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Allrecipes September/October 2017

Introducing brand-new Allrecipes…the only magazine that brings you the absolute best of the best from over 43,000 tried-and-true family favorites on allrecipes.com! Each issue brings you hundreds of secrets you won’t see anywhere else – fast tips to save you time and money, step-by-step how-to’s, and ideas to help you put your own spin on every dish!

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from the editor

Apparently, many of you are headed back to the kitchen in the fall, too, because September marks the start of the busiest time of year on Allrecipes .com. All that activity means we’re learning from you, our community, what you like to cook and bake, and that guides our planning for each issue of the magazine. Also this fall, we’re celebrating Allrecipes’ 20th anniversary with our first newsstand-only magazine, on sale September 19. Allrecipes Greatest Hits features the best-ofthe- best of all our recipes that have been saved, rated, and reviewed hundreds of thousands of times over 20 years of building the world’s largest online food community we know today. Can you guess what the all-time No. 1 dinner recipe is? Look for our limited-edition magazine on the newsstand to find…

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get the look

DIY DECOR METALLIC LEAVES 1. Purchase sheets of soft (36-gauge) copper, brass, or silver at a crafts store. 2. Make a leaf template. Download and print our patterns at armagazine.com/ leaf-patterns or trace real maple, oak, or gingko leaves from your yard onto paper. 3. Tape template to copper and cut around leaf outline, cutting through paper and copper with scissors or a utility knife. (Careful: Metal edges can be sharp.) Remove template. 4. Lay cut leaf on a notepad or magazine and use a dull pencil or burnishing tool to emboss veins into each leaf. PHOTOS: KIM CORNELISON. MARKET EDITOR: DEANNA DEWEY. DIY CRAFT: JENI WRIGHT…

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lunch gear

READER-TESTED TOOLS The end of summer doesn’t have to mean a new season of spilled bags, crumbs, stains, and stress. A whole fleet of smart school-day solutions has cropped up, and we asked some of our Allrecipes community members (and their kids) to test them out “The FlatBox kept my lunch fresh and cold, and I love the modern design. The folding and zipping are a little complicated for small hands, though.”– FABEVERYDAYBLOG“My family found different ways to use these Stasher Bags: snacks, camping, cooking—even packing toiletries for travel.”– FLYFISCHER 1. FlatBox This soft, machine-washable lunch box unzips and flattens into a place mat. It comes in several sizes, and freezable ice packs are also available. From $17 at flatbox-lunchbox.com 2. Bentology Lunch Box Set Editor’s pick: This set of four microwavable boxes has leakresistant lids…

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snack smarter

ON TREND The urge to snack is real—and, when your treats are both delicious and nutritious, there’s nothing wrong with that. Here are a handful we like that feature wholesome ingredients and clean labels, perfect for your next snack attack.…

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meet mogley

ALLRECIPETS Some Allrecipes community members love their pets so much they use a pet photo for their profile picture or sneak their pet into recipe shots. We get it: Pets are part of the family! That’s why these furry friends—we call them Allrecipets—have earned a place in our pages, too. “I found my little man five years ago at the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) in South Dallas. His original name was Motor because he purred a lot, but I renamed him Mogley (after the boy from The Jungle Book) because of his spunk and curiosity. Mogley is an overgrown ball of joy. I got him when I lived by myself, and he was what kept me from going bananas. He’s very friendly and never shy about demanding…

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slightly saner school mornings

KID STUFF If you’ve ever felt you had to choose between getting the kids fed and getting them dressed and groomed on a school morning, we feel your pain. Here are some tips to help get everyone out the door with minimal hassle. PUT BREAKFAST WITHIN REACH. That high-up shelf of cereals isn’t doing you any favors. Breakfast supplies—cereals, bowls, bread, butter, milk, juice—should be reachable by everyone age 6 or older, so you can deal with other crises while they help themselves. Designate some low shelves in the pantry for just this purpose, or line up options on the table the night before. If you don’t trust your littles with beverage bottles, invest in a few unbreakable pitchers that you can fill ahead of time and place low in the fridge. PRE-CLEAN THE…