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Amazing Wellness Winter 2018

Amazing Wellness helps make shopping for natural products fun and easy. All articles are packed with practical, usable information on nutritional supplements, personal care/beauty products, fitness, and natural foods and beverages. The latest information on real-life makeovers and success stories, expert advice, and quick recipe ideas are also included. Specific product recommendations are included in most articles to help shoppers make better buying decisions and stay up-to-date on new products sold at The Vitamin Shoppe.

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mykind organics

How mykind Organics Got Its Start While I was pregnant with my son, Bear, I embarked on a quest for the cleanest prenatal vitamin I could give my body. A vitamin that was aligned with the way I eat: organic, non-gmo, free of funky processed junk, and completely plant-based. Turns out this search was no simple task! I learned that there really wasn’t anything on the market that I would feel comfortable putting in my body as a nutritional safety net. I could find vegan-friendly options, but they wouldn’t be whole food-based. Some vitamins claimed to be nothing but whole foods, but in reality included binders, fillers, and other synthetics. What?! That’s like saying your broccoli is nothing but broccoli and then sneaking in some hydrogenated soybean oil. Gross! Throughout this tiresome…

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happy days

What is the one thing you want most this year? For many, it’s to lose weight, get fit, be more organized, stop smoking … the list goes on. But beyond the typical New Year’s resolutions, there’s one thing that pretty much everyone wants—to be happy. Researchers have been studying the secrets of happiness for years. One of the more recent—and most interesting—areas of investigation, though, is the connection between diet and mood, specifically how the health of your gut influences your emotional state. The gut influences so many areas of health that scientists are now calling it the microbiome—a community made up of trillions of bacteria that live in our intestines. And the only way to have a healthy gut is to feed your body the right kinds of foods. “As knowledge…

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mct oil

Healthy fats are all the rage, and among these, MCT oil falls in a special category. A concentration of certain fats found in coconut oil, it promises to deliver quick energy and a host of other benefits. “MCT” is an abbreviation for medium chain triglycerides, also called medium chain fatty acids. Fats are made of chains of molecules bound together and, depending upon the number of carbon atoms in a chain, are classified as short, medium, or long chain. 1. Boosting Energy “Medium chain triglycerides are more easily digested than other fats,” says Larry Trivieri Jr., author of Coconuts for Your Health. “More importantly,” he adds, “unlike long chain triglycerides, which get stored in your body’s other cells, tissues, and organs, MCTs are stored in the liver, where they are quickly metabolized and…

3 min
keeping company

She made physical comedy look efiortless during Three’s Company’s hit 1977–1984 run. Then she traveled the world on a 12-year spiritual quest. Today, Joyce DeWitt’s connection with what she calls “a lovely little triad”—body, mind, and spirit—preps her for life and work. “I think it’s essential to have some practices both spiritual and physical that keep you centered, grounded, energized, and available,” says the ever-youthful TV icon, 68, who starred in a fall 2017 stage production of On Golden Pond. “I’m pretty much a regular meditator every morning. That, to me, is the key of knowing who I am and what my task is, and staying focused and present. So I start my day sipping a cup of tea, sitting on my bed, reading something spiritual, and then gently drifting into…

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probiotics update

The gut microbiome—the bacterial community in our digestive tracts—continues to be a hot topic as scientists find more ways in which it influences human health. This colony of gut bacteria plays a key role in everything from digestion, to the health of our skin, to resistance to colds, flu, and allergies, to the ability to maintain a healthy weight. And now, a new connection has been identified: to serious lung diseases. In acute respiratory distress syndrome (severely inflamed, fluid-filled lungs of critically ill patients), a study at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor found errant gut microbes in the lungs. “We suspect that the gut wall gets leaky, and gut bacteria ‘escape’ to the lungs,” says researcher Robert Dickson, MD. The misplaced gut bugs contribute to the disease, and this…

3 min
banish breakouts

Acne can manifest at almost any age, but it tends to be particularly troublesome during adolescence. It’s common in teens, as they experience huge shifts in hormones as they go through puberty that can take several years to even out. Adult acne is similar, but is often influenced by anxiety. Acne may flare up after emotional upset, especially involving intimate relationships. Hormone imbalances or shifts are also a factor. Too much testosterone may overstimulate the sebaceous glands and result in overproduction of sebum, leading to clogged pores and acne. Menopausal acne, for example, is common as testosterone rises. Here are some natural ways to help prevent and treat pesky breakouts: TRY OIL THERAPY Although it seems counterintuitive, oil therapy can sometimes work wonders on acne-prone skin. Try a blend of equal parts olive…