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the right motorcycle

W hen people find out I publish motorcycle maga-zines, they sometimes ask for my recommendation on what motorcycle to buy. You might hear the same thing. The conversation often goes something like this:Him: “I hear you work at a motor-cycle magazine, do you actually ride a motorcycle? I used to ride years ago and have been thinking of buying a bike. What do you recommend?”Me: “Yes, I’ve been publishing motorcycle magazines since 1989, and, yes, I am an active rider and enthusi-ast. There are lots of great bikes out there, new and used. What did you used to ride, and what kind of riding do you think you’d like to do now?”Him: “I rode a fill in the blank years ago, and now want something fun that I can…

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I ’m not sure if you’ve noticed this, but motorcycles, at least here in the United States, are in the minor-ity. I qualify that sentence because things are different in Europe and Asia. Motorcycles and scooters represent the mainstream mode of transporta-tion over there. They are more readily accepted, and you’re probably more apt to have a family member or acquain-tance who rides. But here in the US, riding is still a bit of a novelty. It’s a pastime or hobby more than a main-stream conveyance. Almighty, fear-inducing SUV and minivan have taken over the American roadways. They are the T. Rex, and we are the tiny animals they eat for breakfast (because I don’t know what the T. rex ate).Newsflash: we are a niche group. While on…

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quoted & noted

The Old Speed Show Set For Biketoberfest 2017THE WORLD CONTINUES HURLING FORWARD in technological leaps and bounds, modernity delivering all sorts of fancy gizmos and gadgets on ever-evolving, mass-produced motorcycles. We cannot, however, plow into the future without an eye on the past, and the Old Speed Show ( aims to honor motorcycle racing’s humble history, when plenty of knuckleheads and airheads decided they wanted to go faster and built custom-crafted speed machines that challenged both the Reaper and the boundaries of physics. American Iron Magazine is proud to bring to Biketoberfest this brand-new motorcycle and hot rod show. With the backdrop of the vastly popular Sons of Speed vintage boardtrack rac-es developed by Billy Lane, the Old Speed Show only serves to amplify the prestige of old-school power and…

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establishing women’s presence in the sport

T hese are incredibly exciting times to be a woman motorcyclist, with so much to do and so many places to go! For those of you looking to ride with and connect with other women, there so many ladies’ events and rides springing up around the world that it’s hard to keep up with them all. I remember when I started riding many years ago, there were very few events for women who rode. Unless you were a member of a specific group such as the Motor Maids, Women in the Wind, Women on Wheels, or other clubs, there wasn’t much else out there. Now there seems to something for ev-eryone, and it’s easier than ever to find other women to ride and socialize with.The past few years…

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sturgis & safety

W hether you head there every year or this is your first time, this is the point where the excitement starts to really grow—you’re heading to Sturgis, the biggest motorcycle rally there is. Those of you returning are probably looking forward to everything the event has to offer: bikes, concerts, rid-ing, meeting up with some friends you may only see there, and perhaps gain-ing a few new ones. For those of you going for the first time, enjoy it, and try not to be overwhelmed by everything that’s happening around you. Now the one thing you never hear in the same sentence with Sturgis is safety, yet in an effort to protect yourself, you really should consider what could go wrong.I hate to be the one to drop…

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