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the microsoft surface duo arriving september

A recent Microsoft blog post (see brought both good and bad news for those waiting for its dual-screen smartphone – the Surface Duo. The good news is that it will ship September 10. The bad news is that initially it will only be available to buy in the US, with a UK release thought to be some way off. It’s also very expensive. Microsoft will be charging $1,399 (around £1,050) for the base configuration of its dual-screen Duo with 128GB of storage (add $100 for 256GB). You’re not getting much for your money other than the pleasure of being first. It has last year’s top-of-the-line Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, just 6GB of RAM, a relatively small 3577mAh battery and a single 11MP camera. It’s also heavy at 250g and not…

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a new blackberry phone is coming with 5g, android and a physical keyboard

Just when you thought BlackBerry phones were gone for good, a brand-new start-up is claiming that a new one is on the way. And in case you’re wondering, yes it will have a physical keyboard. In a press release (see, Texas-based Onward Mobility announced that is has entered into an agreement with BlackBerry and FIH Mobile Limited to deliver a new 5G BlackBerry Android smartphone with physical keyboard in the first half of 2021. Little else is known about the phone except that it will, according to the report, be “secure”, “feature-rich” and “enable productivity, without sacrificing the user experience”. The company’s CEO also told the Register that the phone will be an “everyday device” that’s “the most secure and productive” with things like “a top-notch camera, and the other specs…

13 min.
review: samsung galaxy note20 ultra

Price: £1,179 (inc VAT) from Our Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra review found three clear reasons to make the jump to this new flagship phone: Mystic Bronze, laser autofocus and the S Pen’s new 8ms latency. And if you’re looking for any reasons not to, well, there are plenty of those in this review too – namely, it’s gigantic, expensive and not a huge upgrade over the S20 Ultra. But if you’re a Note fan, you know exactly what you’re getting and you know you want it: the biggest, fastest and most powerful Android phone you can buy. For everyone else, it’s not so simple. Samsung’s flagships have become so good that reviews of them are all basically the same: yes they have the best specs, but they’re also the most expensive (although…

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google pixel 4a versus samsung galaxy note20 ultra camera shoot-out

The two biggest Android phones of the moment couldn’t be more different. They’re so different, in fact, that there’s £830 between them: The Google Pixel 4a costs just £349, and the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra will set you back a whopping £1,179. But while it’s crazy to compare things like performance, design or battery life between phones so different in price, the camera is another story. The Pixel 4a’s photography chops are more high-end than its price tag would suggest. It has the same main camera as the £829 Pixel 4 XL, as well as the same camera app features, including Night Sight and Live HDR+. And because it’s a Google phone, we know the processing is off-the-charts awesome. But can it stand up to a phone that costs nearly…

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samsung galaxy note20 ultra versus s20 ultra

The Ultra phone is here to stay. At its recent Galaxy Unpacked event, Samsung announced two sizes of its Galaxy Note20 phone. The Galaxy Note20 Ultra model replaced last year’s Plus model at the top end. That makes two Ultras for Samsung, along with the previously announced Galaxy S20 Ultra. Which one should you buy (if you can afford the prices, both well north of £1,000)? We’ll go through the major points of comparison to help you decide. DESIGN As Samsung’s screens have gotten bigger over the years, the visual differences between the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note phones have shrunken along with the bezels. Both phones are basically all-screen now, with a sliver of black above and below the screen, but their shapes differ. The Note is taller with squared corners, to…

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galaxy note20 features are coming to the s20

The Samsung Galaxy Note20 has only just hit shelves, but many of its features are already coming to the Galaxy S20. Samsung has announced that One UI 2.5, which debuted on the new Note, has already begun rolling out to S20 phones. Among the new features outlined below are enhancements to video recording, Samsung Notes, and DeX, but it appears the S20 won’t be getting the Note20 Ultra’s best feature: adaptive refresh. On Samsung’s newest Note, in order to conserve battery life the display will automatically lower to 60Hz when the phone is at rest or when using an app that doesn’t benefit from the higher refresh rate. We reached out to Samsung for clarification, but they pointed us back to the blog post for the new features, which doesn’t list…