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xiaomi mi 11 ultra

Price: £1,199 from Ultra’ is slowly becoming the mobile industry’s preferred term for phones that are big, beautiful and have jam-packed spec lists up to and including the kitchen sink. The Mi 11 Ultra is no different. In Xiaomi’s case, although the Mi 11 Ultra packs a few advantages over the regular Mi 11 across the board, the brunt of the budget has clearly gone into the outrageous rear camera module, which despite including ‘only’ three lenses is in fact one of the most powerful camera set-ups around – so powerful that it earns its own special rear-facing display. That camera is both a blessing and a curse for the Ultra. It’s part of why the phone is such a powerhouse, but the blocky, heavy design makes it both an eyesore and…

11 min.
nubia red magic 6r

Price: £429 from The rapid rise of gaming phones has coincided with the emergence of Nubia’s Red Magic line as a real force. After 2017’s Razer Phone proved there was a market for dedicated gaming handsets, the first Red Magic phone arrived in April 2018. It’s gone on to maintain an aggressive six-month update cycle, but 2021 is proving to be Red Magic’s biggest year yet. The Red Magic 6 series saw a regular and Pro model for the first time, even if the latter is still exclusive to China. The brand’s first wearable arrived in the form of the Red Magic Watch, but it’s the other phone that launched alongside it that’s the focus here. The Red Magic 6R is a new, affordable alternative to the 6 and 6 Pro…

8 min.
realme 8

Price: £199 from In the few years it’s been in the market Realme has become one of the best budget phone companies around, and it’s usually a pretty safe bet that a Realme device will deliver on value for money, if nothing else. So it is with the Realme 8. This isn’t the most exciting phone launched this year, and it misses out on a few of the niceties you’ll find in its 8 Pro and 8 5G siblings. You might also find stronger specs for the price from similar Redmi devices – but smooth software and ease-of-use makes the Realme 8 a better balanced device, and easy to recommend. DESIGN I’ll admit upfront to having mixed feelings about the design of the Realme 8. I like the fact that at just…

9 min.
nokia x20

Price: £299 from The Nokia X20 has a great-looking design, long battery life, Zeiss cameras and three Android OS upgrades starting at just £299. But while the X20 may tempt consumers with a stock Android experience, extended software updates and a three-year warranty to match, performance issues stop it from reaching its full potential. DESIGN Nokia smartphones tend to sport the same form factor, and those looking for a change with the Nokia X20 may be disappointed. It’s very much business as usual from a Nokia perspective, offering a simplistic take compared to the likes of Realme and Xiaomi who tend to peacock with their offerings, offering shimmering finishes, curved displays and more to entice consumers. That’s not to say it’s dull; the Nokia X20 sports a reflective matte finish on the rear…

56 min.
best mid-range smartphones 2021

Not everyone can afford a flagship phone like the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, but the good news is that plenty of cheaper devices offer an excellent experience all the same. Some are half the price or even less, so don’t panic if your bank account is looking a little bare and you’re in need of a new smartphone. We’ve reviewed and ranked the best mid-range phones you can buy today. We define a mid-range phone as one that costs between £250 (the higher limit of our even cheaper budget phones chart) and £600 on a SIM-free basis – perfect to pair with a SIM-only plan. Mid-range smartphones aim to combine flagship-level features with great value. You may have to compromise slightly on one aspect or another, like the camera or build…