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November - December 2019/ No.48

American Fine Art Magazine is the first publication to offer complete and comprehensive coverage of the upcoming shows, auctions and events of this market so deeply tied to American history, society and culture.

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bringing to light: theodore wendel (1857-1932)

Vose Galleries is pleased to announce the major exhibition Bringing to Light: Theodore Wendel. As part of first wave of Americans to visit Giverny in the summer of 1887, joining John Leslie Breck, Willard Metcalf and Theodore Robinson, Wendel became one of the earliest American painters to apply impressionist principles to his plein air interpretations of the countryside. We are excited by the opportunity bolster Wendel’s renown with this show. Bringing to Light: Theodore Wendel includes nearly thirty landscape and figural paintings, the majority of which have never been off ered for sale before. It is the first exhibition in decades in which the merit, quality, and value of Wendel’s Impressionism can be observed and appreciated. Bringing to Light: Theodore Wendel will be viewable online and in the gallery October 19th…

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In today’s art market, art fairs are typically synonymous with contemporary art. While art fairs exist all across the country, most collectors think of Art Basel in December when the idea of an art fair comes to mind. Clean white walls with mainly abstract or installation art, minimally hung, as the focus. And international buyers perusing the halls, looking for the next big name to add to their collection. But imagine this: an art fair taking place at an elegant and sophisticated location in the Lower East Side. The art is on several floors, with galleries and dealers from across the country inhabiting the space. And instead of contemporary art, what you’ll find is classic work from the likes of John Singer Sargent, Robert Henri, Georgia O’Keeffe, Norman Rockwell, Thomas Wilmer…

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american fine art magazine

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JAY E. CANTOR Jay E. Cantor started the American Art Department for Christie’s in the late ’70s, is on the board of the Winter Antiques Show, the Art Committee for The Century Association, the board of directors of The Century Archives Foundation, and recently retired as the chairman of the Collections Committee and a member of the Steering Committee for Friends of American Arts at Yale University. He also served as the founding president of the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe, New Mexico. JOHN O’HERN John O’Hern retired to Santa Fe, New Mexico, after 30 years in the museum business, specifically as the Executive Director and Curator of the Arnot Art Museum, in Elmira, New York. John was chair of the Artists Panel of the New York State Council on the Arts.…

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beauty into art

Best known for his interiors and landscapes featuring beautiful women in artful poses and subtly related color harmonies, Thomas Wilmer Dewing (1851–1938) lived and worked at the forefront of developments in modern American art. His paintings, which navigate a course between the bravura of John Singer Sargent and the attenuated aestheticism of James McNeill Whistler, convey a sensuous beauty that remains uniquely his and that represents an exceptional phase in American painting. Featuring a comprehensive biography and engaging, narrative commentaries, this elegant, 2-volume catalogue raisonné is an essential and much-needed reference. Included here are more than 550 works of art as well as previously unpublished photographs from the artist’s own albums; each work is accompanied by a full provenance, exhibition histories, and literature—both published and archival. Susan A. Hobbs is…

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john wesley jarvis

A half-length portrait from donors Mr. and Mrs. John B. Wolff III was recently gifted to the Baltimore Museum of Art in Maryland. The oil painting is attributed to 19th-century painter John Wesley Jarvis, known for his work in portraiture, as well as historical pieces, miniatures and engravings. Measuring at 31½ by 22½ inches, the piece depicts George Pitt Stevenson Jr. (1791-1819), a Baltimore merchant who served during the War of 1812 as a major in the militia and was an aide to Brigadier General John Stricker during the Battle of North Point on September 12, 1814. “This charismatic portrait, attributed to John Wesley Jarvis, depicts the young Baltimore merchant George Pitt Stevenson Jr., who served in the Baltimore militia during the War of 1812. It is an important addition to…