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2021 in review putting the power back into apple products

Whilst Apple has undoubtedly faced challenges this year amidst the coronavirus pandemic, the Cupertino company has continued to innovate in a number of key fields, pushing forward its vision for best-in-class hardware and software. With iPhone 13, the M1 Max MacBook Pro, AirTags, the all-new iMac, and a bunch of iPad improvements, 2021 was a huge year. STARTING THE YEAR ON A HIGH There’s no denying that 2020 was a challenging year for the world, and though 2021 did not exactly begin with the best of starts, Apple managed to pull through and introduce many amazing new products early on. The firm’s usual March event was postponed to April, where Tim Cook and Co showed off a number of new pieces of hardware, including the much anticipated AirTags, Apple’s answer to Tile.…

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you: interface deeper integration is coming, just for you

According to a new study from WhistleOut, the average consumer spends an eye-watering nine years of their lives looking at their smartphones, and that’s without mentioning the use of computers, televisions, and other devices that increasingly control our lives. As innovators look to the future, we could be headed for a world where “The Human Interface” takes over, replacing the screens, apps, and keyboards we’re used to with new, immersive experiences. INTRODUCING THE HUMAN INTERFACE Though we may have embraced a digital revolution over the past couple of years, the truth is that tech has a dark side, leading to stress, anxiety, the fear of missing out, and addiction, and as the past year, engulfed in health anxiety over the coronavirus pandemic and being forced to spend more time at home than…

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the new imac 24”: a new era for desktop computing begins

It was perhaps one of Apple’s most anticipated product refreshes of all time, and at its Spring Loaded event, the Cupertino company did not disappoint. Apple’s iconic all-in-one desktop computer has been overhauled from the ground up, sparking a new era for the Mac. AN ALL-NEW DESIGN At last year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple confirmed plans to transition away from third-party computer chips towards its own custom-designed silicon. Fast-forward six months, and the first M1 Macs were born, with the Mac mini, MacBook, and MacBook Pro given new leases of life with record-breaking internals, taking the Mac into a new direction. Speaking of the M1 chip ahead of its launch, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said that “Apple silicon will make the Mac stronger and more capable than ever. I’ve never been more…

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desktop vs mobile: upcoming innovations change the game

Over the past decade, Apple has revolutionized personal technology with the iPhone and iPad, but the Mac range has seen stunted growth as a result. As the giant pivots towards its personal computing arm once more with the launch of the M1 chip, it’s time to prepare for innovations that could change the way you work for years to come. CHANGING TIMES FOR THE MAC For the fiscal year that ended September 26, 2020, Apple posted a net profit of $57.4 billion on revenue of $274.5 billion, meaning the company managed to maintain an average sales growth of 23 percent over almost two decades. Fueled by the launch and success of the iPhone as well as the iPad and more recently Apple Watch, the company has taken a major change in direction…

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you’re invited: a new landscape with a cutting-edge app

For almost ten years, AppleMagazine has kept you abreast of the latest in the technology world. Today marks a new chapter. Introducing the AppleMagazine app for iOS, transforming the landscape, and offering exciting new ways to stay updated on the latest consumer-tech news. Elegantly designed and highly interactive, it’s now available on the Apple App Store. INTRODUCING THE APPLEMAGAZINE APP The chances are that AppleMagazine is not new to you - after all, you’re reading our 501th edition right now! For close to a decade, we’ve been at the cutting-edge of technology and entertainment journalism, keeping millions of readers up-to-date on the latest goings-on, not only from Apple, but other technology brands, as well as covering major industry stories like the Huawei ban, global chip shortage, and of course, the impact COVID-19…

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airtags: next-generation tracking technology has arrived

Two years after they were first rumored, Apple finally lifted the lid on its tracking device AirTag at its Spring Loaded event in April, designed to help consumers keep track of items that matter most. Combined with significant enhancements to the Find My app, including support for third-party accessories, there’s no excuse to lose personal belongings again. INTRODUCING AIRTAG Although the stunning new iMac and M1-powered iPad Pro were the stars of the show at this year’s Spring Loaded event, held virtually in April to introduce products ahead of WWDC in June , Apple had another surprise up its sleeve: an introduction to the highly-anticipated AirTag product, which was first revealed in iOS 13 beta code back in 2019 . The new device, which retails for just $29 in the United States,…