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Angels on Earth magazine November - December 2018

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Experience the inspiring stories that fill each issue of Angels on Earth magazine, from people just like you, who have found their hope restored, faith strengthened and lives transformed through miraculous encounters with angels. Angels still visit us today to guide us, and give us reassuring evidence of God’s eternal love. Discover the angels in your own life with Angels on Earth!

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down to earth

WELL, IF THIS isn’t the best cover yet for presenting Guideposts’ 2018 full-size, full-color keepsake edition of The Joys of Christmas! Our art department worked with illustrator Eleanor Grosch on this stunning cover piece, as well as full-page illustrations inside to introduce the “joys” we celebrate this year. With her clean, bold style Eleanor has made turning the page to each new section like opening yet another gift. It is Christmas, after all, and in The Joys of Christmas we have four gifts for you—and the people you want to share the season’s blessings with: the Joy of Christmas Past (is there any finer time to reminisce?), the Joy of Santa (there’s more to him than meets the eye), the Joy of Sweets (think easy recipes and happy grandkids), and the…

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what’s new online

Spice Up Thanksgiving Why not shake up your traditional Thanksgiving dinner with a brand-new dish? Squash casserole, cornbread-sage stuffing or pumpkin-gingersnap cheesecake, anyone? Start cooking at angelsonearth.org/thanksgivingrecipes. Biblical Christmas Read the greatest story ever in five key passages from the Book of Luke, from the Annunciation to the good news delivered by the Angel of the Lord. Find the slideshow at angelsonearth.org/christmasbible. Joys of Christmas It’s that time of year again! The 2018 edition of Guideposts’ The Joys of Christmas includes a story about a traditional Japanese fan dance to “Silent Night.” Watch and listen at angelsonearth.org/fandance.…

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homemade, with love

DAD TAPPED A spoon against his coffee cup and announced, “This year our Christmas gifts to one another should be homemade.” Every chair around the table scraped back against the wooden floor. We were that stunned. Even Mom looked shocked. “What?” she said. My siblings and I each had had our turn with the Sears Christmas catalog. Almost every page was dog-eared. We knew what we wanted—and it wasn’t homemade gifts. “What about our wish lists?” my sister Barb asked. “I can’t make anything!” my brother Tim said. “But it’s Christmas!” my brother Jimmy said. Soon we were all talking at once. Arms waved as we objected to Dad’s crazy idea. Margie almost knocked over her orange juice. “Calm down everyone,” Dad said. “Calm down.” “C’mon, Dad. Is it the money?” I asked. He hadn’t said anything,…

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blessed by an angel

CLOSED.” so read the sign up ahead. Seemed as if I’d driven all over Knoxville, Tennessee, that Christmas Eve in 1957 without finding one open gas station. But I couldn’t give up. My new wife, Pat, was waiting for me at home with her mother. They were counting on me to drive them to a big celebration with my in-laws the following morning. If this many gas stations were closed on Christmas Eve, what were my chances of finding something open on Christmas Day? The gas was for my olive green sedan. I’d spent hours washing and polishing it for our holiday trip. I didn’t want to show up in a dirty car. That was no way to make a good impression on my new family. I glanced at my watch.…

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angels for my landlord

CAN AN APARTMENT be a miracle? According to the newspaper ad this one had everything I wanted. A pullout desk, storage space, a walk-in closet, a porch—and it was right by the beach. I took out my phone and called the landlord to tell him I really wanted it, sight unseen. “Do you need any references?” I asked. “Nope,” Ralph replied. “Just a hundred-dollar deposit and it’s all yours.” I didn’t have much money after my divorce, and I had no luck with apartment hunting until I came across Ralph’s ad. We hit it off like old friends. He was impressed that I was the costumer for the local theater company—not that it paid much. “I won’t be able to get over there till Saturday,” I told him, worried that would be…

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the last unicorn

LYING ON THE couch at the end of a long day, I never wanted to get up again. Not even for Christmas. “We don’t have to put up the tree,” my wife, Kelly, said from the doorway. “It will be Christmas either way.” I really wanted to take her up on that offer. But why should Kelly not have a tree just because the holiday made me sad? “Maybe in a while,” I said, trying to sound cheerful. “That’s the good thing about artificial trees,” she said. “You can put them up whenever you’re ready.” I don’t know if I’ll ever be ready, I thought, rolling over on the couch. I didn’t know why my father’s death, in March, weighed so heavily on me now. It wasn’t as if I’d celebrated Christmas with him anyway—not…