3D World November 2021

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This issue’s cover is adorned with a wonderful cel-shaded science fiction render, which plays in the style of classic anime like Akira. Not content to just show you the awesome art, we teamed up with the creator to bring you training to help you build your own cel-shaded masterpieces. Elsewhere we turn to Hollywood, to see how the team behind Those Who Wish Me Dead went about their world-burning visual effects. If you have been following along with our series on award-winning studio Blue Zoo, then you’ll be pleased to find the next instalment here, along with our regular Q&A panel answering your CG woes, industry insights, and more. Plus, to help you make the right investment we have rounded up a selection of the very best ultrawide monitors for 3D artists, in…

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gothic medieval environment

SOFTWARE Blender, Substance Painter, Unreal Engine 5 “I ALWAYS WANTED TO CREATE A GOTHIC ENVIRONMENT THAT ALLOWS THE OBSERVER TO SEE AND UNDERSTAND THE STORY” 3D environment artist Efe Kaan Güney spent ten days creating this atmospheric scene. “I always wanted to create a Gothic environment that allows the observer to see and understand the story,” he explains to 3D World, “and I enjoyed making the landscape and lighting.” Güney tried to make his own landscape material and terrain, so opted to use a texture atlas for the trees and modular pieces for the log houses, castle and bay. Creating realistic foliage and vegetation presented a particularly tough challenge for Güney, as he knew that he would need to maintain that optimised and realistic look in all his 3D models. “I usually go looking…

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SOFTWARE Blender, Cycles, Photoshop “I MODEL THE CHARACTER AS IF IT WAS AN ASSET AND THEN PARENT THE LIMBS TO EACH OTHER TO FORM A FAUX RIG” Freelance concept artist Connor Sheehan spent roughly four hours creating this epic image, having modelled and conceived the characters separately. Sheehan particularly enjoyed creating a functional piece of fantasy armour for his character, which was inspired by modern-day military gear. “The characters were created in Blender using something I like to refer to as a calamari rig,” Sheehan tells 3D World. “I model the character as if it was an asset and then parent the limbs to each other to form a faux rig. For example, fingers to hands, hands to forearms and so on.” In this way, he treats his characters like environment assets, using transform…

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a monster calls ‘killer croc’

SOFTWARE ZBrush, Photoshop, KeyShot Marcus Whinney is a senior character artist at Ndream Studio and has more than eight years of experience in 3D art. Exploring references and creating something that no other artist has made before was a highlight of Whinney’s process on this fan art of Batman’s fearsome foe Killer Croc. When it comes to his personal concept work, Whinney tries to use as many default brushes as possible so that those who watch his videos and tutorials can follow along. “My main block-out brushes inside of ZBrush are the Move, DamStandard, ClayBuildUp and Smooth. Once I get the overall shape and silhouette the way I like it I then move onto using more specific brushes to get the finer details,” he adds. For this model, Whinney wanted to explore using alphas…

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summer and lake

SOFTWARE Cinema 4D, Octane Render, After Effects CG artist and Metrograph Studio art director Irakli Kurashvili spent a day of his free time crafting this idyllic lake environment. Kurashvili drew on his 13 years of experience as well as his love of nature to bring the environment to life. “Nature inspires me most of all,” he tells 3D World, “chaos and order in the same place within it. I like to observe every little bit.” He also took inspiration from art: “I like the aesthetics of classic paintings and wanted to merge them together with modern CGI techniques.” Since his inspiration arose from classic paintings, Kurashvili used the ACES workflow to make sure all the colour information was present. “I found this workflow works best for achieving realistic and painterly results,” he adds.…

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SOFTWARE Maya, Quixel Megascans, Arnold, Substance Painter, Nuke, After Effects Lookdev, lighting and texture artist Kevin Durán created this adorable image during his first month at CineLight Academy, where he’s currently learning new techniques and perfecting old ones. The project took four weeks, with layout, texturing, lookdev/lighting and compositing taking about a week each. “I enjoyed being able to train my eye to better capture and represent my reference in a 3D scene,” Durán explains. “It was super entertaining to create the textures of these characters using the LEGO format and putting the project together little by little, bringing them to life.” Few simulations were used to bring the image to life, Durán explains that he only simulated the cape using Marvelous Designer because he found that it was the best way to…