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START fresh Every January, we talk about healthier habits and new beginnings. But for me, especially this year, spring feels like a better time to make a fresh start. Maybe it’s because time has been a little squishy since the pandemic began. Hours pass so quickly, slowly, or erratically that we’ve coined a word—Blursday—to describe that what-day-is-it-anyway feeling. Here in Des Moines, winter seemed to stretch on for about two years of Blursdays. And yet, spring comes. Undeterred, the trees bud and asparagus spears push fearlessly up through the soil. Vaccinations boost chances for a return to life (and social gatherings and zippered pants). And even the happily hunkered feel compelled to get out for a walk and whip up something tasty that’s full of color and vegetables. That hopeful sensibility infuses this…

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GO BEHIND the Recipe You’ve seen his Food Wishes videos. Now discover what’s behind Chef John’s wildly popular recipes with notes, tips, funny quips, and more from the chef himself. Every week, Chef John dishes on the newest creations he’s shared with the Allrecipes community, offering extra insights into the delicious recipes and can’t-miss details about them. Click here or go to we’re on TIK TOK! Follow Allrecipes on TikTok for the freshest cooking tips, hacks, and how-tos presented by test kitchen pro Nicole McLaughlin. She is trying trendy foods, sharing tricks to help you master favorite recipes, and serving up smart kitchen solutions that will make you ask, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Expand your social media circle by downloading the TikTok app and following @Allrecipes. Go on a GROCERY RUN…

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let it bee…

LET IT BEE KITCHEN ENVY FOOD RX NEXT-LEVEL the bee’s knees Serve up a dessert that looks as sweet as it tastes. Fill this Nordic Ware Honeycomb Pull-Apart Pan with cake batter to create 19 perfectly portioned cakelets. $30 at bowled over Top your table with these Briar shallow bowls, available in an assortment of glazed stoneware pastels. Pick a favorite color—or buy one in every hue. $16 each at run with floral This muted green and pink floral Field Table Runner is 100 percent cotton and perfect for an outdoor meal—just toss it into the washing machine when you’re done. $35 at “I am so in love with this honey mustard! I will never buy prepared honey mustard from the store again.”– MISSCOSSIO sweet send-off Tie up a jar of honey, a wooden honey dipper, and a pack…

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wild for tile

The Power of PATTERN Custom tile from Ann Sacks punches up the style of this inviting kitchen. Using a graphic pattern in neutral hues builds on the energy of the colorful cabinetry and artwork. Other styles from $24 per square foot at Turn up the VOLUME Traditional subway tile takes a turn for the dramatic with herringbone or vertical positioning, luminous color, and a shimmery textural finish. Raku in Blue (above) and Passion in Rosa (below), $11 per square foot at Touch of the TROPICS It’s a jungle out there. But in your kitchen a tropical tile mural ushers in a welcome and whimsical nod to nature. Harbour Sonata Decorative Mural Tile in Multicolor by Angela Harris for Ivy Hill Tile, $9 per 8x8-inch tile at…

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nature’s inflammation fighters

Inflammation can be good and bad. On the one hand, acute inflammation helps the body defend itself from infection and injury. But chronic inflammation can lead to diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and allergies. More than 60 percent of Americans have physical symptoms related to ongoing inflammation—such as digestive problems, joint pain, wheezing, and watery or itchy eyes. And seasonal changes in air pressure can be major triggers of these symptoms. But a few key nutrients can help restore balance: Antioxidants, such as vitamins A, C, and E, neutralize the free radicals that can cause inflammation in the body and illness. In a study with more than 500 people, vitamin C intake of 107 mg. per day was associated with a significant decrease in risk of cataracts in adults 65 years and…

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sweet variety

THE BUZZ ON HONEY Bees create honey from the nectar they gather from flowers. The type of flowers and the climate all impact a honey’s appearance, aroma, and taste. That’s one reason there are, according to the National Honey Board, more than 300 varietals. Here are a few worth buzzing about. Not sure which to try? A good rule of thumb: The lighter the color, the milder the flavor. Orange Blossom: This white to extra-light amber honey is bursting with orange notes. Give it a go in salad dressings and marinades, or pair it with creamy cheeses, such as Brie, goat cheese, and Camembert. Alfalfa: Nectar from the violet-colored blooms of alfalfa make for a mild-flavored and light-amber honey. Its neutrality makes it ideal for baking and cooking. Try it in marinades for…