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AFAR November/December 2016

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here’s to the visionaries

IN 2007, I WAS IN A MASTER’S program in philosophy at Arizona State University focused on ethics and values. I wanted to think about what it meant to live a good life. As stimulating as my studies were, the most rewarding part of my life at that time were the trips I took. My travels, which included five-week journeys through both South America and India with AFAR cofounder Joe Diaz, allowed me to directly engage with many of the questions I’d faced in the classroom: Why do we choose to live the way we do? How do we build a just society? We weren’t traveling to check sights off our bucket lists but to talk to people and understand their perspectives. Traveling in this way challenged my worldview and my assumptions in…

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that far-off feeling

WHEN I WAS 20, I STUDIED abroad for a year at Trinity College in Dublin. My mom joined me during spring break and we drove all over the country together. I was studying Irish literature, so writers figured prominently in our itinerary—we visited more than a few historic houses, churches, and grave sites. But the part of our trip that I recall most vividly is our time in County Donegal in the northwest, an area far off the typical tourist trail and ripe for getting comfortably lost. By the time we got to the town of Donegal, we were proficient at navigating bogs and livestockblocked roads. It was the end of our trip, and we were spending the night at a historic manor house called Ardnamona, by the banks of Lough Eske…

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#TRAVELDEEPER THE ONLY TRAVEL GUIDE YOU NEED Our guides are more user-friendly than ever. 1. INSPIRATION 3.0 Every single one of our 181 guides got a makeover: You’ll find bigger and better photos, more travel tips, and relevant content from all AFAR channels, including magazine articles and videos. Plus, 24 of our most popular guides (i.e., Paris, London, NYC) have been packed with even more travel intel. 2. PLAN MORE EASILY We’ve organized our guides so it’s much easier to plan a trip to any destination you choose, whether you’re on your phone or on your laptop. Want the nuts and bolts? Head for the Essentials section. Travel only for food? Click on What to Eat. You can save everything to your trip plan—and even book your hotel. 3. ROCK YOUR TRIP You’ve picked your destination, saved your…

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ELIZABETH WEINBERG Photographer At Home at the End of the World p.100 Not your average island: “I was in awe of the diversity of Tasmania. We visited white sand beaches with turquoise waters, fished in Coles Bay, saw the sun rise from Mount Wellington, and drove on empty dirt roads, all in just five days.” Local treats: “The oysters from the island were unreal. At Maggie’s house, we ate fresh ones shucked right there at the table. They were perfectly briny and salty, and I was in heaven.” Find paradise with her: on Instagram @eliz JASON WILSON Writer How Do You Like Your Wine? p.120 The wide world of wine: “You think you know it. Then you travel to a place like the Swiss Alps and find grapes you’ve never heard of and realize that…

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surftown rising

When it opens in 2018, the Oaxaca coastal highway will shrink the drive from Oaxaca City to Puerto Escondido from seven hours down to two. Go before that floodgate opens to savor a swath of Pacific coastline where sea turtles swim and big-name surfers shred. Thirty minutes north of Puerto’s tiny, three-neighborhood center, claim one of 16 palapas at Hotel Escondido, a retreat with midcenturymodern sofas, an infinity pool that overlooks a vast shore-line—and a prime spot next to Casa Wabi, a gallery and artists’ retreat created by the Mexican artist Bosco Sodi. It’s just a 500-peso (US$27) taxi ride to Puerto’s Rinconada district, where new galleries and restaurants have cropped up. Gota de Tierra sells biomorphic porcelain jewelry and geometric tapestries, and Spanish expats run La Lolaila, a temple of tapas…

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the party has begun

Find answers to all of your Cuba questions—from how to get a visa to where to go beyond Havana—at afar.com/cubatravel. 3 P.M. Casa Check-in While visiting in March, President Obama approved the launch of Airbnb in Cuba. You’ll find options with housekeepers and Wi-Fi for under $90/night. Search around Avenida Paseo, a lively, nontouristy street. airbnb.com 5 P.M. It’s Showtime Find a local paper and check the movie listings. The city’s beautiful theaters, such as Teatro América or Riviera, show everything from blockbusters to the latest Palme d’Or winner from Cannes. ¿No habla español? Try the Chaplin, which often plays undubbed American classics. 7:30 P.M. The Hot Seat On the third floor of a tenement building, Paladar La Guarida is a wildly popular spot to dine for two reasons: the interior’s gorgeous decay and the food.…