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AppleMagazine #333

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nhl takes esports on ice with gaming tournament

As Patrik Laine climbed the ranks of youth hockey in Finland, he learned about the NHL from video games.“I learned probably just about the players,” the Winnipeg Jets star said. “Nowadays it’s super realistic, and you can just pretty much see how everybody is playing and how good they are.”It’s about to get even more real with the NHL following the lead of the NBA, NFL, FIFA and other leagues in establishing a presence in a burgeoning esports market. The 2018 NHL Gaming World Championship, launched last week, is a first step toward a potential version of the season-long NBA 2K League that’s set to begin in May or perhaps eMLS on FIFA 18. “You’re really both tapping into and expanding the existing fan base of the game,” said…

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how to stream march madness when the boss isn’t around

Is time to March Madness! And that may mean strategizing to sneak in some games when the boss isn’t looking.Fortunately for you — though not your boss — all 67 games in the NCAA men’s college basketball tournament will be available online. Many of the games, including the Final Four, will require a password through your cable or satellite TV subscription.Among the changes this year: a special stream to get the hot moments live when multiple games are played simultaneously during the first round. There are also new ways to subscribe to online TV packages, which stream many of the channels you’d get from a cable subscription.Here’s a viewer’s guide: HAPPY STREAMING The best places to watch: http://www.ncaa.com/marchmadness or the NCAA March Madness Live app. All the…

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facebook to stream 25 mlb games in exclusive deal

Facebook is getting deeper into the professional sports streaming game, partnering with Major League Baseball to air 25 weekday afternoon games in an exclusive deal.The games will be available to Facebook users in the U.S. on Facebook Watch, the company’s video feature announced last August, via the MLB Live show page. Facebook said that recorded broadcasts also will be available globally, excluding select international markets.The package, MLB’s first digital-only national broadcast agreement, precludes teams from televising those games on their regional sports networks. Facebook’s selection will come from among the nine games per season teams can lose from their local telecasts to national video partners, which include Fox and ESPN.MLB owners approved the deal in a telephone meeting this week. MLB will receive $30 million to $35 million, a…

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apple adds more ‘texture’ to its services with magazine deal

(Image: Syuji Honda) Apple has bought digital magazine distributor Texture to extend its subscription services beyond music and online storage.The deal announced Monday puts Apple in control of a service often described as a Netflix of magazines. Texture allows readers to pore over articles in more than 200 magazines for $10 per month, much like Netflix sells unlimited access to its video programming.But Texture hasn’t proven as popular as Netflix, which boasts 55 million subscribers in the U.S. alone. Texture hasn’t specified how many subscribers it has, but CEO John Loughlin said in a 2016 interview that the number ranged in the “hundreds of thousands.” Apple didn’t disclose how much it paid for Texture, which had raised at least $90 million since it was founded nearly a decade ago as…

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star wars? president trump proposes military space force

(Image: Alex Gallardo) America should create its own separate military space force, President Donald Trump mentioned in an offhand remark this week that would change the course of U.S. space policy.But don’t expect Captain Kirk ordering phasers set on stun, Battlestar Galactica or ray guns blazing in orbit in the near future, space experts said. And some said a military space force may make it harder to keep Earth’s orbit a place of peace.Saying his national security strategy “recognizes that space is a war-fighting domain, just like the land, air and sea,”Trump said at a San Diego Marine Corps base that he’s considering “a space force” that would be the equivalent of the Air Force, Army and Navy. Trump said at first he wasn’t serious when he floated the concept,…

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apple ranked the most intimate brand for millennials

(Image: The Verge) The Apple Ecosystem: Explained! THE APPLE ECOSYSTEM Creating an ecosystem , or a collaborative network is essential for successful technology companies. Many companies create a ‘family of products,’ but none do it quite like Apple. TheApple ecosystem draws in customers with a single device, often the iPhone, before the customer branches out to purchase Apple’s other products. The seamless transition between Apple products is one of the many reasons for Apple success. Apple’s iCloud, photo stream, airplay, airdrop, WiFi hotspot, Apple Pay and more help integrate all of Apple’s products together. Using these technologies, you can start a Pages document on your laptop, leave to go out and continue editing the document on your iPhone, or you can receive phone calls and texts…