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Apple Watch The Complete Manual

Apple Watch The Complete Manual

4th Edition

Wearable technology is fast becoming a popular part of our daily lives, and Apple have revolutionized the market with the Apple Watch. As with all new gadgets it can take you some time to navigate your device like a pro, but that’s where Apple Watch The Complete Manual Third Edition comes in. In this bookazine, we’ll guide you through everything you need to know, from setting up the Apple Watch to downloading exciting and innovative apps. Featuring: Set up your Apple Watch - Set up your watch in no time with our comprehensive, easy-to-follow steps. Explore third-party apps - Discover the infinite possibilities that come from Apple Watch apps. Personalize your Watch - Match your Watch to your use and personality, changing the clock face and more. Master built-in applications - Take advantage of the innovative software included in the Apple Watch.

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welcome to apple watch

Since its landmark release, Apple has aimed to do for wearable technology what it has done for smartphones and tablets in the past. Like the iPhone and the iPad before it, the Apple Watch has revolutionised an entire area of technology, making it more integral and intuitive than ever before. As with all new tech, the Apple Watch can take a little getting used to. In this complete manual, we’ll guide you through everything that you need to know to transform from an Apple Watch novice into an accomplished user in no time at all. We’ve highlighted essential features and also some fantastic apps along the way, including all-new updates for watchOS 3. Read on to find out more.…

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introducing apple watch

Sales for wearables have gone through the roof in recent times, with millions of smartwatches sold every year. While they come in all shapes and sizes, the one type that has seen the biggest increase – in sales and number of models – is the smartwatch. Although we’ve already seen many great smartwatches hit the market, the Apple Watch is an entirely different entity, but still one of the most useful products to come from Apple in recent years. The mix of strong design, excellent functionality and ease of use has made the Apple Watch the ultimate iPhone companion, enabling users to control each and every part of their iOS experience solely on their wrist. Want to manage your emails? The Apple Watch can do that. Want to track the…

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set up your apple watch

Below the Digital Crown sits a separate button. Hold this in for a few seconds to turn the Watch on 1 Start with a charge When you first open up your Apple Watch package, you may want to eagerly turn it on and start using it. We actually recommend that you don’t do this – instead you’ll want to give your device a full charge before contemplating setting it up. Use the accompanying charger that attaches to the rear of the Apple Watch and either plug it into your mains with the adaptor, or attach it to a USB port on your desktop computer. The initial charging process can take up to two hours, which you’ll find to be on par with how long it normally takes an iPhone to get a…

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how to use your watch

If the Apple Watch is your first foray into smartwatches, chances are you’re going to be fairly clueless on some of its most basic functions. Even if you’re a seasoned smartwatch user, the Apple Watch does do things a little differently than most, so all your usual methods will undoubtedly be slightly different. Due to the complex nature of the Apple Watch, there are a ton of features and shortcuts to explore, but instead of it being a daunting task, Apple has made it quite enjoyable to truly discover what the Apple Watch is capable of. Nevertheless, if you’re a little bit sceptical and need a push in the right direction, use this feature to master all the basics of Apple’s first-ever wearable. “The Apple Watch does things a little differently…

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built-in applications

Clock At the heart of the Apple Watch is the Clock app. Though it’s much more besides, the Watch shines as a timekeeping device, with a range of customisable faces to choose from. See page 36. Settings The Settings app is where you can change every element of your Apple Watch to your liking. From screen brightness to vibration intensity, everything is available to tweak. See page 44. Messages Keeping in contact with your friends has never been easier. The Messages app for Apple Watch ensures you receive all your important correspondence, straight to your wrist. See page 46. Phone The Phone app makes it easy and convenient to both take and respond to phone calls. Either pick up, or send a quick response on the fly from your Watch. See page 50 Mail…

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Timekeeping The Apple Watch is full of innovative and exciting features to explore, but at its core – as with any watch – is its ability to show you the current time of day. The Clock app showcases your chosen Watch face and acts as a kind of secondary home screen. From the Watch face, swipe down to check your notifications, swipe up for Control Center and press the Digital Crown to open the app home screen. Your Apple Watch will often beep or vibrate, alerting you to recent messages, alarms or other updates. The Clock app enables you to quickly and conveniently manage these notifications. For example, if you have an unread text message, you can swipe down to reveal the message and then dismiss it or respond to it accordingly. Although the…