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next-generation travel

IMAGINE A CHILD who lives 15 miles from the Pacific Ocean but has never been to the beach. Imagine that child attends a school where 95 percent of the students qualify for the freelunch program. Now imagine taking that child on a trip to China. John Zavalney got to do that with 11 of those kids this year, through Learning AFAR, the flagship program of the AFAR Foundation. John is a science teacher at the Foshay Learning Center, a K-12 school in South Los Angeles. “For me, it was like taking a young child to Disneyland for the first time,” John says. “Some of these kids hadn’t flown before, and most had never been out of the country. The trip was full of firsts.” In Beijing, the students saw the sights: Tiananmen…

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ALEXANDER CHEE Writer Tomb Raider p.87 His spin: “I discovered rock ’n’ roll and punk scenes in Cambodia. I especially liked the Zeppelin Bar. The owner has a great collection of LPs and tons of rock-star memorabilia.” The best thing he ate: “Pizza from a Cambodian food truck called Katy Peri Pizza named after Katy Perry, but spelled wrong. These two guys turned a tuktuk into a wood-burning pizza oven and sold slices down the block from Zeppelin.” Follow his unexpected finds: on Twitter @alexanderchee. ANN ABEL Writer The Real Caribbean p.91 Catching the boat bug: “I got hooked on sailing in the Caribbean three years ago, when I was in Antigua during the island’s famous Sailing Week. I took a course after that, and last April I even competed in a regatta in St. Bart’s.” Race adrenaline: “The…

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let us help you travel deeper

WE HAVE ALL SEEN EXAMPLES of how technology is changing travel: Mobile maps make it easier to find your way, translation apps help you understand the locals, and of course there are myriad ways to book plane tickets, hotels, apartments, taxis, restaurants, and tours. As technology has improved, people have been clamoring for good content. In the world of travel, this includes beautiful photos and great insights into the distinctive aspects of a destination. In this context, I’m pleased to present AFAR’s new Travel Guide app for the iPhone. This app features guides to more than 100 cities and countries around the world, curated by AFAR’s editors and local experts. Thanks to our design team, led by Elizabeth Spiridakis Olson, and our software development team, particularly iOS engineer Kevin Favro, the…

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brussels, remade

1 GUY STYLE Set in a former nightclub known as the Gentleman, Centreville traffics in, appropriately, men’s clothing: minimalist streetwear from Belgian label Arternative, plus accoutrements from international indie brands, like canvas bicycle bags from Japan’s Nanamica. 36 Rue des Chartreux 2 NEW KID ON THE BLOCK Freshly minted Diito Dansaert is just the design store you’d expect from its founders, two architects and an interior designer. You’ll find pieces from the furniture world’s elite: Tom Dixon’s pendant lamps, Carl Hansen’s wishbone chairs, plus a smattering of vintage. 19 Rue des Chartreux 3 FROM THE STUDIO A true area pioneer, Maison d’Art Actuel des Chartreux established itself here in 1986 and now offers six residencies to emerging visual artists, most of them Brussels based. Wander through the warehouse-like space, which might be filled with neon phrases…

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sichuan heats up

Fact Sheet Location Southwest China, near Tibet Flight Time 14 hours from SFO Population 9 million Sichuan’s 2,331-year-old capital has never had more experiences worth flying for, and now that United offers direct flights from San Francisco, they’ve never been simpler to reach. Legend has it that a turtle mapped Chengdu’s borders. Unlikely, sure, but it reflects the city’s pace. People’s Park is filled with tai chi practitioners and badminton players. And at 1,000-year-old Qingyang Temple, friends laze for hours in the open-air teahouse. To see the truly old part of town, visit the Jinsha archaeological site. There, scientists are unearthing gold and jade artifacts that date as far back as the 7th century, many of which are displayed at the site’s museum. Conversely, the Wide and Narrow Alleys, two “ancient” streets lined with restored Qing-era…

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la rioja

“In addition to grapes, La Rioja is known for its olives, and Galería Martínez Glera in Logroño sells artisanal soaps and lotions made from both.” HANDSPUN SOUVENIRS “In Ezcaray, the Valgañón family has produced fine alpaca, cashmere, and mohair fabrics since 1930. The wools are combed with thistles, which makes them extra fine. At their shop, Mantas Ezcaray, you’ll find a wide array of baby blankets and scarves. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt anything softer or warmer.” “During the holidays, it’s hard to resist Mazapanes de Soto, a treat made from sweetened almond paste that’s enjoyed at family gatherings.” A FEAST BY THE FAMILY “Two-Michelin-star El Portal de Echaurren serves modern dishes such as prawn carpaccio with tomato tartare. The restaurant shares a kitchen with Echaurren, where the chef’s mother prepares regional classics…