All Chevy Performance

Volume 2, Issue 13 - January 2022

ACP will provide a desire for Bowtie fans to immerse themselves into the technical aspects of vintage-to-modern Chevrolets, whether it be a muscle car or restomod.

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happy birthday to us, and happy new year to you!

It’s hard to believe, but this issue (Jan. ’22) marks the one-year anniversary of producing All Chevy Performance magazine. We started from scratch and began production in late 2020 and knew we had our work cut out. We were a small staff armed with big ideas, but we pulled it off. We were able to put together the baddest all-Chevy muscle car magazine in existence. But it wasn’t easy. In the beginning, we were firing on all eight cylinders, and like all fresh builds, there were some timing issues and we even fouled a few plugs along the way, but we didn’t give up. Today, we’re running on the rev limiter, and All Chevy Performance magazine looks as good if not better than we could have imagined. Thanks to a brilliant…

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acp parts bin

1. FAUX OH NINE Lokar’s new Chevy 409-style intake emulates the look of a classic 409. The LS Classic Series intake kit gives you everything you need to adapt a GM 92mm throttle body and vintage carb-style intake manifold to your LS engine. The intake kit includes a single-plane aluminum intake manifold, billet aluminum fuel rails, black dual-snorkel air cleaner, 4150 carb adapter plate, and all mounting hardware. The system is designed to utilize GM LS3 OEM fuel injectors and GM four-bolt, 92mm, drive-by-wire throttle body (not included) and are compatible with GM and aftermarket ECUs and harnesses that support both drive-by-wire and speed density tuning. For more information, contact Lokar by calling (877) 469-7440 or visit 2. BILLET RESERVOIR Finned aluminum brake fluid reservoirs from Wilwood give your firewall a unique high-performance…

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1964 chevrolet corvette

You’ve probably seen Cruzer’s Customs’ work via their recent ’64 Buick Riviera project called “Vanquish.” That car was a beautiful example of classic styling meeting modern performance in the right ratio. This new project looks to continue that theme within the fiberglass shell of a ’64 Corvette. Billet turbine wheels allow for big brake clearance and also tip the hat to period-correct styling. Inside the cockpit will be stockish-appearing upholstery, but the craftsmanship will be brought up to a new level as will the materials. CNC-perforated leather will add a subtle bit of customization to the door panels and seats. Underhood is an LS with backdating accessories to make it look like a Rochester-injected fuelie. The combination of subtle mods add up to a dramatic end result, for sure. @TavisHighlander Vehicle Build by:…

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old red

AL NOE’S ’67 CAMARO RS/SS“ My first car was a ’68 Camaro RS/SS. It was red with white stripes,” Al Noe fondly recalls. “I bought it when I was 15 and ‘redid’ it so that when I turned 16 I could have it finished and cruise in style.” With only his learner’s permit his parents reluctantly allowed him to take the car out with some friends who were a bit older and had actual driver’s licenses. “So, off I went to Edgewater dragstrip in Cincinnati,” Al tells. “I raced the car that night and have been hooked ever since. At the time I thought the car was fast, but in reality it was a stone. I think it went high 15s in the quarter-mile! ”“I RACED THE CAR THAT NIGHT…

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adding a dash of class

INSTALLING DAKOTA DIGITAL’S RTX SERIES INSTRUMENTS IN A ’69 CAMARO Many, many years ago, well before editor Nick Licata got his first skateboard as a kid, one of the additions performance enthusiasts made to their cars was a row of aftermarket gauges hanging below the dashboard. Even though they were often difficult to see mounted near the floor, the general consensus was they were better than factory gauges, which were inaccurate at best and useless at worst. Most factory gauges didn’t react very quickly or have meaningful numbers, making them only slightly better than warning lights that would normally illuminate about the same time some sort of mechanical carnage was taking place. As proof we offer the instruments in our ’69 Chevrolet Camaro. Apparently, when our base Camaro was new, the decision-makers…

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hard work—works

BOB FULTANOS’ ’54 CHEVY GASSER One of the things about age is that it often forces us to reflect back and examine our past. Inevitably, we look at the mistakes and also the successes of life. When it comes to the automotive realm it’s often the one that shouldn’t have been sold, or the one we wanted but couldn’t afford. For Bob Fultano, his car rewind goes back to his teenage years. “I got my first car when I was 15,” he recalls. “It was a ’55 Chevy and over the years I’ve had numerous Chevelles and Novas–all big-block cars.” One taste that he acquired early on was for gassers, to the point that it eventually grew into a bucket list item. Fulfilling that desire came about back in 2019 when…