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January - February 2019

American Girl magazine is always spirited, wholesome, and fun. It's the magazine that lets girls be girls! Get American Girl Magazine digital magazine subscription today for fun & friendship, party plans, crafts, real girls' stories, quizzes and contests. Parent's Choice, EdPress and NAPPA award winner.

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the buzz

(iStock.com/wundervisuals) DEAR FRIENDS, I’m sad to tell you that this is the last issue of American Girl magazine. For more than 25 years, American Girl magazine has been bringing you stories about girls who made their marks through big and small acts of courage, creativity, and caring. We’ve published your art, stories, and poems. You’ve asked us questions about the things going on in your life, and you’ve given advice to other girls, too. Your passions, hopes, and concerns have shaped every page of this magazine. American Girl is working on a new way to bring girls together, and you’ll hear about that...

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girls express

SWEETHEART BOOKMARK Fold a special bookmark for all your pal-entines! 1. Fold a 6-by-3-inch piece of paper in half lengthwise. 2. Fold in half again; then open up to see the fold in the middle. 3. Fold up one side of the paper on the folded line. Repeat on the other side. 4. Flip the paper over. Use a small piece of tape to hold the two halves together. 5. Fold down the tops and the corners to make a heart shape. 6. Flip the heart over and personalize your bookmark with a marker!AG POLL Answer these questions to see how your answers compare to those of other...

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we cinnamon rolls

1. Carefully unwind a roll halfway. 2. Roll the flat end into a spiral to match the rolled end. 3. Bring the two ends together, and pinch the bottom into a point. 4. Repeat for all the rolls. 5. Place the rolls in a pan and ask an adult to bake according to the instructions on the package.(Illustrations: Tracey Wood) 6. After the rolls have cooled, ice and decorate them with colorful sprinkles. ■...

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true story

Dear American Girl, When my school had a superhero day, I dressed up as Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She’s a Supreme Court Justice. As a judge on America’s highest court, Justice Ginsburg stands up for the rights of girls and women. At the time—I was in third gra de—I had been learning about how hard women in our country had to fight for the right to vote. I had also read a book about Justice Ginsburg’s life. For superhero day, I wore a dress and put on a necklace. I also wore a collar like she wears, put my hair in a bun,...

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meet a reader’s pet

Describe the day you got your pet. Nacho came from an animal shelter in Washington. I was really excited to meet him! Does your pet know any tricks? Nacho loves doing tricks! He can roll over, shake, wave, play dead, spin, and sit on his hind legs. How would you describe your dog in three words? Cute, loving, smart. Tell us about your pet’s favorite spot in your home: He loves sitting in front of our wood stove in the winter. If you could hear what your pet was thinking, what would it be? Please give me more treats! How do you show Nacho you love him? I take him on...

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cover girls

Olivia’s Adventures in Golf Age 9, North CarolinaThis Is Me Age 13, Pennsylvania (& Armenia)Emily and the Sparrow Age 13, VirginiaAll My Family in the World Age 13, CaliforniaWanderlust: My Journey Around the World Age 12, ColoradoCaught Dreaming Age 10, TennesseeWacky Together Age 11, OhioThe Tale of a Girl in a Little Pink Dress Age 11, AlabamaREMEMBER: you all have an important story to tell. We hope this book—created for you—will help you tell it. SPARK: A Guide to Ignite the Creativity Inside You ■...