite parts of traveling on my own.) I adore having a toddler, but ask any new parent about alone time and you’ll get nothing but a long, loud chuckle in response. I thought back to my trips to Oaxaca and Mexico City after college, and to Paris when I was weighing a job and a relationship. At the time, I took my solitude for granted, not anticipating that later, when my only solo trips would be for business, I would look back wistfully on those precious weeks when my time was truly mine. When I…

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what doesn’t make the news

IMAGINE SEEING these headlines scroll across the bottom of the screen as you watch CNN: “Millions of Moroccans go to work, return home, eat dinner with their families.” “Tourists visit Jordan’s ancient ruins, take photos.” “Citizens of Dubai respond to pleasant weather by following their usual routines.” At a time when the news is dominated by dramatic, scary events, it can be hard to remember that these incidents are still quite rare. For nearly everyone on the planet, ordinary life goes on. Yet we often let fear keep us from living life to the fullest. In the last couple of months, I’ve been to Morocco and the United Arab Emirates, and I will soon be going to Jordan. These countries have been relatively unscathed by terrorist attacks. Millions of people live there, millions more…

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LANDON NORDEMAN Photographer Pay Palp.100 The solitude of Tokyo: “Nobody stops and talks to you like they do in other countries. If you’re introduced to someone, they are extremely welcoming. But you don’t see that on the surface.”A modern friendship: “We ate dinner with Miyabi, a rent-a-friend from the story, after we photographed her. She invited us. It was an ironic moment: As a professional friend, she still needed friends of her own.”See through his lens: on Instagram @landonnordeman. CATHERINE LACEY Writer This Is Not Mumbaip.65 A travel dream-cometrue: “I’d always wanted to go to India. When I was a teenager, I thought it would be one of the first countries I’d visit. But this was my first trip.”Walk this way: “I tend to explore cities on foot, because you see things you’d otherwise miss. In Mumbai,…

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feast on hawaii

What’s the first thing you notice when you set foot in Hawaii? People just dress, look, talk, and act so differently. They aren’t rushing around on their phones and sending emails. Everything around you says, You’re in Hawaii now. Chill. Where’s your memory lane? My mother is Native Hawaiian– Chinese. I used to visit Honolulu’s Chinatown with my grandmother when I was a kid. She went there every day to shop and would haggle with the vendors to get the best price. I definitely picked up some of that. Sounds like the making of a chef. Yeah, growing up in an intense daily market environment made me so comfortable in that world. It taught me not to think of food as something that you buy large amounts of for a long period…

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the other hollywood

1 VEGGIES for FOODIES Grassroots Pantry is a rare find: a high-end, food-criticapproved restaurant devoted to vegetarian cooking. Come for the lemon chia-seed pancakes, stay for the pan-fried gyoza with Sichuan peppercorns. G/F, Shop D, 108 Hollywood Rd. 2 THE GREAT MALL of CHINA A renovated police barracks, PMQ is 197,000 square feet of art exhibits, fashion boutiques, and design shops where goods are made with sharp aesthetics and the environment in mind. 35 Aberdeen St. 3 A TOTAL SLAM DUNK Thanks to a canopy of trees, Blake Garden feels miles away from the traffic and crowds despite being quite small. Stroll its pedestrian-only paths or jump into a pickup game at the basketball courts. Near the Pu Xing Fang and UN Fong junction 4 GO DUTCH in CHINA A husband-and-wife team from the Netherlands runs 238…

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1 mexico city dialed back

2:00 P.M. Your Caffeine Fix Cardinal was the first shop in town to take coffee really seriously. Unlike the vibe in many cool cafés, handpoured cups aren’t served with a salty attitude. It’s a friendly neighborhood spot where you can read the paper in peace and enjoy a solid cappuccino at the same time. Calle Córdoba 132 3:00 P.M. Get Lit Here English-speaking locals come to Under the Volcano, the city’s most celebrated Englishlanguage bookstore, to practice their skills. Discover books by obscure Latin American authors and American writers on Latin America (e.g. Kerouac’s apt B-side, Mexico City Blues). Celaya 25 4:30 P.M. A Time-Warp Museum Housed in an art nouveau mansion, MODO—Museum of the Objective of the Object—is an odd keyhole into everyday pre-21stcentury life. You’re up close with items ranging from washing machines that were used in the…