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AFAR September/October 2017

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new ways to get inspired

OUR GOAL AT AFAR has always been to inspire, guide, and enable deeper, richer, and more fulfilling travel experiences. For us, this isn’t a passing fancy. We believe such experiences lead to deeper, richer, and more fulfilling lives. And the more people who live this way, the better our world is. That you are reading this means we have succeeded, at least to some degree, in inspiring you. As we look to the future, our vision is to be the leader in taking you, the world’s best travelers, from inspiration to action. You had to be a little crazy and a lot passionate to launch an independent print magazine in 2009. But we believed, and still do, that a magazine packed with powerful stories, beautiful photos, and creative design is a…

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ADAM BIRKAN Photographer The Beauty of Bangkokp.98 The local take: “I’ve lived in Bangkok for almost three years and love it. It’s a big city—about 10 million people live here— so you never run out of things to do or see.” Urban focus: “Bangkok is a 21st-century city with a subway and more high-rises than I can count. For this story, I wanted to highlight Bangkok’s similarities to other big cities, like New York and Tokyo, so I focused on the skyline and more modern stores.” Discover his world: on Instagram @adambirkan LAUREN ELKIN Writer Cities We Love: Paris p.78 Wild life: “My neighborhood, Belleville, used to be a village outside of Paris and was known as a nightlife destination. People would come, get trashed, and then roll back down to the city.” The way she moves: “My…

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top hotels checking in

HEY, GOOD LOOKIN’ When it comes to snazzy digs, IL SERENO LAGO DI COMO, on Italy’s glamorous Lake Como, is our Design Hotel winner. Patricia Urquiola’s sexy interiors incorporate earthy materials such as walnut wood and bronze. VAMOS A LA PLAYA A secluded location on Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula and proximity to a nature reserve are just two of the reasons CASA DE LAS OLAS was ranked the No. 1 Beach Hotel by our readers. BRING THE KIDS With activities from fishing to snowshoeing, FAIRMONT BANFF SPRINGS in Alberta, Canada, our Family Getaway winner, is a no-brainer. WILDEST DREAMS If you feel like you’re on a movie set at ANGAMA MARA, our Outdoor Adventure Hotel winner, it’s because you are: Out of Africa, starring Meryl Streep and Robert Redford, was filmed here in 1985. The 30-room safari lodge…

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a revolución on the border

1 NUEVO CUISINE Swing by La Justina, a cozy gastropub putting new spins on Mexican classics. Try the rib eye tartar or the tostadas with roasted octopus and smoked shrimp. The Margot, a gin cocktail with lavender and a whole beet, is a must. Avenida Revolución, between Calles 3 and 4. 2 SIESTA in STYLE Tijuana’s first boutique inn, the sleek, industrial-style, 15-room One Bunk, opened in May in the renovated Hotel Lafayette building. The lobby houses a barber shop, a coffee bar, and a boutique selling jewelry, furniture, and decor from the chic home store Object. Avenida Revolución 920. 3 GAME CHANGER For decades, El Foro Antiguo Palacio Jai Alai was a destination for gamblers betting on jai alai games. Today the 65-year-old building with the iconic red neon sign hosts concerts, stand-up comedy,…

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next stop, inspiration

To add warmth to Munich’s concretewalled Westfriedhof station, designer Ingo Maurer installed 13-foot-wide domes that glow red, yellow, and blue. During the five days of Carnival, Rio’s subway system runs 24 hours a day. Solna Centrum is one of 90 Stockholm stations transformed by local artists. The Überseequartier station echoes the nearby harbor with blue tile and an undersea soundtrack.…

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soviet soul food

What’s a hallmark of Belarusian food? “Potatoes are king. They’re the backbone of the cuisine, used in everything from draniki (potato pancakes) to babka (potato casserole). Potatoes are so important that some people get excited about the first harvest of the season.” And what are meals like? “They are all about zakuski, small plates that range from pickled vegetables to seledka pod shubo?, or ‘herring under a fur coat,’ a layered salad with herring at the base and hard-boiled eggs on top. All the drinking, toasting, and socializing happen while eating zakuski.” Did you always love the food? “My parents immigrated in 1980. Growing up, when friends would come over for a meal, I would say ‘You’re not going to like this.’ When my nowhusband and I were first dating, I said the same thing.…