American Patchwork & Quilting April 2019

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letter from the editor

Were you a curious child? Did you ask lots of questions, always wondering how things were made? As adults we tend to think we have it all figured out. We stop asking how things get done. I challenge you to revive your natural curiosity by trying something new this year. Our research shows that most quilters piece with a sewing machine, often chain-piecing multiples as an efficient way to get a project done quickly. While I can appreciate the need for speed, I also challenge you to slow down, to take time to enjoy the process. In this issue we have multiple projects to help you go slowly, including wool felt hand appliqué, Carrot Patch, page 44; hand piecing, Adore the Floor, page 58; foundation paper piecing, Rustic Mountain Snowflake, page 76;…

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TAKE GOOD CARE Learn to wash, store, and care for your quilts so they can be enjoyed for generations to come! ☑ APQ Bucket List Are you playing along with our quilting bucket list? Use projects in this issue to check off these items! ⃞ 7. Sew accurately using foundation piecing. (page 76)⃞ 15. Join a fun quilt-a-long. (page 34)⃞ 24. Make a quilt using only solids. (page 70)⃞ 31. Try English paper piecing. (page 86)⃞ 33. Safely wash and store your quilts. (left) Visit to print the APQ Bucket List. BIND IT BETTER Discover two methods for no-bulk binding. FOLLOW US! search: American Patchwork & Quilting @allpeoplequilt MASTER ¼" SEAMS Find four tips for achieving an accurate quarter-inch seam. QUILT IT YOURSELF Learn to quilt seven common blocks on your home sewing machine. DO IT BY HAND Get tips and see tools for improving…

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from our readers tips

SWAP FLOSS FOR FLOSS I fill empty dental floss containers with embroidery floss. To dispense the floss tangle-free, I close the lid and pull the floss through the opening. QUICK PICKUP DURING THE FEW MINUTES IT TAKES FOR MY IRON TO HEAT UP, I ORGANIZE MY SEWING AREA. IF I DO A LITTLE BIT EACH TIME I USE MY IRON, I DON'T FACE A BIG MESS AT THE END OF A SEWING SESSION. CLEAN SLATE I HAVE FOUND THAT A DRY BATH PUFF (THE ROUND NET VARIETY) WILL CLEAN A CUTTING MAT. I SIMPLY RUB A PUFF OVER MY MAT SEVERAL TIMES TO LOOSEN AND PULL OUT THE FABRIC FIBERS. TAKE A NUMBER When I buy a spool of thread, I use a fine-tip permanent marker to write the color number on the end of the spool.…

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small tools, big help!

1. HANDI QUILTER HANDI LIGHT Plug the LED light into the USB port on your sewing machine and clamp it in place to direct additional light to your quilting area. The flexible neck allows you to focus the light right where it's needed. $25.95; 2. SEW STANDARD SEAM GUIDE This 4-in-1 tool functions as a ruler, has a 45° line for trimming triangle-squares (2a), has a seam guide (2b) to mark your machine's seams from ⅛" to 2", and has a ¼" marking tool for binding. $6.48; 3. ROXANNE GLUE-BASTE-IT DIP & DAB The small applicator that comes in this glue bottle creates thin lines and minuscule dots of glue for concise placement of appliqué shapes, embellishments, and binding. The tiny bottle (0.12 ounce) is handy for traveling. $3.25; 4. SCHMETZ SUPER NONSTICK…

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from the crafts lab books

WHIMSICAL WOOL APPLIQUÉ Mix and match 50 garden-theme wool appliqué blocks in seven quilt projects. Author Kim Schaefer also shares tips for fusible appliqué and embroidery. $24.95; ADVENTURES IN PAPER PIECING & DESIGN Build your paper-piecing skills with more than 30 paper-pieced blocks from author Sarah Elizabeth Sharp. Learn the basics, then practice drafting your own paper-piecing designs. $27.95; THE SPLENDID SAMPLER 2 Explore 100 blocks compiled by Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson that feature patchwork, appliqué, embroidery, and paper piecing. $28.99; A STITCH IN TIME Author Sharon Burgess shares 18 projects that combine English paper piecing, embroidery, hand quilting, laces, and other trims. $19.87;…

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sew inspired by wendy sheppard

JANET: Your first career was as a chemical engineer. How did you make the switch to quilt designer? WENDY: I am an entirely happenstance quilter. I never thought I would be in any way involved in the joy of quilting. But in my early 30s, at the urging of friend Barbara Herring, who happens to be a quilting teacher, I tried it. I didn’t make the beginner’s quilt she used to teach others. I went to the library, found a quilt design I liked, and asked Barbara if she would help me. It was a scrappy pieced quilt with appliqué. Keep in mind, I had zero quilting experience and didn’t even know how to sew! Barbara patiently taught me the basics. JK: What do you like best about quiltmaking? WS: I like to see…