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8 min.
2020: a huge year for apple

A SLEW OF EXCITING AND DEFINING PRODUCTS ON THE WAY It’s looking like an especially good time to be an Apple follower. In early October, the Nikkei Asian Review reported that Apple had asked suppliers to hike production of its iPhone 11 series by up to 10%, due to better-than-expected demand from consumers. Apple CEO Tim Cook, meanwhile, told German newspaper Bild that iPhone 11 sales have seen a “very strong start”. However, there could be better still just around the corner, given rumors of Apple’s product pipeline for 2020. Naturally, Apple is expected to unveil new iPhones next September – and it looks like those will see the most significant overhaul in iPhone design since the pioneering iPhone X in 2017. However, a recent flurry of reports has suggested that before…

3 min.
google touts quantum computing milestone

Google said it has achieved a breakthrough in quantum computing research, saying an experimental quantum processor has completed a calculation in just a few minutes that would take a traditional supercomputer thousands of years. The findings, published Wednesday in the scientific journal Nature, show that “quantum speedup is achievable in a real-world system and is not precluded by any hidden physical laws,” the researchers wrote. Quantum computing is a nascent and somewhat bewildering technology for vastly sped-up information processing. Quantum computers are still a long way from having a practical application but might one day revolutionize tasks that would take existing computers years, including the hunt for new drugs and optimizing city and transportation planning. The technique relies on quantum bits, or qubits, which can register data values of zero and one —…

4 min.
after decades in development, honda’s jets quietly evolving

Nearly four years after delivering its first jet, Honda is facing decisions as the company better known for cars and lawnmowers considers whether to sink billions more into its decades-in-the-making aircraft division. Honda Aircraft CEO Michimasa Fujino said in an interview that a current plant expansion aimed at improving efficiency is part of the aviation division’s long-term strategy and should also slightly increase production of the seven-seat, $5.2 million HondaJet Elites. “We are looking at this aviation business longterm, not quarterly or annual basis,” Fujino said at the company’s Greensboro, North Carolina, headquarters. “Our goal is to create new value and new technology ... as a personal mobility company.” But amid environmental concerns about the impact of hydrocarbons burned by jets, fears of a possible global recession and declining profits that have led…

3 min.
demand for fast, online delivery drives ups 3q

UPS is doing booming business in next-day deliveries in the United States while keeping costs under control, but the weakening global economy is contributing to disappointing revenue growth. The delivery giant said that its third-quarter profit rose 16% to $1.75 billion. Revenue, however, fell short of Wall Street expectations. UPS also announced that Chief Operating Officer Jim Barber will retire at the end of the year, the second departure of a senior executive in three months. The 59-year-old Barber was considered a likely successor to CEO David Abney. UPS is taking advantage of increasingly demanding consumers. In the third quarter, its volume of next-day deliveries in the U.S. jumped 24% and two-day service surged 17% compared with a year ago. “There has just been a structural change when it comes to air shipments, and…

5 min.
online ordering boom gives rise to virtual restaurants

Frato’s Pizza looks like a typical family restaurant, with its black-and-white checkered floor and red chairs. But in the kitchen, the cooks are whipping up dishes for four other restaurants at the same time. There is, of course, the gourmet pizza that patrons have come to expect from Frato’s when they walk through the door. But there are also spicy chicken gyros for Halal Kitchen, barbecue chicken tenders for Tenderlicious, salmon grilled cheese for Cheesy Deliciousness, and Butterfinger milkshakes for Heavenly Shakes — all of which can only be ordered through online sites Grubhub, DoorDash and Uber Eats. Owner Michael Kudrna launched the four spinoffs earlier this year in a matter of weeks as he races to keep his Chicago-area business ahead of a growing trend: restaurants conceived only for delivery or…

2 min.
google affiliate begins drone deliveries in virginia town

A Google affiliate started using drones to deliver customers’Walgreens and FedEx purchases in a test being run in a Virginia town. Wing, which is owned by Google parent Alphabet, received federal approval earlier this year to make commercial deliveries by drone. It was the first drone company to receive the approval in the U.S., beating out Amazon’s Prime Air, which revealed its drone plans in 2013. Earlier this month, UPS also got approval from the Federal Aviation Administration to fly delivery drones. The company has been running delivery tests with WakeMed’s hospital campus in Raleigh, North Carolina. Wing partnered with Walgreens, FedEx and local gift shop Sugar Magnolia to perform the tests in Christiansburg, Virginia. Walgreens customers in the town will be able to order from a list of more than 100 items…