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This issue we bring you a host of training and insight from the world of animation and visual effects, which I hope will help you to further improve your own skills. What I find really exciting at the moment though is the rapidly developing area of virtual production, where the tools are not just for the major movie studios but also for us mere mortals. If you’ve ever wanted to dip your toe into it for your projects but thought better of it, then it’s now time to think again. The tools are accessible, some even free, like Epic’s Unreal Engine and the motion capture equipment is similarly becoming affordable. This leaves just the skills and experiences left to gain and in this endeavour I hope we can help. Read on…

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sunshine bloc

SOFTWARE 3ds Max, ZBrush, Substance Designer, Substance Painter, Unreal Engine, DaVinci Resolve, Photoshop Vincent Moubeche has been creating 3D art for the past decade and currently works as an environment artist for Compulsion Games in Montreal, Canada. He’s been working on this fun Super Mario fan art for two months, taking a break in December. “The scene is not technically impressive,” Moubeche admits, “I did what I know best: modelling and level art. The only unusual thing I did is rework all the metrics from the original Plaza to fit the more compacted idea I had of the area.” The most enjoyable element for Moubeche was simply the chance to recreate an environment from one of his favourite video games, Super Mario Sunshine. “This project started with the idea of bringing nostalgia to…

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SOFTWARE Maya, ZBrush, Mari, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Marvelous Designer, Photoshop Olakunde, which translates as ‘the brave arrived’, took Brazil-based 3D character artist Jack Malone two months to complete. He worked on the incredibly detailed character in between cinematic and video game projects for a range of companies. Malone immerses himself deeply into each project, always aiming for more than just a simple 3D model. “My commitment is to add different art aspects to my work, like composition, design and art direction,” he explains to 3D World. The most challenging aspect of Malone’s process was discovering and defining the African style, “it was rewarding when I finally got the correct design,” he adds. After assembling a ton of references, Malone made a raw sculpture to better understand the anatomical proportions of the character…

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SOFTWARE ZBrush, Marmoset Toolbag This dynamic character is based on an illustration of the same name by Daria Leonova and was realised in 3D by self-taught artist Ksenya Timchenkoy. “I started working on it as soon as I saw Daria's concept for the first time as I felt very inspired,” Timchenkoy tells 3D World. It took her just 15 hours to create the character. “I didn't use any special techniques, just sculpting,” Timchenkoy continues. “I start all my work with a sphere, although I already have a fairly large collection of base meshes. This helps me to learn something new every time and achieve the desired forms faster and faster.” When it comes to working on large or medium shapes, Timchenkoy is often distracted by the desire to add unnecessary details and needs…

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the day has come

SOFTWARE Maya, Arnold, Photoshop Concept artist and digital matte painter Saby Menyhei currently works as a matte painting supervisor in DNEG’s Feature Animation division, and he loves to create imaginary landscapes. “It feels like going on a journey, being part of an adventure,” he says. “I had a concept in mind when I started working on this piece but there was a lot of room to improvise.” The creative process behind this elaborate cathedral began, as it always does for Menyhei, with a sketch. “I always have a notebook with me to write down new ideas and scribbles,” he adds. Assets are built using Maya or ZBrush, with Substance Painter and Mari being the tools of choice for texturing. “To be more efficient, I reuse my assets quite often,” Menyhei admits. “I have…

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summer girl

SOFTWARE Blender, Marvelous Designer, Substance Painter, Photoshop It took 3D artist and character designer Shin Min Jeong four days to create this beautiful, summery character. “I get a lot of inspiration from other artists' wonderful work,” she tells 3D World. “There are so many amazing artists in the world and they give me a passion to create.” Jeong begins her character creation process by sculpting in Blender before retopologising. After the retopology, she uses the Shrinkwrap modifier to make the sculpt visible to the mesh. “I think this is one of the most important parts of the process,” she adds. If necessary, Jeong will use Blender’s Multiresolution modifier to complete further sculpting. The character’s clothes were built and simulated in Marvelous Designer. “This can have a more realistic effect than sculpting,” Jeong explains, “of…