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AppleMagazine is a weekly publication jam-packed with breaking news, music, movies, TV shows, app reviews, and original content covering the latest goings-on in the world of Apple. AppleMagazine offers a new concept of light, intelligent, innovative reading to your fingertips; with a global view of Apple and its influence on our lives - be it leisure, family or work. Elegantly designed and highly interactive, AppleMagazine will also keep you updated on the latest consumer-tech news. It's that simple! It’s all about Apple and its cultural influence, all in one place, and only one tap away. Subscribe to AppleMagazine today.

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Ivan Castilho de Almeida
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5 min.
as virus cuts class time, teachers have to leave out lessons

English teachers are deciding which books to skip. History teachers are condensing units. Science teachers are often doing without experiments entirely. With instruction time reduced as much as half by the coronavirus pandemic, many of the nation’s middle school and high school teachers have given up on covering all the material normally included in their classes and instead are cutting lessons. Certain topics must be taught because they will appear on exit exams or Advanced Placement tests. But teachers are largely on their own to make difficult choices — what to prioritize and what to sacrifice to the pandemic. “I have to make decisions constantly about what material I’m not going to cover because it is impossible to get it all done,” said Leigh Foy, a chemistry and Advanced Placement biology teacher…

2 min.
tesla to fix touch screens, ending spat with us regulators

After initially refusing a request from U.S. safety regulators, Tesla has now agreed to recall about 135,000 vehicles because the large touch screens on the console can go dark. The recall of certain 2012 through 2018 Model S sedans and 2016 through 2018 Model X SUVs ends a fight with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which had started the process of taking the electric vehicle maker to court. Last month the agency sent Tesla a recall request letter, saying that after an investigation, it had concluded tentatively that the screens are defective and pose a safety risk because the backup camera displays and defroster controls would go dark. Tesla had refused to do a recall, saying that over-the-air software updates would take care of the problem. But in a document posted by…

2 min.
google antes up $2.6m to settle pay, job discrimination case

Google will pay $2.6 million to more than 5,500 employees and past job applicants to resolve allegations that the internet giant discriminated against female engineers and Asians in California and Washington state. The settlement announced this week closes a 4-year-old case that the Labor Department brought as part its periodic reviews of the pay practices at federal government contractors such as Google. That inquiry resulted in accusations that during a period spanning from 2014 to 2017, Google paid female engineers less than men in similar positions. The pay discrepancies were cited in several Google offices in its home state of California, as well as at locations in Seattle and Kirkland, Washington. Google had fiercely contested the allegations as unfounded before reaching the settlement without acknowledging any wrongdoing. “We believe everyone should be paid based…

2 min.
google shutters internal stadia game studio

Google is closing the internal studio tasked with developing games for its Stadia cloud-gaming service, a move that raises questions about the future of the Stadia service itself. Google launched Stadia in November 2019 as a new type of video-game platform that operates without a console and that stores game-playing sessions in the cloud. It lets players jump across devices including phones, PCs and laptops. But in a blog post, Google said it will no longer invest in creating its own games for the service beyond any “near-term” planned titles. Jade Raymond, who had headed up Stadia Games and Entertainment, is leaving the company. Google didn’t disclose the total number of job cuts, but said most of the staff in the game-development division will be moved to other roles. It’s not clear how…

7 min.
1 billion: active iphones & the first $100 billion quarter

At Apple’s recent record-breaking earnings call, CEO Tim Cook revealed that the Cupertino company had not only beaten sales expectations in today’s highly volatile market but that there were now more than one billion active iPhones. It not only demonstrates Apple’s brand power and continued growth but sets the firm on a new trajectory as we continue into 2021. ONE BILLION iPHONES As first reported by Reuters following Apple’s January earnings call, there are now more than one billion active iPhones in use around the world - the highest figure since records began. Combined, there are now more than 1.65 billion active Apple devices in use, ranging from iPads and Apple Watches to Apple TVs and MacBooks, demonstrating the company’s enormous reach and market penetration. Although Apple’s smartphone market share has fallen…

4 min.
apple ceo escalates battle with facebook over online privacy

Apple CEO Tim Cook fired off a series of thinly veiled shots at Facebook and other social media companies, escalating an online privacy battle pitting the iPhone maker against digital services that depend on tracking people to help sell ads. “Too many are still asking the question ‘how much can we get away with?’ when we should be asking ‘what are the consequences?’” Cook said. “What are the consequences of not just tolerating but rewarding content that undermines public trust in life-saving vaccinations? What are the consequences of seeing thousands of users join extremist groups and then perpetuating an algorithm that recommends more?” Speaking at a virtually held International Conference on Computers, Privacy & Data Protection, Cook said it’s “time to stop pretending that this approach doesn’t come with a cost —…