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All Paddlesports Buyers GuideAll Paddlesports Buyers Guide

All Paddlesports Buyers Guide

2019 All Paddlesports Buyers Guide

The 2019 PADDLEexpo All Paddlesports Buyers Guide is the world’s most comprehensive and complete collection of Paddlesports products. Some call it the Paddlesports Bible, with 900 of the newest and best products all in one place!

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paddlesports product of the year awards

This year the PADDLEexpo Product of the Year Awards and Industry Dinner were bigger and better attended than ever, with more companies submitting innovative products into each and every category, making the competition tight. Even so, only one product per category could win. Winners are products and gear our panel of judges consider to be innovative, industry-leading, game-changing, or so cool we want it for ourselves. And the winners are… SPECIAL JURY PRIZE - Palm/Islander Kayaks | Odyssey Marine Recycled Kayak The Islander Odyssey is the first kayak to be manufactured using completely recycled marine-waste plastic, collected from the shores of Great Britain. The innovative concept from Odyssey Innovations, in collaboration with Palm Equipment and Islander Kayaks, hopes to enable and inspire others to help rid our seas and shores of plastic…

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interview graham goldsmith

Created in 1968, by the Goldsmith brothers (Bob and Graham), Gaybo stands as the oldest British boat manufacturer. After decades of producing high-end competition fiberglass boats, the company shifted focus to representing Perception Kayaks in Europe; not only distributing the brand but also producing Perception boats in the UK. This past September Gaybo announced further growth with their full acquisition of the US-based company Wave Sport. We caught up with Gaybo co-founder Graham Goldsmith to talk about the journey of the past 50 years, and about what lays ahead in the next 50! “Yes, I am optimistic about the future of paddlesports” Paddler’s Guide Mag: Congratulations on 50 years in the industry! That is a remarkable achievement. How does it feel? Has your success in any way been a surprise for you? Graham…

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the quest for plastic superiority

A Glimpse Into the Different Plastic Processes Vagabond Kayaks founder and mechanical engineer Celliers Kruger offers a tutorial on the advantages of the different plastic processes and explains why Vagabond has chosen to combine foaming agents and polyethylene on their quest to find the perfect balance between durability, stiffness, and weight. Materials used to manufacture kayaks have come a long way since the days of sealskin on driftwood frames. While there are still new designs based on the skin on a frame concept with modern materials, the vast majority of kayaks today are made from composite materials or plastic. Composite materials have the upper hand when it comes to stiffness and weight, but there is no doubt that plastic, in general, is the more durable and more affordable option. Plastic kayaks are made by…

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the green wave

The Shift Towards Sustainability More Paddlesport manufacturers are looking at the bigger picture. No longer are we asking the question, “What can I do for the environment,” but are taking action, inspiring a visible shift in manufacturing environmentally-friendlier products in a more sustainable way. While paddle sports brings us closer to nature, they don’t always bring us closer to taking care of the environment. But they can. One example is washing up on shores around the globe. The severity of plastic trash and debris in his native Great Britain motivated Rob Thompson to found Odyssey Innovation, an initiative focused on collecting and recycling marine waste plastic, turning it into kayaks and other products. Thompson, who partnered with Palm Equipment and Islander Kayaks to bring his idea to life, wanted to create a product…

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first impressions

How Entry Level and PFDS Can Impact A First-Time Participant. This year at PADDLEexpo, many companies unveiled re-modeled Recreational PFDs, taking something that has long been one of Paddlesports’ most basic pieces of gear and making it more comfortable and better designed. It is a small indication of a larger trend- making sure that individuals can see themselves and feel good in Paddle Sports from their first strokes on the water, which will hopefully contribute to developing life-long enthusiasts. Starting any new sport can be daunting, especially gear-intensive Paddlesports. The first timer must learn a new language, try new concepts and techniques, and wear gear that can feel awkward and unfamiliar. When embracing the failure inherent in trying something new, it reasons that while people are willing to look a little silly,…

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The motivation behind the Airboard system Sometimes inspiration for innovation can come from unexpected places, as Joe Steiner of Airboard SUP/Fun Care AG found out when he was asked to join a friend on the Arctic Circle Trail in Greenland. The Arctic Circle Trail is a 170-kilometer long hiking adventure that leads through a unique landscape of lakes in Greenland. Only hard-bitten hikers dare to cross the wilderness from Sisimiut to Kangerlussuaq in 10 -11 days, accompanied by a mandatory 35-40 kilos of luggage on their backs. If Joe Steiner had not been asked by a “beautiful female friend” if he would walk this trail with her, there would not be an Ultralight Edition SUP. Nor would Joe have won the Paddle Expo Product of the Year Award for his Airboard Paddle/Pump Inflation…