3D World February 2021

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It’s all too easy to be carried along by the excitement of massive explosions, fantastic characters and alien motherships in visual effects extravaganzas. There is nothing wrong with that of course, but sometimes a change of pace is welcome and a broader look at world building can be equally satisfying for the 3D artist. With this in mind we take you on a journey through some of the fascinating digital environments that either house the big explosions, or that stand as art in their own right. Hopefully by now you have unfolded our special gatefold cover to enjoy the splendour of Ryan Elliot’s stunning artwork. We don’t often get the opportunity to create this type of cover, but what better way to celebrate the wider format than a sprawling landscape, with a…

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spotlight on our contributors

Ryan Elliot Our cover artist this issue shares his techniques for creating stunning outdoor environmental art. Follow along step by step, recreating our fold-out cover! Greg Barta This month Greg returns to the pages of 3D World, with an insightful look at SideFX’s latest incarnation of Houdini, the procedural powerhouse. Trevor Hogg This issue, veteran VFX writer Trevor Hogg takes you on a journey behind the scenes on the new Apple TV+ animated film, Wolfwalkers. WEBSITE 3dworld.creativebloq.com FACEBOOK www.facebook.com/3dworldmagazine INSTAGRAM @3DWorldMag TWITTER @3DWorldMag…

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airborne staff sergeant

SOFTWARE Maya, ZBrush, Substance Painter, Mari, V-Ray, Photoshop “I REALLY ENJOY SCULPTING CARTOON AND STYLISED CHARACTERS AND GIVING THEM LIFE, FROM SURFACING TO FINAL RENDERING” Freelance 3D character artist Javier Pedreño based this breathtaking CG character on a concept by Spanish animator Sergio Pablos. “I did this project during my mentorship at Think Tank Training Centre Online whilst I was working freelance,” he tells 3D World. “It took approximately eight months during my spare time.” Pedreño wanted the character to remain faithful to Pablos’ concept in terms of proportions and silhouette. “That’s why I hand-sculpted all the folds of the clothes in ZBrush,” he adds. “I used the Dam Standard, Move and Standard brushes with Gravity Strength enabled.” Creating a range of complex materials and testing them with different types of lighting was a highlight…

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space cadet

SOFTWARE Blender, Photoshop, Affinity Designer Alex Trevino focuses on modelling and texturing assets for short films, but also teaches 3D texturing classes. He spent a month and a half working on this unique character. “The combination of anime with photorealism is something unusual,” he adds, “and it motivated me a lot to finish the project and see the final result.” Poly modelling was Trevino’s chosen method for the project, along with techniques he used to control the edges when subdividing. All the UVs were oriented in the same direction to texture the model efficiently. “Although I only used procedural textures in Substance Painter, I made several alpha images to use as a base for specific areas like the monitor,” Trevino adds. The character’s hair was among the most challenging elements, and Trevino did several…

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del lago soldier

SOFTWARE Blender, Marvelous Designer, Substance Designer, ZBrush, Substance Painter, Marmoset Toolbag, Photoshop Robert Farrand currently works as a junior level artist at Ubisoft Bordeaux, creating props and building worlds for a host of AAA titles. Around a year ago he began work on Del Lago Soldier as a side project. “The objective was to try something really new for me, something outside of my comfort zone,” he explains to 3D World. “I wanted to learn and experiment with each step along the way.” Farrand always begins with areas of uncertainty. “I like to break down the challenges and test them out before,” he adds. “I might test the shaders and maps that I need, or see if an effect can be done in Substance or if it requires sculpting.” The soldier’s triangular armour was…

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cable annihilation

SOFTWARE ZBrush, Marvelous Designer, KeyShot, Marmoset Toolbag, Photoshop “I HAVE A PRETTY STANDARD WORKFLOW – CREATING SOMETHING UNIQUE, SOMETHING INDIVIDUAL, IS THE REAL CHALLENGE” This detailed fan art took Gameloft senior artist Gerard Kravchuk a month and a half from start to finish. Kravchuk was able to draw on 15 years of experience in the video game industry, as well as his freelance portfolio, throughout the process. “I do a lot of freelance work, which is a great way to keep my skill set up to date,” he explains. “The most noteworthy examples are sculpts for Prime 1 studio which were used for 3D prints. I also have experience with animation, which is especially useful and valuable knowledge when posing my characters.” He continues: “I have a pretty standard workflow – creating something unique,…