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8 min.
showtime: apple tv+ now streaming

As Apple officially kicks off its Apple TV+ streaming service, we take a closer look at its new offering, explore some of the shows you can look forward to, and consider the competition, with Disney, Netflix, and AT&T fighting back in the battle to become King of the Streamers… TRULY IMMERSIVE CONTENT With $210 billion in reserves, a $6 billion investment in content for a TV streaming service didn’t break the bank for Apple. Indeed, though established players like Netflix must raise billions of dollars in debt to fuel their investment in new shows , Apple is able to attract the world’s top talent by flashing its checkbook - and it shows no signs of slowing down. Shows such as The Morning Show and For All Mankind have already been renewed for…

3 min.
apple commits $2.5b to combat california housing crisis

Apple has committed $2.5 billion to ease California’s housing crisis, eclipsing similar pledges by fellow Silicon Valley giants Google and Facebook to address a lack of affordable housing in a region where affluent tech workers have helped drive up the cost of homes. Apple’s pledge includes a $1 billion statewide fund creating an “open line of credit” to build new homes for households with low to moderate incomes and a $1 billion homebuyer mortgage assistance fund. “It’s a recognition that the San Francisco Bay Area is in a major housing crisis,” said David Shulman, a senior economist with the Anderson Forecast at the University of California, Los Angeles. Shulman said it’s a good step but might not make much of a difference if it’s just creating “cheap financing” for development and down payment…

3 min.
apple shakes off iphone slump to deliver strong fiscal 4q

Apple is still running a well-oiled moneymaking machine despite cooling demand for its hottest product, the iPhone. Sales and revenue in the July-September quarter exceeded Wall Street estimates as Apple’s newest iPhones got off to a better start than expected, even though the devices aren’t that much different from last year’s models. Apple said that revenue rose 2% from the same time last year to $64 billion, despite iPhone revenue dropping 9%. The company’s iPhone sales have now declined from the previous year for four straight quarter. Apple’s quarterly profit dipped 3% to $13.7 billion, but its earnings per share of $3.03 topped analyst projections. In another encouraging sign for the company, Apple’s sales in China recover further from a sharp drop-off earlier this year. That helped ease worries that Apple might be bruised…

7 min.
ar headset: apple & valve together for 2020 release

PROMISING PLANS FROM THE TEAM AT CUPERTINO While Apple’s work on virtual reality (VR) and related technologies can possibly be traced back as far as the 1990s , the Cupertino company has stepped up its efforts in augmented reality (AR) in recent years. We’ve seen this with the launch of the AR platform ARKit in 2017, while code in iOS 13 suggests that Apple is currently testing an AR headset. More recently, Apple was reported to be partnering with Valve to develop AR headwear possibly penciled in for release next year. Indeed, many recent reports and rumors have centralized around a 2020 release for Apple’s first AR headset. One report from the often less-than-reliable DigiTimes claims that Apple “has partnered with US game developer Valve to develop AR head-mounted display devices,” which…

1 min.
apple launches new privacy website, but policies unchanged

Apple is expanding its website on privacy with more explanations about its commitments, though its policies and practices aren’t changing. The new site is part of Apple’s ongoing push to distinguish itself from data-hungry, advertising-fueled rivals such as Google and Facebook. Apple’s privacy website is mostly a users’ guide with papers on how to prevent apps and other third-party services from unnecessarily tracking users’ location and behaviors. The company’s actual privacy policy hasn’t changed. Many of the new privacy enhancements were announced earlier as part of Apple’s iOS 13 software update for iPhones. Changes include the ability to sign in to third-party services with an Apple ID account rather than Facebook’s or Google’s, plus more notices and warnings about apps tapping location data. apple.com/privacy…

3 min.
online thrift stores give deal-hunters new ways to score

It’s not just eBay anymore. A slew of websites and apps act as virtual thrift stores for vintage devotees, deal hunters and those just looking to unload stuff they don’t want anymore. These sites have proliferated as the recession of a decade ago and the slow comeback in wages since then dramatically altered how people shop. Discounters like T.J. Maxx have been sweeping up, while many traditional retailers have shrunk, gone bankrupt or disappeared. The stigma of “used” has fallen away, and many now shop knowing full well they can sell their pieces later and get some money back. Some consider buying used clothes online a more ecoconscious approach to trends. There’s a range to the Goodwills and consignment stores of the internet. Some cater to kids or young adults; some are…