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There can’t be a single 3D artist or animator out there who doesn’t love a good Pixar movie, which is why this issue we dive deep into the world of Luca, to find out how the team behind the magic put together this spectacular film. If you are more of a sci-fi fanatic who wants to create worlds of your own, then head to our Launcher tutorial on page 64, which will have you doing the city planning of the future in no time. Blender is continuing its surge of popularity too, so grab your copy then follow along as veteran artist Glen Southern shows you how to master the dark arts of the polygon, step by step, in his 3D recreation of a classic Disney character, over on page 56. In recent…

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smoking pirate

SOFTWARE Daz Studio, Marvelous Designer, Blender, Quixel Megascans, Photoshop Nikolay Kvartnikov works as an art director and CG artist at Fiero Animals, a creative retouching and CGI studio. To celebrate his second anniversary of giving up smoking, Kvartnikov decided to make this personal project for the studio’s portfolio. “Sculpting was the main challenge on this project,” Kvartnikov tells 3D World, “but drawing maps and creating materials is one of my favourite things to do.” At first, all of the clothing was sewn onto an ordinary character model, before an additional simulation was made on the skeleton to achieve the characteristic folds. “Everything went with varying success,” Kvartnikov continues, “some details were quick, but the boots and hat turned out with three or four passes. It was constantly necessary to look for new patterns.”…

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SOFTWARE ZBrush, KeyShot, Photoshop Freelance ZBrush artist and digital concept sculptor Maarten Verhoeven spent two days sculpting this impressive character. Verhoeven derived a lot of pleasure from working on the overall theme of the piece. “I wanted to add extra character traits in how I sculpted him,” he tells 3D World. A background in art means that Verhoeven can handle different aspects of production, from concept and sculpting to compositing and colour grading. These days he works as a freelance ZBrush artist, contributing his talents worldwide to various companies, publications and projects. The most important technique in Verhoeven’s creative process on this particular piece was the use of ZBrush’s Sculptris Pro feature for sculpting the character’s expressive face and hair. This forced Verhoeven to keep his polycount low throughout the sculpting process. “I…

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SOFTWARE ZBrush, Maya, Arnold, Photoshop Vikas Kumar Prajapati is a senior game artist at Lakshya Digital. “I was watching The Lord Of The Rings and got the idea to create an elf character,” he explains. “There are a lot of images of elves on the internet. I used them to understand the basic features but tried to make my own unique design.” Galad was modelled and sculpted from scratch in ZBrush, Prajapati giving his full attention to the forms and features before breaking the details into layers. “I like this piece because it is a strong character with a simple design,” he adds. “I loved the forms of the head and antlers.” Prajapati created every detail from scratch in ZBrush: “I created VDM brushes for horns, spikes and damaged skin to show mutant…

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howl pendragon

SOFTWARE ZBrush, Maya, Marvelous Designer, Substance Painter, V-Ray, After Effects 3D look development artist Layla Viscu spent around three weeks of free time recreating this character from Studio Ghibli’s 2D animated classic Howl’s Moving Castle. “My favourite part of any project that involves the translation of a 2D artwork into 3D is finding the physical characteristics of the character,” Viscu explains. “This is when my knowledge of anatomy and understanding of underlying skeletal structure comes into play.” Hair creation proved to be a particularly challenging aspect of the project for Viscu. In order to create the hair in ZBrush she utilised Marthin Agusta Simny’s Hair Clump & Hair Detail brush, available for free on Gumroad. “This brush allows you to easily manipulate individual tubes of hair, so you can have full control of…

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underground kingdom

SOFTWARE Unreal Engine, Photoshop Senior concept artist at Sucker Punch Productions, Hans Park initially struggled to find the right mood and lighting direction for his underground kingdom. “I spent a couple of days setting up the base 3D blockouts with light and mood in Unreal Engine 4, and then spent a couple more days polishing it by digital painting,” he tells 3D World. Park was conscious of the number of ruin and forbidden temple concepts that are seen across the digital art community. “The most challenging and enjoyable thing was how I could figure out the distinguishing point from others to present a unique and enjoyable experience to the audience,” he adds. “I always try to stand on realism at the starting point of creating concepts, and then think about how I could…