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the future of motorcycling

What does the future look like for motorcycling? The decision makers and corpo-rate strategists at Harley-Davidson and Indian want—make that need—to know. I can only assume that both companies’ counterparts at Honda, KTM, and Triumph do too. Frankly, I also think about it a lot.The future of motorcycling is being challenged on many fronts: riders aging out of the sport, millennials shunning vehicle ownership, increasing govern-ment regulation, more complex technol-ogy leading to increased costs, and distracted drivers on the road.I suspect the most significant concern is where are the new riders coming from? If every year more rid-ers drop out of the sport than join it, what’s the future of motorcycling? If you have comments or suggestions on this please feel free to share them with me at, so…

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a 10-hour commute

I just got back from a quick trip to Columbus, Ohio, for the annual AIMExpo motorcycle trade show. Being based in Connecticut, I was glad to hear the AIMExpo selected the Columbus Convention Center for this year’s event. The four previous years it had been held in Orlando, Florida, and I was always able to coordinate a fun ride to the Barber Vintage Fest in Birmingham, Alabama, then AIM-Expo and Biketoberfest the following week. I’ve always attended the event on a bike, so I wanted to keep up the tradition and ride to Columbus this year. (Yes, industry pros sometimes fly to these events due to busy schedules and the distances involved.) I found a bunch of new parts and tools that we’ll be sharing with you over the coming…

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quoted & noted

International Motorcycle Show Debuts In Long Beach, CaliforniaIT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN. THE INTER-national Motorcycle Show (IMS) will be making its rounds once more with all the latest models from your favorite motorcycle companies. Of particular interest to most of our readers will probably be getting a close-up look at the brand-new Harley-Davidson Softails, so you can scrutinize or praise the work that Milwaukee’s engi-neers have done in reinventing the line. The first stop for the IMS will be in Long Beach, California, starting Friday, November 17. The Long Beach Convention Center plays host to this year’s IMS kickoff show, and if you’ve never been, it’s a great treat; check out the J&P Cycles’ custom builds, OEMs showing off new bikes in interactive fashion (you can sit on, touch,…

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getting the tribe together

I’m a long-time Indian enthusiast, having fallen in love with them over 40 years ago, when I was just a young lad in the service. A friend and I were out riding and stopped at a well-known biker joint to have lunch. Someone stuck his head in the door and hollered that two Indians had just pulled up. A large portion of the place emptied out to go look, but my friend and I just looked at each other, puz-zled. At the tender age of 19, neither of us had ever even heard of Indian motorcycles. So we went outside to have a look.There sat two of the most gorgeous machines we’d ever laid eyes on, two late 40s/early 50s Indian Chiefs with those huge valanced fenders in Indian Red—of…

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And Many More!This is my 2016 Indian Roadmaster. I saw your post on Facebook saying that you wanted some good, high-quality pictures of Indian motorcycles. My wife and I were up in the North Carolina mountains celebrating our 35th anniver-sary. We took this photograph while on the parkway.Thomas WaltersVia InternetGarage TherapyUsing his garage as therapy after a stroke, Peter Ballard from Barrington, New Hampshire, built this beautiful custom Softail for his wife Sara. If you want to read all about it, pick up the Nov/Dec issue of American Iron Garage, on newsstands now. You can also order at or order and download a Zinio digital edition today at us your photos and We welcome letters on any subject, whether we agree with the writer or not. Letters,…

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go-to trouble spots: early sportster

If you don’t become a part-time wrench and constantly maintain your Ironhead Sportster, ya ain’t gonna ride very far! These are per-snickety beasts that demand constant attention. They will leave you stranded at some point.Points Ignitions: Rough Or Not RunningThe 1957-78 points ignition, whether distributor, magneto, or gearcase nosecone, is always going out of ad-justment, becoming oil- or water-pitted or burnt. If the engine runs rough, this is the first area to examine. Check for pitting, then clean if necessary. Check for moisture or oil, then clean and dry if necessary. If the points are too close they will cause rough running and carburetor backfiring. If too far apart, rough running and power loss.Fouled Spark Plugs: Leaded GasLeaded gas fouls spark plugs on a consistent basis. This is the…