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After Dinner Conversation: Philosophy | Ethics Short Story Magazine

After Dinner Conversation: Philosophy | Ethics Short Story Magazine

April 2021
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After Dinner Conversation publishes compelling “what if” scenarios of original philosophy and ethics short stories across genres with accompanying discussion questions for friends, family, and students. Imagine the “trolley problem” written as a short story! Topics include ethics, metaphysics, aesthetics, moral relativism, and political and economic philosophy among others.

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After Dinner Conversation
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after dinner conversation magazine – april 2021

This magazine publishes fictional stories that explore ethical and philosophical questions in an informal manner. The purpose of these stories is to generate thoughtful discussion in an open and easily accessible manner. Names, characters, businesses, organizations, places, events and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental. The magazine is published monthly in electronic format. All rights reserved. After Dinner Conversation Magazine is published by After Dinner Conversation in the United States of America. No part of this magazine may be used or reproduced in any manner without written permission from the publisher. Abstracts and brief quotations may be used without permission for citations, critical articles, or reviews. Contact the publisher for more…

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from the publisher

After Dinner Conversation believes humanity is improved by ethics and morals grounded in philosophical truth. Philosophical truth is discovered through intentional reflection and respectful debate. In order to facilitate that process, we have created a growing series of short stories, audio and video podcast discussions, across genres, as accessible examples of abstract ethical and philosophical ideas intended to draw out deeper discussions with friends, family, and students. Enjoy these short stories? Purchase our print anthologies, After Dinner Conversation “Season One,” “Season Two,” and “Season Three.” They are collections of our best short stories published in the After Dinner Conversation series complete with discussion questions. Subscribe to this monthly magazine for $1.95/month or $19.95/year and receive it every month!…

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now the leaves are falling fast

I watched my wife leave our neighbor’s house, her empty hands shoved deep in the pockets of her red anorak. She came inside through our carport. I met her in our kitchen. “Beverly was really happy for the soup,” she said. “Honestly, it was a little sad. She said no one else has brought food, and he’s going to hospice tomorrow. It’s really bad, and no one, not one single person, has reached out to her.” Just what I thought. I have been watching my neighbor’s house from my living room chair on and off for at least two years now. William and Beverly have a simple 3/2 ranch that is the mirror image of ours, except William let his yard go to pot and I’ve kept mine up, even with my…

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Jack Benson stands dissolved in an ocean of strangers, humans he couldn’t have known existed until forced to jostle with them for space and share odors. He recoils imperceptibly with each touch, eager not to offend or stand out any further. As a mass they flow like a tide, but he senses that, as individuals, each is preoccupied with being elsewhere. He marvels at this accretion of humanity, at how in each moment, somewhere on Earth, such a mass of people goes about their day. Who are they? What do they want, feel, do with their lives? The man next to him smells of cigarettes and holds a child’s doll. He looks nervous. Perhaps it’s been a while since he saw her. He wonders if there is a set of personality…

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“OK Dad, I’ll come for the long weekend, but I’m not sure I want to hunt with you,” Joey said as he wound up his longest conversation with his father in years. “Those couple of hunts you took me on when I was thirteen didn’t make a hunter out of me. I just remember being cold and that we didn’t shoot much. Anyway, I don’t know that I’m the type to enjoy killing things.” Joey’s parents had divorced six years ago and his mother had moved them to a busy metropolitan area on the east coast. During those years, he’d seen very little of his father whose work as a petroleum engineer required extensive periods of foreign travel and residency. Joey’s experiences of nature and wildlife were limited to the local…

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the angel in the juniper

Old Clyde Adamson was plotting with the Jacobin faction. Holly, who had studied under him only the subjects he taught on the side—Neoplatonism in the early Church Fathers, and Classical Drama—had hired on a month ago as his secretary, and was now perfectly sure. It was disturbing. One couldn’t deny that the present republic had degraded to the mere form of representative government under the last president and his hand-picked parliament, but the Jacobins were dangerous—low-profile activists who had formally concluded that the governmental system no longer admitted renewal by legitimate means, and were prepared to incite even revolution to restore the principles of the four-hundred-year-old Constitution. Holly didn’t know yet how deeply Prof. Adamson was involved with the faction, or how high a member he might be. She felt sure that, with…