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Amateur Photographer 03/07/2021

Published by TI Media Limited Amateur Photographer is the world's oldest weekly magazine for photography enthusiasts. With its unique weekly format, it is the first for news and events, plus features on techniques, equipment tests and darkroom advice. It appeals to those interested in buying and learning about digital and film photographic equipment, wanting advice on improving their technique, and learning about the greats in photography. Regular features on reader portfolios, darkroom, digital, black & white and photographer profiles ensure all areas of photography are covered. With an audience of dedicated photography enthusiasts.

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As photographers, we spend our lives capturing frozen moments in time from a world that is in constant motion. Even the landscape is affected by moving clouds, water and the arc of the sun. How we choose to record this motion is a creative decision. Fast-moving subjects can be frozen in motion or allowed to leave a trail of blur to convey their speed and trajectory. There is no right or wrong, these are simply creative decisions, though certain subjects lend themselves to one approach or the other. For this week’s issue we’ve assembled a formidable team of top photographers from every genre to share their expertise on how to convey movement in a photo. So, whatever you like to shoot, you’ll find something here to inspire you. Don’t forget…

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this week in 1996

Dolly, the first cloned sheep by Mathieu Polak The 5th of July marks 25 years since the world’s most famous sheep, Dolly, was born. The first mammal cloned from an adult somatic cell, she made headlines around the world when her existence was announced a few months later in 1997 due to the scientific advances she represented. Cloned from the cell of a mammary gland, she was rather cheekily named after the country singer Dolly Parton, notably famous for her generous assets. Dolly (the sheep) died shortly before her seventh birthday, from a disease not considered to be related to her being a clone. Her legacy in scientific fields including stem cell research, medicine and the potential to save extinct species continues to this day. The Getty Images Hulton Archive is one…

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it's good to share

AP picture of the week Feather In The Sky by Jamie Simmons Canon EOS R, 17-40mm F4L, 1/60sec at f/11, Vanguard tripod ‘Just as the lockdown was easing and we were all eager to go out for the first time in months we took our two-year-old up to the Peak District to witness what I thought might be an incredible sunset, after checking out the weather apps,’ recalls Jamie. ‘At the top of Higger Tor, we saw the most beautiful sunset I have seen in a very long time. After a few Lion King-style shots on the more prominent rocks, we came across this one, and I had an idea. It took about 30 to 40 attempts to get this particular shot, which was done entirely in camera using a remote release and continuous…

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new scientist launches major competition

LONG-established science magazine New Scientist has launched a major photography contest. It will celebrate images that illustrate how science and technology impact our lives and the world around us, with a top prize of £1,000. Anyone aged 18 or over can enter, and entry is free. The competition has three categories: The Natural World, Modern Life and Our Changing Environment. For each category, the judges will shortlist four images, then a winner and a runner-up. Category winners will then go to a public vote to determine the overall victor. All shortlisted entries will appear in a New Scientist calendar for 2022 and will be published on the New Scientist website. The category-winning images will also be published in the print magazine. Entries close on 31 July. The judging panel includes naturalist and TV…

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shutterstock gets a life

STOCK agency Shutterstock has announced it is now exclusively selling images from the LIFE Picture Collection, with the collection forming part of Shutterstock’s editorial archive, The Vault. ‘The LIFE collection is one of the most significant photographic archives globally. It features over 800,000 of the most recognisable photos, magazine covers (including Princess Diana, Winston Churchill, and Marilyn Monroe) and historical moments,’ said the company. The two are working together to bring never-before-available images from the archive to market. See https://bit.ly/shutterlife.…

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photos boost us more than meditating: survey

PHOTO-printing specialist CEWE recently carried out a survey to mark World Wellbeing Week from June 21 to 30, and it reveals that looking back at photos has a more positive effect on mental well-being than exercise or meditating. The survey spoke to 2,000 CEWE customers across the UK; taking a bath ranked first (34%), followed by looking at photos (32%), exercise (25%), listening to podcasts (9%) and meditating (8%). The survey also highlighted the range of positive emotions that looking back on photos can have. Participants said it makes them feel nostalgic (65%), happy (56%), relaxed (31%) and inspired (14%). ‘Photos have a magical quality that allows us to be transported back to our happiest memories,’ said CEWE’s Claire Moreton. ‘This instant feeling of positivity that we get from reminiscing impacts our well-being…