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big picture, big data: swiss unveil vr software of universe

The final frontier has rarely seemed closer than this — at least virtually. Researchers at one of Switzerland’s top universities are releasing open-source beta software this week that allows for virtual visits through the cosmos including up to the International Space Station, past the Moon, Saturn or exoplanets, over galaxies and well beyond. The program — called Virtual Reality Universe Project, or VIRUP — pulls together what the researchers call the largest data set of the universe to create three-dimensional, panoramic visualizations of space. Software engineers, astrophysicists and experimental museology experts at the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, or EPFL, have come together to concoct the virtual map that can be viewed through individual VR gear, immersion systems like panoramic cinema with 3D glasses, planetarium-like dome screens, or just on a PC for…

3 min
offshore wind supply chain worth $109b over 10 years

A group studying the economics of offshore wind energy in the U.S. says building and operating the nascent industry will be worth $109 billion to businesses in its supply chain over the next 10 years. The report by the Special Initiative on Offshore Wind comes as states on both coasts and the Gulf of Mexico are moving to enter or expand their role in the industry, and are making crucial decisions on what to spend and where to spend it. Multiple states, including New Jersey, want to become the hub of the supply chain that will support offshore wind energy in the U.S., planning and building onshore support sites for manufacturing turbine blades and other components of wind power. The group, affiliated with the University of Delaware, estimated the market at $70 billion…

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the five to drive in 2022 are worth the wait

There are a number of new models on the horizon that promise big improvements. Buyers may find that holding out until they arrive nets them a forward-looking vehicle that leaves today’s models in the dust. Here are five of them coming out in the next three to six months that Edmunds’ experts believe will be worth the wait. HYUNDAI IONIQ 5 Quite a few electric vehicles are set to debut in the coming months, and among this group the Ioniq 5 looks to be a standout. Unlike Hyundai’s Ioniq compact hatchback that’s currently on sale, the Ioniq 5 is built on a dedicated EV structure that’s suited to the specific needs of an electric vehicle. It’s about the same size as a typical small SUV and boasts impressive interior space and all…

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gm reaches deal with lg to pay for bolt battery recall costs

LG Electronics has reached a deal with General Motors to pay $1.9 billion to $2 billion to reimburse the automaker for the cost of recalling Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicles due to the risk of battery fires. The automaker, which announced the deal in a statement, says it will show the estimated recovery in its third-quarter earnings that will offset charges for the recalls. In August GM expanded a previous recall to more than 140,000 Bolt electric vehicles sold worldwide since 2016 because a battery manufacturing defect could cause the vehicles to catch fire. The company said at the time that in rare cases, batteries that have two manufacturing defects can cause fires. General Motors said in September that production has resumed for battery modules used in recalled Bolt hatchbacks and SUVs, and customers could…

7 min
camera set the iphone 13’s leaps forward for photo & video

It wouldn’t be an iPhone update without at least an incremental update to the camera system on the world’s most powerful smartphone, and this year was no exception. The introduction of the iPhone 13, 13 Pro, and 13 Pro Max unlocks significant new powers for consumers and professionals to capture incredible photography and for the first time, cinema-quality videos. PUTTING THE EYE INTO iPHONE In recent years, Apple’s leaned on its camera systems to sell more iPhones, particularly in ‘lull’ years where there are fewer significant changes and tweaks. Many might consider this year to be one of those - last year’s iPhone 12 range broke records after introducing 5G and an all-new design, and so naturally this year’s release was always going to be a quieter state of affairs. Where Apple…

3 min
facebook unveils new controls for kids using its platforms

Facebook, in the aftermath of damning testimony that its platforms harm children, will be introducing several features including prompting teens to take a break using its photo sharing app Instagram, and“nudging”teens if they are repeatedly looking at the same content that’s not conducive to their well-being. The Menlo Park, California-based Facebook is also planning to introduce new controls for adults of teens on an optional basis so that parents or guardians can supervise what their teens are doing online. These initiatives come after Facebook announced late last month that it was pausing work on its Instagram for Kids project. But critics say the plan lacks details and they are skeptical that the new features would be effective. The new controls were outlined last weekend by Nick Clegg, Facebook’s vice president for global…