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AFAR Nov/Dec 2018

AFAR is a different kind of travel magazine that guides and inspires those who travel the world seeking to connect with its people, experience their cultures, and understand their perspectives. Get AFAR digital magazine subscription today for intriguing travel stories told with beautiful photos and a fresh design.

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chase the sun this winter

Scottsdale, Arizona, shines bright in winter, with average highs in the 70s. It’s the perfect weather for taking advantage of all this thriving destination has to offer—from horseback rides and stand-up paddleboarding to sampling wines at stops on the Old Town wine trail and farm-to-table dining under the stars. To showcase the breadth of exciting experiences and help you make the most of your next visit, we’ve created inspiring itineraries with insights from local travel advisor Carl Grupp. Here’s a taste of what’s happening in Scottsdale for foodies, families, and sophisticates. savor scottsdale’s flavors With nutrient-rich soil and 330 annual days of sunshine, Scottsdale has the natural ingredients that make a top culinary destination—and has attracted a growing roster of talented chefs. To check out their handiwork, make advance reservations at favorites…

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the future (of travel) is female

TODAY I PICKED up my younger daughter’s first passport from a tall, imposing federal building in San Francisco. Alone with my thoughts for a moment in the taxi back to the office, I started to daydream about her future travels. Where will she go on her first solo trip? Will we even need passports by then? When she’s 50, will the great cities of the world resemble those sets in Minority Report and Blade Runner where people jump into flying cars and work on hologram touchscreens? Will robots be running things by the time my baby is a grown-up? The robots haven’t taken over yet. But they are already here, speaking multiple languages and offering directions to weary travelers in airports around the globe. Artificial intelligence is here, too. Whether you…

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your trip is ship shape

Small Ship Cruise Line Windstar Cruises Egyptian cotton linens and a relaxing whirlpool tub welcome you after a day spent exploring the crystal clear waters of a Tahitian atoll or hiking along Italian seaside cliffs from Santa Margherita to Portofino. Mediterranean Cruise Line Viking Thanks to historians aboard all Viking ocean sailings, travelers gain in-depth knowledge about the sights they visit, such as the birthplace of the Olympics, Barcelona’s Sagrada Família church, or the Colosseum. Unique Onboard Program Azamara Club Cruises The wide variety of Azamara’s entertainment options, such as intimate cabaret nights featuring top Broadway stars, comedians, and musicians, proves that the fun continues once you’re back on board. Unique Itinerary Quark Expeditions Only with Quark (and only on four sailings this year) can you ride on an icebreaker ship to the remote Antarctic island of Snow Hill, where emperor…

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a better world to travel

WE HUMANS HAVE AN unfortunate tendency to be shortsighted: to think only about the here and now. Tomorrow’s problems? They can be dealt with tomorrow. People and places outside of my normal sphere? Not my concern. Intellectually we know that what happens on the other side of the globe can have a profound impact on us and that our own actions have far-reaching consequences. We say we don’t want to pass the world’s problems on to our children. But we don’t always act that way. We launched AFAR in part because we believe that inspiring, guiding, and enabling people to travel in a deeper way makes it more likely that those people will see beyond themselves and act for the greater good. The world of travel is full of people doing just…

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Federico Ciamei Photographer Under the Umbrian Sun p.90 Small-town vibes: “In Umbria, everyone was open to being photographed. One day, I saw a man sunbathing in his underwear. I asked to take his photo, expecting him to say no, but he said, ‘Wait, I’ll get my cat, too.’” Have a goat time: “I traveled to Fattoria Il Secondo Altopiano, where they produce goat cheese. It was strange to take photos surrounded by goats. As I was shooting, I felt a pull on my pant leg. When I looked down, I realized the goats were trying to eat my clothes!” Say hello: on Instagram @federicociamei Will McGrath Writer The King of Names p.53 Starry night: “In the mountains of Lesotho, the evenings are incredibly peaceful. At sundown everything really quiets and slows down. Not many places have electricity, so you…

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the road trip goes electric

The first electric vehicles (EVs) were viewed primarily as commuter cars: small, short-range automobiles that could get you from home to the office but not far beyond, maybe 100 miles. In recent years, however, battery capacity has increased dramatically, allowing for a new fleet of EVs that can go anywhere from 250 to 350 miles before needing a charge. Tesla may grab most of the headlines, but in the next two years, other manufacturers, including Volkswagen, Ford, and Volvo, will release larger, long-range cars perfect for a road trip. Winnebago even has an electric RV in the works. “It’s going to take many years for the average American to have a large-size, fully electric car,” says Gil Tal, the research director of the Plug-in Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Research Center at…