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All-Time Favorite Home Solutions

All-Time Favorite Home Solutions

All-Time Favorite Home Solutions

Juggling work and family responsibilities can feel overwhelming at times. We are here to help! This special edition bookazine is packed with hundreds of our best tips for keeping your house clean, storing and organizing your stuff, making laundry day easy, eliminating kitchen grime, fixing and maintaining your home, and mastering your garden and garage. Just follow our advice, and soon you'll be saving money, enjoying more free time and feeling less stress.

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around the house

SAVE MONEY AIR FRESHENERS Vanilla An easy way to give your powder room a pleasant scent without having to buy unnatural air fresheners: Dab 3 to 5 drops of vanilla extract (or your favorite essential oil) on the inside of the toilet paper tube. Each time the roll spins, the subtle scent will be released, so your bathroom smells pleasant. MONEY SAVED $4 for a plugin air freshener SAVE MONEY Essential Oil in the Vacuum Here’s a low-cost way to scent your home without risking chemical-triggered headaches: Before vacuuming, soak two cotton balls in essential oil and drop them into the empty vacuum bag or canister. The vacuum’s gentle heat will release the scent to lightly perfume the house. Add new cotton balls each time you vacuum. MONEY SAVED $5 for air-freshening spray SAVE MONEY Baby Oil &…

21 min
yard & garage

ANT REPELLANT Cinnamon The little ones in your life are begging for a sandbox, but you know from past experience that ants always end up crawling inside and burrowing in the sand. To keep them away, sprinkle 1½ cups of cinnamon on the sand and mix with a rake. The insects don’t like the strong smell of the spice, so they’ll steer clear. SAVE MONEY Cucumber Eek! There’s an ant infestation on your patio. For a low-cost chemical-free way to get rid of the unwelcome guests, simply peel a cucumber, then place the peels along the edge of your patio. Ants can’t stand the bitter scent or taste of alkaloids in the peel, so they’ll head off in search of a new place to call home. MONEY SAVED $5 for a bottle of ant-control spray READER…

6 min
storage & organization

CLOTHES CLOSET Soda-Can Tab When the seasons change, our closets are always overflowing: It’s not consistently warm enough yet to put sweaters and winter pants in storage, but we also need room for lighter-weight blouses and capri pants. The easy way to double closet space: Slip one end of a sodacan tab around the hanger and hook another hanger to the bottom of the tab. Genius! COOLER DIVIDER Oven Rack After a long week, you can’t wait to pack up some goodies and get outside with loved ones for a picnic in the park. But the last time you packed your cooler, the sandwiches, crackers and other delicate bites and supplies got soggy and crushed by the ice and cold drinks. To avoid the mess, place a small oven or toaster rack in your cooler…

7 min

SAVE MONEY DRY CLEANING ALTERNATIVE Aluminum Foil Your silk top is wrinkled, but clean. Instead of taking it to the cleaner’s, lay a piece of foil on an ironing board, then set the shirt on top. With the iron set to steam, run it back and forth in the air 3 inches above the garment. Foil reflects heat to smooth wrinkles without touching the fabric. MONEY SAVED $20 for dry cleaning DRY SHOES QUIETLY Tuck Laces in the Door Your shoes got soaked in a slushy puddle, but you’re hesitant to toss them in the dryer because they’ll make a racket. The save: Put the sneakers in the machine with the laces pulled up over the outside of the door. The shoes will be suspended inside, so they won’t tumble around noisily as the dryer runs. DRYER…

20 min

SAVE MONEY ANT REPELLANT Lemon Juice A simple way to keep ants out of your kitchen so you never have to resort to pricey, health-harming chemicals: Saturate cotton balls with lemon juice and place where the pests tend to appear. The citrus scent will be too overwhelming for the invaders, so they’ll vacate your space. Re-soak the cotton weekly. MONEY SAVED $6 for a can of bug spray BLENDER DEEP-CLEAN Zap Some Dish Soap & Water You’ve been enjoying your healthy breakfast smoothies, but could do without the hassle of cleaning the seeds and pulp from around the blender’s blade and in each nook and cranny. A way to save time and elbow grease: Add a few drops of liquid dish soap to the blender, then fill it three-quarters of the way with warm water. Cover…

23 min

READER TIP AIR-CONDITIONING VENTS Car Wax “Last spring, when my son’s allergies flared, our doctor asked if I’d cleaned my air-conditioning vents. Turns out allergens were coming in through the AC! Wipe a thin layer of car wax on vents after cleaning—the surface will be too slick for debris to stick. My son felt better right away, so now I’m applying wax at the start of the season to prevent symptoms.”—Marie Moss, Miami, FL BATHROOM MOLD & MILDEW Borax Nothing’s better than a steamy shower on a chilly winter morning. Not so great: dealing with mildew that can pop up in your bathroom. To prevent mildew growth, pour ¼ cup of borax (a natural disinfectant) and 1 quart of hot water into a clean spray bottle and spritz problem areas. Let sit for at least 30…