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After Dinner Conversation: Philosophy | Ethics Short Story Magazine

After Dinner Conversation: Philosophy | Ethics Short Story Magazine

November 2020

After Dinner Conversation publishes compelling “what if” scenarios of original philosophy and ethics short stories across genres with accompanying discussion questions for friends, family, and students. Imagine the “trolley problem” written as a short story! Topics include ethics, metaphysics, aesthetics, moral relativism, and political and economic philosophy among others.

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After Dinner Conversation
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After Dinner Conversation believes humanity is improved by ethics and morals grounded in philosophical truth. Philosophical truth is discovered through intentional reflection and respectful debate. In order to facilitate that process, we have created a growing series of short stories, audio and video podcast discussions, across genres, as accessible examples of abstract ethical and philosophical ideas intended to draw out deeper discussions with friends, family, and students. Enjoy these short stories? Purchase our print anthologies, After Dinner Conversation “Season One” or “Season Two.” They are both collections of our best short stories published in the After Dinner Conversation series complete with discussion questions. Subscribe to this monthly magazine for $1.95/month or $19.95/year and receive it every month!…

29 min.
everyone’s gay in space

The resemblance was pretty weak for a clone. How old is this photo? he’d asked. And they’d said it was recent. He couldn’t make sense of that. Wasn’t a clone supposed to be a copy of him? Had this duplicate received eternal youth genes when the scientists had scienced him into existence? Your clone began as an embryo at the time you donated the tissue, they’d explained. When he didn’t get it, they’d tried again: He’s in his twenties now. He’s less like a copy and more like your son. The word “son” had made his brain sing. He needed to meet this kid. Sandy had objected. Explosively. Can’t you just be happy? he’d pleaded. We finally have our son! He’s not my son, she’d countered. His wife’s anger seemed pointless to him, though he’d learned long ago…

10 min.
the formula

“Birthday boys!” The shouts of the young men echoed through the small space, bouncing off hardened plastic and safety glass. “This is going to be too good, man!” “When do the girls arrive?” “Not til tomorrow afternoon. Tonight’s all about the lads!” “We’re gonna get you guys fucked up!” Laughter and noise filled the car. Brent, driving, turned around to talk to the boys in the back seat. “I heard about this bar with cheap shots, and loose women.” “You’ll be fine, you bronze Adonis,” replied Jalil, “but we’ve gotta get Sam laid. It’s his birthday, and he’s fucking hopeless.” “I do alright,” Sam sulked, underneath the boos of his companions. In the passenger seat, Ali looked at Brent, waving his hands “I told you to watch the fucking road. I don’t want to die before we get Sam…

19 min.

“In economics, an externality is the cost or benefit that affects a party who did not choose to incur that cost or benefit.”—James Buchanan and W. Craig Stubblebine The library rolled heavily into town, bearing its cargo of knowledge mundane, esoteric, and somewhere in between. Its ancient axles creaked as it slowed, executed a graceful turn through the caravanserai, and came to rest, facing the town square and the well that travelers used. The horses, dust coating their sweaty flanks, snorted in anticipation. Willem waited for his apprentice, Thomen, to descend, then leaned heavily on the youth’s shoulder as he eased himself to the ground, wincing at the pain in his hips. Once both feet were firmly on the ground, he stretched mightily, his joints emitting an alarming series of crackling…

19 min.
god is alive

It was the strangest conversation I’ve ever had. I still don’t know what to think of it. Yet, I cannot forget it. At that time, I was getting a little worried about my friend, Thomas Cale. We used to run into each other now and then in our small town, and sometimes we would agree to go out for a drink and talk. But for a month or two now, I had barely caught a glimpse of him. I suspected the change had happened after that visit of his to the city. I didn’t know what it had been about, and though I knew he had come back, I wasn’t even sure how long he had stayed there. I was lucky to have been aware he was going in the first place.…

12 min.
the alpha-dye shirt factory

I don’t know where how I should start my story: with the fire, with the things leading up to the fire, or how I made my escape. Well, my name’s Mary and I worked at the Alpha-Dye Shirt Factory, a seven-story building in the middle of the sugar district falling apart in every which a-way. It’s a brick building, red brick, not that you’d know it on account it’s been whitewashed over, except for the fire escape, which was painted black about a hundred times to hide the rust, and more paint than fire escape. The building had just the one elevator so most of the ladies would take the fire escape if they was on one of the lower floors, but I never did that, on account of I didn’t…