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decisions, decisions

WHERE SHOULD I GO NEXT? That is one of the most vexing—and exciting—questions we confront as travelers. Do we return to a favorite place that we know and love? Or do we go someplace new, where everything is a discovery? There’s no right answer, obviously. We all love the surprising and the familiar. So maybe that’s the answer: Do both. That’s what we at AFAR are doing this fall. In October, for the first time, we are returning to a destination for an AFAR Experiences event. Having enjoyed ourselves so much in May 2016, we’re going back to New Orleans! When you return to a place, specific memories feed your anticipation for the trip. (For me in this case, it’s the taste of Leah Chase’s gumbo and the sounds of David Torkanowsky playing…

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where to eat like the experts

EARLY ON IN MY career as a writer and editor, I faced a choice: take a job focusing on one beat that I would develop my expertise around (in my case, the burgeoning hedge fund industry) or stay the course as a generalist, covering film, books, music, food, travel, and wine (in other words, all the fun stuff that makes up the good life). Given where you’re reading this today, you can probably guess what I chose: Hedge funds were not my bag. Perhaps because I took the generalist route, today I appreciate the importance and value of expertise even more. For AFAR’s annual food issue, we went straight to the specialists who spend their days testing recipes, interviewing chefs, and traveling in pursuit of culinary obsessions. In “Insatiable,” photographer Michael Harlan…

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ANYA VON BREMZEN Writer Counter Revolutionp.94 On opposing forces:“Moscow is a complicated city to read. A lot has changed, but a lot hasn’t: Think Brooklyn-style hipsters walking around former Stalinist parks.” A pleasant surprise: “As a result of the 2014 embargo, Russians were deprived of many of their favorite imported foods. Russian chefs started utilizing the country’s own ingredients, which unintentionally gave life to a very exciting food movement.” Join her flavor quest: on Instagram @vonbremzen FRANCIS LAM Writer In Good Handsp.82 Mixed roots: “In Penang, you see so many multicultural people that there are words for common mixes; Boyan, for instance, means someone who is Malay, Indonesian, and Chinese.” Food first: “While I was reporting, chef Azalina Eusope’s family would ask me if I’d eaten before even learning my name. I heard things like, ‘You’ve come…

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philly’s urban fabric

1 DINNER AND DESSERT Book a family-style dinner with comforting favorites including turkey pot pie and lasagna at the Hungry Pigeon. Creative sweets—such as banana-bread sticky buns or poached quince and mascarpone galettes—are a constant, whether for dessert or breakfast. 743 S. Fourth St. 2 GET YOUR KICKS Elena Brennan imports quirky shoes from such cult brands as Miista, Yuko Imanishi, Esska, and United Nude to stock her Bus Stop Boutique. She also designs rings, handsome tri-tone oxfords, buttery leather handbags, and other accessories for her own line, Bus Stop X. 727 S. Fourth St. 3 THE CAT’S MEθW When Kristin Eissler opened the city’s first cat café last summer, she wasn’t sure how the locals would react. Fast-forward nearly a year and Kawaii Kitty Café is a knockout success. “We’ve been booked every weekend…

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a fresh take on new orleans

1 BEYOND THE BBQ Classic: Oysters Rockefeller at Antoine’s Update: Oysters with smoked potato puree, ham, and salsify at Kenton’s Food & Bourbon, an Uptown restaurant with a serious respect for fire. Using a wood-powered grill, chef Kyle Knall adds char and sophistication to Southern staples: Trout is smoked and brightened with fried capers, and the classic chicken grilled under a brick gets a grown-up sauce of shallot and ricotta. All those smoky flavors play well with Kenton’s 150-bottlestrong whiskey list. kentons restaurant.com 2 A DRINK TO RAISE YOUR SPIRITS Classic: A French 75 cocktail at Arnaud’s Update: A Billy Bishop cocktail at Monkey Board, the rooftop bar of the new Troubadour hotel in NOLA’s Central Business District. While the vibe and a small-but-mighty food menu are pretty casual, the drinks are elegant second cousins…

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vegas’s asian vanguard

For 20 years now, the Spring Mountain Road corridor north of the Las Vegas Strip, the city’s Chinatown, has been a hotbed of hot pots—and every other Asian dish under the desert sun. When celebs such as Anthony Bourdain and Penn Jillette raved about the real-deal northern Thai cuisine at Lotus of Siam or smoky grilled offal at izakaya Raku, the chowhounds followed. But these days, intrepid travelers must look beyond those staples to unearth the city’s most innovative Japanese, Chinese, and Thai food. Tail & Fin, about 10 miles south of the Strip, is one of a half-dozen sushi-burrito and poke-bowl joints taking over Las Vegas. (See also: Jaburritos, Sweet Poké, and Pokéman.) The difference here is the wild card in the kitchen: former Nobu executive chef Karu Wedhas. His…